Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Im off to Swan River to see if there's any fireworks....
And to enjoy the carnival as well hehe

Updated: We're back... ermm somehow the carnival at Swan River is closed. Dammit! Tak boleh naik ferris wheel :(( Andddd the sad part is, we dont think there will be any fireworks here in Perth. So sad...

So now we're back in our apartment. Tgk live tv fireworks kat Sydney je laa... Hajar tgh seronok2 kat sana. So jelousssssss.


1 January 2009: Happy 49th Birthday AYAH!!! Like u said, sudah tuaaaa~~~ hehehe

2 January 2009: Happy 22nd Birthday Angah!!! Sorry kacau kamu tido hihi. Hope u had a blast on ur bday. Eventho u spent the day driving back to Brisbane for 12 hours!!! ;p

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kenape tah

Bila lapar...

Ingat sushi. Or nandos.

Nasib baik kat sini nandos halal. NASIB BAIK!

Tapi KFC tak halal. Hampa tau. Tapiii... nasib baik jugak sbb bau KFC kat sini tak lah se-inviting bau KFC kat Malaysia. So nafsu nak makan KFC boleh control. NASIB BAIK!

Addiction to Nandos mmg dasyat. Tapi tak sedasyat sushi sebab KENA/MESTI/TAK DISENGAJAKAN makan sushi at least 2 kali seminggu! Please forgive me.

Nandos sekali seminggu dah ok. Sebab hubby cakap tak kenyang so dia tak berapa minat makan Nandos selalu. KAN DAH KATA KENA BELI 2 WHOLE CHICKEN. You satu, I satu. Baru lah kenyang. Ehehehehehehhehe Peace! (Nafsu makan yang kuat, sy sorg je lah tapi)

Nandos whole chicken baru 20AUD dgn side dish. Kat Malaysia 2 org makan, each with 1/4 chicken dgn side dish, and drinks tak kurang RM70 kan? Seingat saya lah. Sini murah. Yes! NASIB BAIK!

Sushi dekat dgn rumah, sedap dan... murah. NASIB BAIK!
So bila hubby tak balik lunch, saya "curik-curik" keluar and spent 8AUD for 10 pieces of salmon roll (with avocado!) andddd free flow of green tea. Yes I love green tea! And kadang-kadang ditambah dengan Tako (Octopus) yg hanyalah 2.50AUD. Walaupun tak sebesar and sesedap Tako dekat OU. Heheh. Tapi tak kisah lah!

Alamak. Lapar.

p/s Tulis ni sebab lapar. Eventho ada makanan kat rumah, tapi perut cakap nak yg telah diexplain kat atas. SAHAJA. Mane nak dpt pukul 11.30 malam???

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Perfumes Update

Hi peeps.

For those who ordered perfumes last 2 weeks, the perfumes are on the way to Malaysia.

So dont worry k!

Insyallah u'll get ur perfumes early January.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maxi 4


Yang ni lah gambar lagi satu...

Dengan harapan. (heh heh)


A new blog has been set up.
Go to

Another one, on the way...

Friday, December 26, 2008

esok hari apa?

I should stop writing funny(?) and embarassing stories about hubby.


Dia malu!!!

And because I just knew Ayah reads my blog(OMG!), and saya tak nak lah malukan hubby kat ayah mertua die kannn? Hehe

I told hubby tadi that I wrote about the Italian speaking incident, and die siap tutup muka dgn bantal sebab malu sangat. Ceh, macam lah orang ade depan dia pun.

Ok, tulis lagi. I should stop now.


a little note

Hello ladies and gentlemen.

I'll be opening orders for perfumes by end of this week, Insyallah, if time permits. Only the ones that will advertised though, dont want to take anymore request, penat! Hehe
And also some other stuff as well.
Will be having a separate blog for that, of course, so things wont get mixed up in here.

p/s Please support me. I need the money ehehehehehhe.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

blah blah blah


Did I tell you my husband talks in his sleep? (Im sure he's going to be so mad if he knows Im telling this to the world heh heh)

I just heard him saying something while Im online, he's sleeping in the bedroom and Im in the living, and he sounded ALMOST Italian! Hahahaha! I totally did not get a single thing he said, but its sooo funny!

And that's not the first time. Sometimes he speaks Mandarin. Most of the time he speaks Malay hehe and I would answer him back, not knowing that he was actually "mengigau".

p/s I found it adorable that he talks in his sleep. Maybe I still will in the next 20-30 years. Hopefully.

bigger space


I just found out there's new templates.
Ive been searching on how to change the columns, but was too lazy to actually do it myself. Thanks to blogger, they've made my life easier! :D

So now, from an empty space, I have a bigger space! Yeay!

But because I have changed the templates, the font colors are all changed! Now that would take some time to adjust it alllll over again just the way I like it...

Now, we have to make do with whatever they have now, wont we?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7th Heaven

Ermm, Ive been tagged by Yana.This would make it my first, since Ive never been tagged.
I thinkkkkkk!
And I still dont get what's the point of all this, but ah well, it may just be fun ;)

List these rules on your blog.

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
* Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Leave a comment for each blogger.

So here it goes...

7 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF (Which some are soo/too obvious)

1) I got married at 23. DUHHHHHH

2) I have 8 siblings. Yes people, EIGHT.

3) Ive always been skinny, yet with big thighs.

4) I love food. Actually, I love to eat. No diet for me, ever.

5) People call me proper. So I dont know. I think?

6) Im allergic to cats (more to their fur that is) when I was younger. My dad said the best cure would be to go near cats al much as I can so my body can fight the allergies. And oh dust! I cant bear both cats and dust, if not my eyes will go watery and at some point they might get swollen, and Id have runny nose. Not just the normal runny nose I get every morning, but a real bad ones. But I guess my dad was right. Im getting much better, dust still gets to me, but not cats anymore. Or maybe I dont spend that much time or too near to them anymore.

7) Im very forgetful, and I always loose my things. The things I loose/forget where I last put on a daily basis would be my hairband, hair clip, and also brooch, and my hairbrush. I would be running around the apartment looking for it. To explain how bad it is, I used to call my sister Hajar whenever Im home and lost/cant remember where I put my stuff, eventhough she's away from home ie asrama in Langkawi, Intec in Shah Alam, anndddd this is the worst part, Brisbane! Yes, I did called her once or twice, or smsed her a few times when Im still in Msia and she's in Bbane. Teruk kan? And, she always know where they'll be. How amazing is that??? She'll be saying, "Cuba tgk dkt dlm drawer atas(etc). Slalu letak situ." And of course, after a few minutes looking at the places that she said it would be, Id find them. Tapi now tak boleh buat mcm tu dah, since Im living in a new place, and she only came once, so she wouldnt know where Id put my things. And duuhhhh I cant count on hubby. Though I always do ask him anyways, but never managed to find them until hours later, *sigh*


1) I have to have my good corner to read a book. My mom used to laugh at me because I sit at this one corner in my room when im reading and said, "U have a bed and there's tons of chair for you to sit. Yet you sit on the floor and at a very narrow corner". So whatt??? I need to get in the zoneee! Hehehe But now I dont have any corner I like anymore...

2) Its very difficult to hear me fart. Hahaha! Yes, im human and I do fart. Yet I wont fart in your face ;p

3) Im funny (so I claim lah kan), and always do stupid faces and jokes, BUT only to my siblings. I dont know why.

4) I hate to kangkang. Hahaha pls jgn pikir bukan2. But seriously. Whenever I drive pun, my legs would be nicely terkepit. Even when I drive manual. Belive it. And I always tutup kaki my girlfriends yg drive gilaaaa terkangkanggg! Haha

5) I bit my nails. I used to go crazy especially when I was reading a good book, or watching a movie. But I got a good scolding from mom, and now I dont bite them anymore. Only once in a while, when Im too occupied to realize what I was doing. Hehe

6) I nag, constantly. So my current victim woud be hubby ehehehe. Im sure Zu felt better when we're no more roomates.

7) I have a habit of buying things I dont even plan/need whenever I go out. (Who doesn't???) Especially alone. Usually I'll find reasons to need the things. Sometimes, if I could not find a single thing to buy, I'll go to the Reject Shop (not the same ones we have in Msia tho) and find benda pelik2 like a small jar for spices tu for $1.50. And I have lots of them, ada satu tak bukak from the wrapping lagi eheheheheh. Or sometimes, I'll look for something yg comel yg takde practicality of buying it langsung, tp still beli sbb cute. Geddit?


1) Miss H, or Chinn, or Haney. (Not to sure she would do this though ;p )
2) Aisyah Pahmi
3) Adam Nokman
4) Aizuddin (If you havent done this, and IF you have nothing better to do hehe)
5) Melissa Mazlan
6) Bahirah! Haha. Babe where have you been????
7) Anyone who wants to do this. I dont have many blogger friends hehe

So there. Penat pikir. This took me days to finish. Haih...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Got back some of my happy mood.

I think the little shopping did something, even though all the stuff are not for me.

Heh Heh.

p/s Bought a super-cute towel for Iman. Its red! It has cars embroidery to it. I hope he likes it.

UPDATE: Here's the pic!

Isnt it cute??? hehehe

Perfumes for Sale: Orders Closed

Sorry people.

There's no more sale. It ends today, so all those super-super cheap perfumes are no more super-super cheap. Even the christmas sale at all other perfumes shop and dept stores doesnt even come close to the price that Ive managed to get you guys. *tsk*

But im thinking I might be doing this for a while later. Ive compared the prices here and in Msia, so far it looks good ;D (Even when they're not on sale, you guys can still save some money!)
Insyallah if no aral-melintang, and I wont loose money, andddddd make some money for myself hehehe Possible right???

FYI, I did not make any money out of this. Hubby was furious! Hehehehe I think I might loose some since there's a possibility the shipping cost might get higher than I thought. YIKES!

Anyways, IF Im going to do this...

There's a few things I have to consider though such as shipping costs, and probs that might occur. Since its perfumes, very fragile, so I need to see how this first box goes when it arrives in Msia.
This first try, Im shipping the whole lot to my hse since I have 2 bottles for my brother and dad, and a few stuff for my adik2, so it would just be fair and easier that way.

So, if anyone had ever purchased perfumes online, and got them delived by post, can you advice me how they pack the perfume? Or do they simply just wrap the perfume box, and post it? Without any other extra packaging, like bubble wrap ke??? Hehehhehe Sorry laa saya baru belajar, agak clueless ;p

Have a great weekend people!

p/s Miss Ifi Fifi, if you are reading this, I just got back from my last trip to buy the perfumes when I got ur msg. Very sorry! But keep on reading here, I MIGHT advertise again ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

inspire me please.

Im so lost I dont know what to write.

And I noticed the blogs I frequently read also doesnt update anymore.

So there.

I think Ive lost my inspiration...

Ive tried to write a few, yet I always left it unfinished.


I think Im having a 3 weeks PMS. gawd!

Plus I have lots of things on my mind right now, I have no time to blog. Wait. I do have time. But I just dont know what to write... Ive been in a sappy moody mood everyday.

I need rainbow, I need colors, I need some really-really happy songs.

I listened to Raindrops since it in my head tiba2 while Im writing this, but I dont like the version that I have. *sigh*

So Im back to square one.

Or maybe I need to be on sugar high.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on Perfumes for Sale

Hello people. Bought the perfumes ordered! Yeayyy!

Penat jugak lah, sbb ade org tu takleh make up her mind! ;p
Kejap2 suh check perfume lain ehehehehe

Newayyy, I have some bad news. My friend canceled his plan to go back to Msia for Christmas. Dont ask me why, I pun tatau. Dah penat2 check price ticket for him, tiba2 tak jadi pulak. Oh hubby lah yg cari ticket, and its his friend anyway ehehehe but still kenal dia, can be considered as my friend jugk kan?

So, there will be postage fees like Ive mentioned before. RM15 for each order k? Not each perfume dont worry ;)

IF there's any more order, please let me know ASAP by this Friday k? Thanks!

When I receive all payments, will post it to Malaysia.


my Recyle Bin's gone!!!

Oh. My. God.

Ive just deleted my Recycle Bin by mistake! I wanted to empty it, but I dont know why and how, Ive deleted it!!!


Anyone? Help? Please?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

hot hot hot

The temperature today is 37 degrees!
Panas gila.

We went to lunch and was thinking of going out for a walk after that, but when we got out of our apartment, the heat hit us right on!
Its sooo hot, we rushed back home right after lunch, thinking of the comfort at home. And ice cold water.

So its day in for us today, which is very rare. Lazying around the house with the skimpiest clothes you can find!

p/s Will be going to the chemist tomorrow to buy the perfumes ordered! Yeayyy!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Special Announcement : CHEAP PERFUMES FOR SALE

I went to the halal butcher today since hubby wanted to eat the Honey & Rosemary marinated lamb, which I dont know how to do!

After that, I went to walk along the row of shops outside of Wollies, and I found a chemist warehouse. I was attracted to the big ad in front of the shop that says...


Oohhhhhh. Menarik!

Its a bargain I tell youuuuuuu!

Initially wanted to buy the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea because it was sooooo cheap! $18 je ok. Can u imagine? Then I saw my all time favourite perfume, which I never get for myself, and I dont know why. Oh wait, yes I do know why. Its expensive! Kat Malaysia around RM300, gila ke? So I thought, Ok ni boleh beli nih. YES!

Until I saw the perfume Hakeem had been eyeing for years. Thanks to my addiction in magazines, got the miniature of the Versace Eau Fraiche for Men, and he loves it. Try cari kat kedai, takde. Then, later last month he found one, tatau kat mana, tapi mahal, for around RM300 for, im guessing 100ml?

So anyways, bought the Versace for Hakeem instead sebab teringat kat dia, and its super cheap! Its around RM160 je for 100ml!

So guys! If you wanna get a great deal on perfumes, let me know k. Im listing a few of the perfumes with the prices, tapi the list tak byk, sbb these are all listed in the brochure, and I cant really remember what other perfumes there are, sebab banyakkkkk! And cheapoooo tooo! Hehe

  • Yardley Magnolia 125ml edt -- RM30
  • Elizabeth Arden True Love 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty 100ml edp -- RM60
  • Elizabeth Arden Splendour 125ml edp -- RM60
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door 100ml edt -- RM75
  • Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 125ml edp -- RM80
  • CK Be 50ml edt -- RM80
  • CK One 50ml edt -- RM80
  • CK Crave 75ml -- RM90
  • CK Eternity for Men 100ml edt -- RM135
  • Versace Red Jeans 75ml -- RM80
  • Versace Blue Jean 75ml -- RM80
  • Versace Eau Fraiche for Men 50ml -- RM130
  • Versace Eau Fraice for Men 100ml -- RM160 (Yes, buying 100ml is much cheaper!) -Very2 nice!
  • Versace Bright Crystal for Women 50ml edt -- RM135
  • Versace Bright Crystal for Women 100ml edt -- will check the price later if anyone is interested since I dont have the price at the moment
  • Britney Spears Curious 50ml edp -- RM80
  • Britney Spears Fantasy Midnight 100ml edp -- RM120
  • Britney Spears Fantasy 50ml edp -- RM90
  • Britney Spears Fantasy 100ml edp -- RM120
  • Britney Spears Believe 50ml edp -- RM105
  • Davidoff Cool Water for Men 125ml edt -- RM115
  • Davidoff Cool Water for Women 100ml edt -- RM115
  • Davidoff Echo Woman 100ml edp -- RM135

These are the only ones listed in the brochure. But I remember the perfumes available such as:

  • Lancome Miracle
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Bvlgari
  • Gucci
  • YSL (Cheapp! But cant remember the prices)
  • Sarah Jesicca Parker
  • Hillary Duff
  • Giorgio Armani
  • DKNY
  • Burberry
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Dolce & Gabbana

These are all that I can remember for now. So IF there's any that you want me to check out specifically, Im glad to help, and buy it for you! Hehe

Dont worry about the shipping from Aussie to Msia. Ive checked, and insyallah the price should be around RM10-15 only for each bottle. Andddd if I can get my friend to bring back some when she's going back to Msia after Christmas, most prob I can reduce the price of shipping! :D

Please bear in mind, the sale will be on until 19 Dec je, after that, might still be cheap compared to retail price, but not this cheap! So, if you are interested, you can order until Friday 19 Dec before 2pm because if there's any orders left, I might go there again after 2pm, and get something for me as well ;)

Interested, email me at

So darlings, spread the loveeeee!

So excited, because I loveeeeeeeeeeee perfumes! Rasa nak beli je semua! hehe

Oh how I love christmas sale...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha



Kami tak korban tahun ni. Macam lah tahun lepas korban, ye tak?
Tapi we should. Cuma hubby buat-buat leceh, and I was of course, ignorant dengan benda-benda ni until MIL mentioned it.

So we missed it. The Sheikh said its too late.

Ah well.

Anywayyy, hope all of you had a nice Hari Raya Haji/Korban, and makan lembu/kambing banyak-banyak sampai pening.

My family are celebrating in KL instead of Besut, so no korban and no daging bakar yang sedap tahun ni. So saya takde lah jelous sangat bila teringat ramai-ramai keliling the BBQ utk makan daging bakar panas-panas cicah dengan kicap+cili.

Cuma ada Nasi Dagang, Rendang and Ketupat.


And Nenek dengan berani nya ajak makan Nasi Dagang sama. Cit!

The phone call

I was still bergolek2 at 11am. Malasnya!!! I slept at 3am reading the new book I just bought, Remember Me?, and I could not stop! So typical Sophie Kinsella's writing, witty and funny, and Im loving it!

Then the phone rang. I knew it would be from Malaysia, tried to gather myself, then the phone stops ringing. Plonked back to my fluffly pillows, when it rang again. I immediately answered, and I heard Ayah's voice. "Hi long!" Verryyyy cheerful. And I heard noises at the back, of course, I was on speakerphone, as always. "Hiii! Selamat Hari Raya!" We exchanged raya wishes, menu and what not, then I heard the voice I miss sooo much! Iman.

Iman: Hi Kaklong! (Sgt cheerful, and high-pitched)

Me: Haiiiii Iman!!!

Iman: Kaklong, Iman demam!

Me: Ye ke? Sian nye dia. Makan ubat tak?

Iman: Makan! Iman tak pegi klenek pun. (Mane laaa die belajar cakap klinik, klenek! Aiyoooo!)

Me: Haha good boy!

Iman: Kaklong, Kaklong kat mana!? (Behind, everyone started laughing, as this is the most famous question of all time, whenever he talks to me)

Me: Kaklong kat rumah Kaklong laa...

Iman: Iman nak Kaklong datang rumah Iman! (Terharu sebentar)

Me: Ye ke? Ok, Kaklong pun nakkk sangat pegi rumah Iman.

Iman: Hmmm!

Me: Iman rindu Kaklong tak?

Iman: Haaaa... (this time around, agak slow malu-malu kucing nak admit)

p/s Notice the ! sign every sentence Iman said. Yes. He was talking to me, excited voice, and high-piched. Sungguh rindu!

Then I spoke to everyone. Including Nenek. And ohhhhhh this conversation has to be told.

Nenek: Bila nya nak kerja? (So I thought)

Me: Ohh Syed ckp tunggu dia habis cuti bulan 1 ni baru try.

Nenek and Umi both laughes! (Weird.)

Nenek: Ada time-time plan pulak dia ni. Li dah nak dukung baby dah.

Me: Haa tu laa. Tau. (Being sooooo ignorant of what was happening at that time)

Errkkk? Did I miss something??? Was she actually asking me bila nak ada baby instead of work? Damn!!!!

And I've just realized it when I hung up. Gila lah. Now Nenek thinks merepek dah. Macam mana nak fix nih!?!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Domestic Me

We had an early Saturday today.
Went for breakfast, we had Machiato coffee, latte, pancakes and toast.
Huge appetite kan?
After breakfast, we went to Target since its the only shop open at that time. (8.30am!) While we were browsing, tiba-tiba sakit perut. Both pulak tu! Penangan coffee punya pasal.

So we immediately rushed to the cashier to pay for our things. He bought a supercool Marvel comics character T-shirt but I forgot which it was, and I got this!


Berbalik to the story, kami pun rush lah pulang. Sakit perut ehem ehem agaklah serious. Its lucky our apartment is just a walking distance! Hubby literally ran! Hahahahhaha
Me? Boleh tahan lagi ;p So I asked him to go ahead, lari dulu, and I was a few minutes behind him. Haha!

We later decided to take the train to go to City West, nak pergi Harvey Norman. We got there around 9.30am, and there's still not many people. Was very happy browsing through the electrical goods, and spent hours browsing dekat the TV section.
Bought a Canon Pixma printer for a mere $49, and I got something for myself as well. Yeayy lagi! Benda ni I had been eyeing for years, and a few months dah survey2 harga kat sini. The most was $89 time awal-awal sampai. And we managed to find more cheaper stores. The cheapest for that "thing" I found is $50, so I thought to myself, Ok laa simpan duit sikit-sikit (not that takde duit, just wont waste that much untuk beli itu benda haha) so tak laa terasa mahal sgt kan?
Then today, I checked for that thing, tapi mahal sebab ada extended features, for $89. Cit! Skali hubby showed me ada this one section, for half price!!! Not from $89, tapi $50. And its the one that I wanted, sbb I dont need the extended features. So I asked him, boleh ke beli, and he said if its for real boleh dapat half price, boleh laa beli.

And oh yea, the price tag didnt say half price or its on sale, tapi there's a huge banner ckp half price, tapi was not really sure if that thing is also in the sale, sbb jauh sikit from the banner.

So I went to ask the salesman. This is the conversation.

Me: Hi. Would like to know, is this half price as well?

Guy: Sure! If you want.

Me: *muka blur, kelip-kelip mata* What do you mean, if I want?

Guy: Well, I can give you half price, which is $25 if you really want to buy this.

I grinned at him, ear to ear, and said: Of course I want! Thank you soooo much!

And he wrote the new price at the tag.

Then, the guy said again: If you buy a laptop or a PC, you'll get this and another 4 of your choice, for free!

Me: Errr its ok. I think I'll just go with this one only. Thanks again! *smiles*

And I walks off, holding it to my chest towards hubby, and was skipping a little bit. Macam jalan atas udara.

So, agak-agak ape yang I beli?


Hahaha. Whoever that knows me well, knows that Im a freak for this game. I called Hajar after I bought it, suruh dia teka. Obvious gilaaa die teka betul. I didnt even tell her its a game. I just said, "Guess what I bought tadi kat Harvey Norman?" Die terus cakap, "Ape? Game?" I laughed. "The Sims lah tu!" Hahahaha!

Sooo happy. Boleh main sampai lebam!
*sampai rumah cepat-cepat uninstall the sims (not the sims 2) kat laptop yg di dload kat limewire 2 months ago, yang sucks big time! dh laa game tak complete. menyesal download. itulah akibat sebab bukan original ;p*

Looking forward to buy the stuff packs later!
* The Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff
* The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design
* The Sims 2 H&M® Fashion Stuff Pack (H&M tuuuu!!!)

I dont care ape korang nak kata about my gaming habit ;p~!

Oh ye, wanted to show the price tag where the guy literally conteng, and tulis the new price, tapi hilang!!! Tskkk.

After Harvey Norman, balik apartment to simpan barang. Then went out again jalan-jalan dekat Murray Street & Hay Street malls, had lunch, then went to Borders. Got 2 books, again for my own sweet self haha
And I realized I havent read the last Harry Potter book. I totally forgot about it! Nak beli, but I just bought the Sophie Kinsella book this morning, and had spent too much, so will get it later next week or the week after that, kot? hehe

And these are the damage for today. All mine! hehe

To Aisyah and Adam, this is worth buying!


Silicone tray pulak tu! :D Pink pulak tu! :D

Yeap. I bought cupcakes recipe book and sewing book. Domestic kan? ;)

Note: Was supposed to meet with a friend, Jade later tonight to watch the Christmas Symphony, tapi was so tired, I slept for 4 hours straight! And now its 1.30am, and Im wide awake. *sigh*

Friday, December 5, 2008

Saya Mahu!

Today, I went to David Jones again with hubby.
I told you I went there before right? I told him, its full of DESIGNERS clothes, shoes, bag and everything!!! Ohhhh I think I almost died in heaven!

Of course, I went to the women's shoe section, and there's a section where the shoes are on sale. I went to check them and was ogling at the shoes! Girls, I had my hands, and of course not to forget my feet on Bally, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Ferragamo, Juicy Couture and the whole lot! Ohhhh saya sukaaa!!!

*Before I left, I made a mental note the ones I like most hihi*

So today we went again, first of course we went to the men's section, since hubby wants to look for shoes. Of course there were lots! And oh sangat lah gorgeous. If I were him, I would go crazy trying on all those shoes, and buy them! Plus most of them are on sale! Shheeeesshhhhh!

After he finished browsing the whole men's section, I sweetly asked can we go to take a look at the womens shoes. So we went. When we got there, guess what hubby said???

"Pilih lah mana nak."

I was likeeeee "OMG are you serious???!!!???"

Sungguh lah excited saya ini! So I showed him the ones I like, and all of them were flat shoes. Tapi hubby cakap, "Alah boring nya. Macam tak worth it beli. Pilih laa yang lain."

Alahai. If I were me a few months back, I would definately pick one of all the gorgeous heels. But now Im more prone to flats, since we walk most of the time. So I told him, "If beli heels, rugilah tak pakai selalu. Flat boleh pakai sampai puas."

Betul lah kan? Tak baik membazir ehehehehhee

So we chose a few, and this is sort of something that I wanted to buy. I tried to search for the exact one but couldnt find any picture of it. So ini adalah "lebih-lebh kurang"...

Bally ok! Sangat cantik and selesa! And its the last pair. UNFORTUNATELY, it size 9 1/2. I can fit it since belakang die elastic, although a bit besar, but if I were to wear them in daily basis, it would expand more and I dont want that now would I? So dengan sedihnya cakap, "Takpe lah, takyah beli lah."

Oh sedihnya hati ini.

Another pair with potential is Chloe in mustard, also nice, but I dont think I want that. I prefer black. He suggested a black Armani flats, but I dont like it that much, so we left, me with a heavy heart.

So sayang, since this time around takde luck, maybe next time yea??? Dengan handbag sekali!!! ehehehehehhe

p/s Saya suka tempat ini. We can afford to buy designer stuff! Yeayyyy! Kalau kat Malaysia, kasut below rm300, a good brand, good quality, kita beli kan? Ni apatah lagi Bally ;p

Thursday, December 4, 2008

On your mark, get set, GO!

Lets lets, kite jalan-jalan pegi David Jones, jalan-jalan cari makan, cari baju, cari benda untuk dishopping kan hehe

Dan tidak lupa untuk pergi ke clearance sale yang hubby suruh pegi jenguk, kot2 ada yang menarik.


Selamat Pagi Malaysia!

Woke up early today, to prepare breakfast for hubby. Waaahhh!!!
I think Ive been up and about quite a lot for the past two weeks. To prepare breakfast and do all the wifey thingy haha.

Tapi this morning, I woke up and was limping to the kitchen. Nasib baik kitchen tak jauh! Sakit je tulang punggung belah kanan ni. Haih. I think salah tido kot? Entah laa. But imagine lah, sapu rumah pun terkontang-kanting. Macam mana nak buat ye?

Ohhh I made nasi lemak last week. And I smsed Aisyah (bkn nk bgtau buat nasi lemak ye, sbb lain) around 8-9am kot, and she replied hours after that, commenting, "awal bangun long?" Hehehe perli betul. And I replied "Saya kan dah dewasa! Siap buat nasi lemak lagi tau pagi tadi. Sila bangga."

Yes, i said, Sila bangga. Twice! After the second "Sila bangga", I realized Im that stupid. Helloooooo??? SILA KAGUM LAH!
I smsed Aisyah again, to tell her my kebengongan, and that I meant Sila Kagum instead of Sila Bangga. She laughed, and saya kena panggil bengong. Terima kasih daun keladi!

Oh ye, I have some news to tell you guys!

Ladies and gentleman, I am pleased to introduce my new babies!!!

Arent they adorable??? Kembar 4 lagi ;p

Sarah, what plant are they, you might ask.

Mereka adalah...

Ehehehehe... Cool kan tanam pokok cili? :p Siap yg quick grow lagi haha
I thought of buying some cute flower pots, the colorful ones, but then said to myself, Im no good in gardening. So merangkak lah dulu...

Semalam adalah hari menggosok baju kerja Encik Suami.

Maka, I gosok the wholeeeee collection of his baju kerja, which is a lot! Along with 3 more shirts he bought last week. Tak masuk yang mmg dah tersedia gosok. Fuh. But I was happy to do it. Sebab.... finally dah ada ironing board! Yeayyy! You guys imagine, me having to iron his shirts bersila, on the floor beralaskan sejadah. For the whole 2 months! And I dont like to iron banyak-banyak kali, everyday. So everytime I do the ironing, its always at least 2 or 3 shirts at a time. Agak sakit belakang lah kan. Bukan nak complaint... tapi sort of complaint laa jugak hihi lagi-lagi time tgh iron tu. Encik Suami dengar jelaa bebelan mintak die beli ironing board ASAP. And everytime, he would reply, "sabar laa. bila ada time kita pegi beli ok?" dengan nada selembut-lembut yang mungkin, sambil mengurut belakang saya. Yes! Haha!

Hari ni hari apa ya?

Sudah menyapu, membuat laundry, memberi babies-babies yang comel sedang membesar minum, and kemas rumah.
The rest of the day?
Kita tunggu dan lihat...

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So far ada 2 draft.
Dah type, tapi tak post2 sebab tak habis-habis tulis lagi, and tak boleh nak continue to finish it, sebab the "in-the-mood" mood dah takde.

Pelik, bila time nak tido, otak ni jalan laju-laju terpikir about what I want to write. Bebel sorang2, discuss macam-macam topic. Tapi tak bangun to type it all out, sebab mengantuk and terlalu cosy atas katil.


Bila dah ada time untuk memblog, semua lari main jauh-jauh pulak. Panggil, taknak balik. Degil betul budak nih!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The first time I had to deal with death and funeral

I was 15. It was my then-boyfriend's brother who passed away. Tragically, if I might add. I received the news (cant remember from who, and how) the morning after the accident. He (the then-bf) was nowhere to be found during morning school ceremony. I asked around, and I think someone told me the news, or something like that. His brother was involved in an accident. I just stood there, dumbfounded. I didnt know how to react, or say. Even worse, when I got home, I didnt even call him. I did tried once. But I hung up. I didnt go to the tahlil, even though I wanted to, so badly. I was 15. But he was 15 too.

The ex-bf, lets call him Mr K, didnt say a word to me for a long time. I couldnt remember for how long, but I remember it was a painful silence. The only words I said to him, when he was back in school was, "Mr K, takziah." He just looked at me, and left. The worst part was, it was during PMR. And I said that to him on the first day of the first paper, in the exam hall. He would stare out of the window for a long time during examination. And all I did was nothing.

Did I cry? No, I didnt. Did I feel sad? I guess so. But not sad enough. Do I care? Yes, a whole lot. I just didnt know what to do. I even consult my dad the night I heard the news, on what do people do, to deal with death, etc. But I didnt do anything.

It was until PMR, and after school terms was over, when I realized I was sooo stupid and heartless. I approached him a few times, but of course was ignored. Until one night, when his class had BBQ party, and I was invited by my friend (thank God they're in the same class) so that I could have the chance to approach him again. And I took the chance. We talked after that, and I told him how sorry I was, and I cried. And that's when he told me what happened, the whole story of the accident, and everything else. And how he felt when I was not there for him. He was waiting for my call, or my appearance to the tahlil, and was very disappointed when I didnt call or show up.

After we made amend, I asked him if I can visit the grave. And he told me he will take me there. But he never did. We never made it. He left to another school, and we just fell apart. And we let it be.

Everytime I drive passed the graveyard his brother was burried, I always made prayers, and 'doa' for arwah. I never forget. I dont know which one is his grave, so the only thing I could do is to recite Al Fatihah and doa, whenever I passed it.

To Mr K, Im sorry for the pain I have caused you, and the pain you had to deal with in your life. Im sorry I was not there when you needed me most. I wish you all the best in life, and may you lead a happy, and better life, wherever you are.

The second was when I was 18 if Im not mistaken. I was a bit mature, so I understood more. If some of you could remember, it wasa few weeks before Permata. It was announced in the hall by Mr Rahim, or Uncle Rahim. The cousin, arwah Abang passed away, in his early 30s. He left behind his wife, 1 yr old son, and his wife was a few weeks pregnant, and Im not really sure until now whether arwah knew about the pregnancy or not. It was a sad loss, for arwah Abang was so loved by the family. Not just his immediate family, but to the extended too. He was like a brother I never have. I always enjoyed his company, whenever I had sleep over at his house. Alhamdulillah he left in peace, in his sleep. But what saddens most was he passed away in another country, while on holiday with his family, including my aunt and uncle, and his siblings. It was the most tragic holiday they had to deal with.

His funeral was the first I ever experienced. It was attended by hundreds of people. And my mom said she heard the gravedigger said, the funeral was the biggest he had ever seen. That's how much arwah was loved. Everyone was there to pay their last respect. And I was there, sitting on a tikar, holding my cousin's hand.

Al Fatihah to arwah Abang.

As I grew up, Ive known friends who've lost their mother, father, sister or brother, and I tried to be there as much as I can for them. I dont know how exactly it felt like to loose someone you love forever, but I know someday I will. Everyone will. And Im afraid.

For all of you who had to deal with death, be it family, friend, or loved ones... be strong.

Let us recite Al Fatihah together for all the people that we have lost.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Takziah, and AlFatihah again...

Dearest all,

As most of you know now, my uncle passed away last week.

And some may have known, and now will know, that my friend Fatimah had lost her sister this morning.

I received the news via SMS from Aizuddin. I was in bed, bergolek2 malas nak bangun. When I read the msg, I cried.

I remember the last time I saw arwah. It was a few weeks before my wedding. I went to Fatimah's house to give out the invitation card. Arwah was not feeling well. Fatimah told me that arwah had been having fever very often. I said, "Kakak awk busy sgt keje kot." "Tu lah. Maybe laa". Arwah was so skinny when I saw her that night. She was having dinner and I stayed in the kitchen for a while to talk to arwah and Fatimah. And I didnt see her anymore after that.

Then, last month I had a chat with Fatimah. She was quite worried with her sister's health. She said arwah had been sick again, and this time it was more serious. And arwah had to be warded. She also took blood test, and on the day I chatted with Fatimah, the result hasnt come yet. So I didnt know anything. Fatimah was afraid. You see, she had lost her eldest sister too, when we were around 11 or 12 yrs old. Ididnt know her that well to feel her lost. Now I do. Fatimah said she dont want history to repeat itself. She told me she's not that strong. I told her to pray, and she has to be strong. For her sister and to her parents.

A few weeks later, I was online again, and Fatimah. We exchanged our latest news and what not, and I asked her about her sister. She didnt say much. But she said arwah is fine now.

And today, it was heartbreaking to read the SMS. All I could think of is Fatimah. I hope she is strong. I hope she's prepared. I wish I could hug her, and comfort her, and cry with her. I miss her.

I tried to call her mobile, but of course no answer. It was 11am and im guessing she's busy with the funeral. So I smsed her instead. I hope she gets my sms. Im worried on how she's doing. Dear friends who went to the tahlil, please let me know how she and her family are doing.

I miss aunty too. I really2 hope everything is OK back home.

So its two death in 1 week. And all I can do is to sedekah Al Fatihah. And hubby read the Tahlil and Yasin for arwah Uncle Syed last Thursday.

May both rest in peace.

Al Fatihah.

Note: Din, thank you for informing me. Baya, although Im far away, I do care for all the people I know back home. And its important for me to know if there's anything wrong, eventhough I cant be there, but I will always "be there". I hope you understand.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Due to the last entry, I will not be posting anything until next week.

Thank you.

Much love,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Around 1pm (Malaysia time) today, my uncle Syed Omar Alsagoff passed away. Sembahyang jenazah will be performed after Asar today at Masjid Setiawangsa.

My heartfelt condolence to Aunty Dah and family. They are great people. I wish i could be there for Aunty Dah. I hope Nedj and Kak Nadia are doing well, coping with the news from far.

Am super bummed. I dont know how to deal with death very well.


Encik Tom, ooOooOOo Encik Tom!

Today, was SUPPOSEDLY to be our house inspection, by the property agency. The letter said, to expect them between 8.30am - 5pm.

Ive been waiting dengan penuh debaran (yelah, sbb first time, dunno what to expect) since 9am this morning.

So, its 3.25pm now. Wahai Encik Tom Mojivanic (if im not mistaken), kalau ekau tak sampei2 lagi, pukul 5 tepat, eden kunci pintu tak bagi ekau masuk yoo!

Penat tau tunggu! Sempat lagi sapu2 last minute, cuci2 kilat2 kan dapur. Siap mandi pagi lagi tau! (Heh, kantoi pulok). I meant mandi awal2 pagi ehehhhehehe

Ok guys. Jom tgk jam di dinding. Tick tock tick tock.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a busy Saturday

Oh we had great fun!!!

We arrived at Burswood Park around 8.45am, yeah yeah we were teeny weeny bit late. We went straight for registraton to get our food coupons and I dashed to the que to get the Nasi Lemak. (sadly, nasi lemak kureennngggg!) Abg Shahid & Kak Nadia hasnt arrived yet. We had to wait for them because we're gonna sit with them (plus kitorg takda picnic blanket! haha takkan nk duduk atas rumput kann???). Everyone had their picnic blanket and chairs. Ada yang siap bawak meja lagi! Fuh! Jelous tgk basket2 picnic diorg, we just brought our stuff in a green bag haha

When they arrived, all five of us, including baby Aishya settled a spot under a tree, with a view of the main "pondok", with the Malaysia's flag and all. We watched the ladies and some men joined for the aerobic dance. I wish I had gone to join them, tp kak Nadia kena jaga baby, takkan nk pegi sorg2 hehe (padahal segan nak mampus!)

Then, rain comes, and all of us ran to shelter. Since it rained, the day has been ruined (to me that is). After the guys finished their treasure hunting, (I asked abg shahid, dpt nombor berapa. He said, no 1. Dari belakang.) we packed our stuff, and left the park. We were headed to nowhere, since all of us dont want to go home yet. So abg shahid made plans on the spot to take a short road trip up to the north. Nak lepaskan geram lah tu, they're going back to Msia for 3 months holiday! JELOUS!
So, we ended up going to 3 shopping malls, including Ikea in Innaloo, then went to North Beach. The beach is beautiful! The sand is so white, and the water is green. Ada surfers pulak tu. FUH! Snap snap situ sini, lps tu naik keta, pegi beach lain pulak. Snap2 lg, then we headed to Sorento Quay, at Hillary's harbour. Snap2 pictures lg, kat sini ada boat. Whoahhhh! Memang very2 nice laa. Berangan boleh beli satu nnt. Someday, someday. Had "lunch" since it was already 5pm, perut dh berkeroncong. Makan fish and chips, child's portion btw, pelik, dtg sini tak larat pulak nk mkn adult portion. Banyak sangat! Kalau kat Msia, nasi tambah berpinggan2, tapi kurus. Sini, child's portion tapi gemuk tak boleh bla! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You'll see that's ive gained weight from the pictures below.

p/s nampak gaya kena beli weight scale nih. kalau tak, tak sedar2 kegemukan melanda.

YES! Hubby ku gemuk juga. Boleh geng!

Ha ni, ni. Can u see my gemukness? Hehe

With kak Nadia and Aishya. Kesian dia panas2 silau mata papa die paksa jugak amik gamba

Love, from us.
pp/s too many pictures uploaded, especially to chinntet! sbb die tkde facebook. hmmpphh! :p

Friday, November 21, 2008

Malaysian Family Day

Tomorrow morning, we'll be going to this.

Mintak-mintak ada gambar yang bakal disnap, and boleh diguna pakai. Aminnnn.

rindu lagi

Rindu badak gemuk ni.

Time ni comel, kiut lah. Pipi gebu-gebu lagi. Mata pun bulat je.



Fuyooooo posing!

Wahhh! Mana muka kiut??? Ni muka dah matang boleh cari girlfriend dah ni!

Cepat kan diorang grow up? Nasib baik suara kiut annoying ada lagi. Kalau suara dah macam akil baligh susah lah! Tak boleh nak "Aaawwww", jantung gugur dengar suara dalam telefon.

Jangan cakap I bias sebab asyik-asyik gambar Iman. Mana gambar Muhammad and Umar? Yeaaa Im wondering the same thing. Ni pon orang bagi. Gambar2 lama tersesat dalam laptop. Aisyah, please send me some of the badak2 tu punya pictures please pretty please. I can barely remember how they look like ;p

Oh, jumpa gambar-gambar yang tak seberapa.

Iman gedik depan camera as always. Aisyah memang natural gedik

Umar, yang tak nampak muka langsung

Muhammad nampak lebih kiut dari biasa

Hadi, I gelak berdekah-dekah bila melihat gambar ini. Fuhh! Memang tak boleh bla.

Hakeem, sentiasa dengan muka berstatement "Yes, I am handsome".

Jangan marah dengan gambar-gambar yang dipost. Ni je lah yang saya ada, yang ditatap hari-hari (selain facebook). Pengubat rindu lah katakan. Selain nak malu kan korang hihihi.

Good night!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cencaluk drink

We were having lunch at Es Teler 77, and he ordered this.

I totally forgot what the name of this drink since I dont really like it, so I asked him, "Air ape dah ni?"




"What? Tak dengar."


"Huh?" Suddenly remembers. "Bukan CINCAU ke?"

My husband's face suddenly changed, and die sengih2 macam kerang busuk!

Monday, November 17, 2008

waste of our time, and his money

We watched this movie last Saturday.

This is our first movie after two months here.

And we saw this.


Ape ke bengong???

Ive been asking hubby to watch a movie since the first week we got here. Back in Malaysia, that's our favourite thing to do. So last Saturday, we finally had our own sweet time to go to the cinema.

First impression of the cinema. Not bad. Cun jugak, macam GSC dekat OU. Very big. Selection of movies are disappointing though. We watched the list over and over again, and we could not decide as there are not one movie that we are familiar of. Plus semua movie, actors tak kenal. Few movies that we had in mind, Quantum of Solace, Madagascar 2, and The Dutchess (this is more to me-yg-gila-nk-tgk) although they may not show it anymore. To our dismay, none were listed. And Quantum of Solace release date is 18 Nov! Bengong. Kat Malaysia org dh tgk 2-3 kali dah!

So we iniminiminimo these two...

After we decided which movie to watch (Sexdrive), I suddenly saw the poster above. I dont know a single thing about this movie, but when I saw George Clooney and Brad Pitt's name, I said to hubby, "Ni ada George Cloony dgn Brad Pitt. Tah2 ni lg best." "Ok, selambe." So we queued right away, without any second thoughts. After we bought the tickets (more of Syed yg beli ehehe), we left the counter dgn muka yg terkejut gila. Why? Because the tickets costs us AUD32! MAHAL GILA!

To make it short, after we left the cinema, both of us were really bummed out. Why? The movie suck big time, and it was a total waste of money. Kecewa. What an experience.

Menyesal tak sudah we didnt watch the other two. Read the review just now, it should be better than what we watched instead.

p/s I am no good movie reviewer, so if you still want to watch the movie above, please do by all means. But if you hate it, I TOLD YOU SO!

at Forrest Place

Like Ive mention last week, we were going to Forrest Place nearby our apartment to see Santa switch on the Christmas lights.

Thats my first time to see Santa in flesh. Yeah, i was somewhat excited. Dekat Malaysia manade Santa!

So here are the pictures that we took, which is way sikit btw. And there's no picture of both of us. There's one actually, but hubby made a hideous face, and it was all blurry. Haih. *geram je rase nak letak jugak*

And, yang ni..
That's the closest I can get to Santa.

Friday, November 14, 2008

no eggs???

I felt like baking today.

Checked the pantry for ingredients. Check, check, everything checked.

Bila nk start, I opened the fridge to take 3 eggs. Guess what? I only have 1! I forgot, we ARE going to buy groceries pun petang ni.

Oh kecewa nya rasa...

Dah lama tunggu that moment to start baking again. Bila dah ada that feel, no eggs???

Shitty betul rasa.

What have I become???

If you are wearing headscarves/hijab/tudung/headcovers, your highlight would be your scarf. Right?

A friend (dont know if I can actually say her name) commented on my latest, pemalas appearance. Lacking of attractiveness, she said, or something like that.

The first time I webcam-ed with her, the first thing she said was, "Sarr, what is wrong with your tudung?!?" Ohh fogive me darling, I was in a hurry was my reply. At that time, I was in a cybercafe. Then the next one came in. "Sarr, I think you should fix your this and that."

Alah, was it that bad? Do I look that bad, my dearest ****?

Then, a phone call (by me to her). Again, "Sarr, I tgk gamba u, view dh cun. Yang tak cun tudung u je. Dull." Alaaaaaaaaaaa, I malas! Then she asked the million AUD question, "This and that dah fix???" "Dah. Sikit." Damn. She's so persistent.

Told hubby what she said, and he said, "Tu lah. Asyik2 plain." ALAMAK!

I was once told myself, bila dah kawin, still nak put effort to look nice (pretty, cun or vavavoom) whenever I go out, especially with my husband. But after we moved here, kemalasan nak put effort tu membuak-buak. I only put on make up once in a while, if we were going out with other people, pegi BBQ rumah org etc. Tapiiiii kalau berdua je, malas nak mampus!

My alasan, again, was "Alaaa Syed tu slalu suruh cepat. So kena lah cepat. Nak cun kena lama sikit".

And again, another friend, was chatting with her commented on my latest pictures I uploaded in FB. "Lawa lah gamba baru u. View lawa sangat. Tapi nape u pakai slipper je???"

Ahahahahahaha. Seriously mmg nak avoid sangat2 to wear that. I never wear slippers/flip flop when I go out. Im always with my heels, or sandals. *sigh* Punye lah praying people wont comment on my slippers, skali ada jugak. And i did not expect that coming from her! Haha but thank you very much for that comment.

To tell you the truth, its not that I dont have nice shoes/sandals/heels etc, its just that when we arrived, it was early spring. The weather was still cold. I only brought my wedges and a brand new leather flats. I couldnt wear both because I had blisters, a real bad ones, because of that bloody flats. Ive worn it a few times back in KL, ok je! The whole time kat airport tak sakit pun. Sampai sini, luka2. And not just normal blisters yea people. There's blood everywhere! And it stained my flats with blood as well. The flat jadi keras. Not soft anymore. Sedih. I could not wear anything that might make the cuts even worse. So the next best thing was to buy and wear a flip flop.

So now, I am trying to be better. I wear much nicer attire now. Oh i forgot another thing, my sis Hajar commented something too when she came to Perth for Raya last month. "Bila nak dress up macam Aussie?" Yeah, I wore pakaian2 dari Malaysia yg dah tak cool. So I said, "Haa, tu kena tunggu shopping."

So again, now, I wear almost like what people here wear (to fit in, haha). Dah tak terlalu ke'Msian'an sangat ;p. And i am avoiding wearing my flip flop when i go out, unless i do grocery shopping, which requires me to walk very fast. I put on makeup more. At least compact powder, and gloss, even grocery shopping. Org sini, mana2 pegi sume makeup. Siap mascara & eyeliner! Jealous! And oh they dress up too!

My scarves? Still ada time malas. All my printed scarves are long ones, the shawl-ish type long. So only wear those bila ada banyak time to siap. Plus I get headaches if i wear the inner scarf (tak sanggup nak letak anak tudung, tp erk, letak jugak!) for too long.

*note-to-self: blk Msia, must buy more square scarves, and most importantly, PRINTED!*

Oh whoever knows where I can get the ala-ala anak tudung yg arab2 pakai tu, yg tak gatal2, not our typical anak tudung yg hitam, putih, kelabu etc tu, pls let me know. I saw some girls wear it. It looks like streachable cotton or something, and they come with variety of colors. Saya mahu cuba yang itu. Nak tahu gatal/pening ke tak kalau pakai.

Ok. Thank you. And thank you babes, for the terlalu jujur and tak berlapik langsung (:p) comments about me. Really appreciate it.

p/s Sweetie pie, i dah fix my this and that. And I think it looks better now ;p Nanti I share the after look with you yea haha

Love. In 2am in the morning.

suraisyah oh suraisyah

Do you still remember me?

If you do, please do not hesitate to invite me to you blognota.

Sakit hati dan berkecil hati bila mendapat tahu.

Kalau tak tahu email, bertambah kecil hati ini, if you know what i mean.

Dah lah tak update pun betultaktipu. I gere u know! (please put my usual, you-will-laugh-hard tone)

Thank you very very much for your time.


Your lovely sister

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santa is coming to town. So where is MY santa?

This year, the city of Perth will be casting magic over WA with the Festival of Chrishtmas. So tomorrow, is the launching day, and they will be switching on the Christmas light at Forrest Place.

This shall be our first time experiencing real Christmas environment (of course we dont have a tree, Christmas dinner and will not be exchanging gifts). The streets are already been decorated with lights and Christmas deco, and it looks gorgeous! I notice the big Christmas tree yesterday while I was out to the mall, but I didnt do anything, not even take a picture (walaupun teringin) since I was alone. Awkward lah nak amik gamba sorang2.

As I read on the event plan for tomorrow, there will also be Santa (of course!) and after he switched the lights on, he will leave on his sleigh to David Jones (a Mall) and will be there until Christmas. I wonder if Im allowed to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what I want for Christmas? Hmmm...

And the best part is, of course, the sale!!! Ehehehehehe

But Christmas here wont be a white one. Its summer! So Santa with all that heavy suit? I dont know how he will stand it. But in TV ad, I saw a Santa wearing a summer shirt (bunga2 ala2 Hawaii), and heads to the beach to go surfing. Haha! Ah well, they have to make do with whatever they have.

So since its Christmas...

What I want for Christmas:

1) An ironing board
2) A grocery trolley
3) A very very good vacuum cleaner

Gila tak cool my wishlist. But those are the things i need!!! Ok, new wishlist for tamak me pulak.

1) Leather flats
2) Benefit makeups (sini murahhhhhh)
3) Bobbi Brown Moisturizer SPF25 (tp kat sini takde) or Benefit Dear John or ape2 good face moisturizer lah pendek kata & night cream eheheheh
4) Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!!! Summer is coming, need new summer wardrobe ehehehhe
5)CASH. MORE CASH. Not for grocery, but for me, ALL for me.
6) Flight tickets for me to balik Malaysia ehehehehehhe
7) Camera itu! DSLR baru cool. Gamba die i meant.

Bang, bila nak pegi IKEA? For my first wishlist. (Abang??? Eeewwwwww!) Ahahaha

Second wishlist tu pandai2 lah ye. Dah HINT HINT big time!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

hari hadi dah pandai letak comment


Nak buat post je lah.

Seriously, in the previous post means, mak oi buruk betul! Kalau I amik gamba tu dah lama i delete, from camera lg! Tayah transfer2. Lagi2 nk upload.
And another seriously means, ermm, *bunyi cengkerik*, pointless. bazir masa betul. *click close*.
Ok cukup lah ye explanation yg tak seberapa. Ok, lepas ni no more cakap tak baik. Rasa tak baik lah. Nak gossip, call je.

Dan explanation psl news2 tu, is that two of my friends are getting married. An old friend, she is getting married in a very very short notice. If I were her, I would die sbb tak cukup masa nk plan the wedding thoroughly. Can u imagine, hari ni tunang, hari ni decide date kawin, which is another 20+ hari. Tak gedebuk gedebak ke jantung???
And the other friend is also getting married, just tatau exact date.
Oh yeah, totally forgot, my sweet classmate back in UTP is also getting married. Cik Faeeza. I hope u dont mind me memberitahu disini. Since mcm byk je wedding prep kann??? *wink wink* Date exactly, im not really sure. But I know which month, and I know I wont be able to make it. Haihh. Sedih.

AND AIZUDDIN. NO, I AM NOT! Tak baik buat cerita yg tidak betul. Kalau ayah saya baca blog saya and baca comment awk mcm mane??? News2 tu sume related to wedding bells sahaja ye. Iskkkkk! If I am, kemungkinan akan di beritahu kat sini tu ada. Tp mungkin je lahhh ;p Tak pun nk surprise je. Macam, tadaaaa!!! Boleh?




I told hubby about the whole google and ***** hair thingy tu. And he said, ermm uh huh. So? And I was like, WTH? Tak klaka ke? And to which he quickly replies, tak pun.

Ye ke? I thought it was hilarious. Maybe he thought hair rather than "hair" perhaps? Ke camne korang pikir? Isk.

Oh ye, I didnt say WTH out loud. Nak kena marah dengan encik suami?


Tomorrow morning Kak Maiza is coming to my hse to learn how to make trifle. Pelik pulak rasa nk blaja siap datang rumah. But I dont mind at all, at least I have company in the morning.
This morning I was accompanied by the handyman who was fixing here and there in our aparment. Ok laa tu ada jugak org teman dkt rumah, tak laa sorg2 sgt hihi

Our lights in the hallway and in the bedroom has been changed by the super handyman. Dont judge us for not changing them ourselves. Our ceiling's 3m high! Even the handyman was like, whoaaa that's a high ceiling. This ladder wont make it to up there. Oh he brought a normal ladder and had to go back and bring another ladder. So i guess we need to buy a very2 high ladder for next time. Susah jugak nk tuka lampu ni.

Anyhow, after the guy left, I took my lappie to the bedroom, and berinternet atas katil, under the quilt. Ahhh now that's more like it. Hubby got home, and I was like, "Look look, best kan bilik kita dh terang? Terang macam...(macammmm for a minute)...macam terang, kan?" Jakun betul bilik well lit. Sampai tatau nk describe how bright our room is now. Excuse me, when we moved in, the light bulb mmg tak dituka lg. So all this while bergelap gelita. Janji nk tuka cpt2, lepas sebulan lebih br nk dtg. Hmmpphh! But all forgiven, sebab bilik kami terang! Tapi Abg Shahid ckp, tak best laa dh tak romantik. Haha!


Hari ni, we continued discussing on nanti nak balik rumah sape dulu, and berapa lama, and all that. Yes, we actually are having this endless conversation for the first time. We bought the tickets to Malaysia for Raya on Sept next year. So we have to decide which date to go to Terengganu, and back to KL. Tak best lah kena decide benda2 macam ni. Maybe sebab first time kot? Thank god my kampung is an hour drive away from his house, so boleh laa kesana kemari. Mintak2 lah next year raya kat kampung. What if my nenek tiba2 je cakap, "Kite raya KL lah tahun ni. Aku malas kemas rumah." Tak ke naya i??? Tak. Tak mungkin.

Dah laa Sarah. Raya dah habis lah!

Ok. So I pun habis lah sini.

Good night Malaysia. And Australia. And Moscow! :p

what I like, and what I don't like, and something funny

Dearest readers,

Today it says,


Yahoo Malaysia punya headlight for the day. Wahhh! Teringin makan roti canai! And teh tarik. And Nasi Kandar! *sobbb* And semua lah! Burger King, MCD, KFC... (air liur dah meleleh)

Ok, stop it.

I was browsing friendster, yeap, i still do that sometimes bila facebook dh takde benda menarik (i.e no new notifications, no one wants to write on my wall, etc), and came by to a friend of mine. Tak rapat pn, tp kawan lah jugak time skolah2 dulu. So baca lah blog dia as well, as i saw a link. Before the page is uploaded, I knew what to expect. But seriously? I mean seriously? Haih, I dont want to say too much, but seriously?

I know I am no one to judge anyone, but seriously? And I came across another friend the other day, who has flikr, and I have no idea why I opened it. Somehow I know what's coming, and I thought maybe I would be wrong. But oh boy, I was totally right! Oh hell, it was junk. Really. But I read her blog once. Its not that bad though.

Sometimes I feel bad even thinking about it, but now Im writing about it! Teruk gila. Rasa macam, what the hell is **** thinking??? But bear with me people, I have no one to mengumpat with haha!

Ok, enought of cakap tidak baik.

Last night I spent hours online blog hopping. I clicked to this and that blogs, and it was ALL GOOD! I had stomach cramps because I laughed so hard, and so silently. Encik hubby is snoring (literally) in the bedroom, so tak baik lah buat bising :p
Anyways, I was so impressed because all the blogs I read was Malaysian, and all of them uses Bahasa, in full. I know lots who wrote in English, and my sister also used to blog in English. But now, she's come up to the next level, which is both English and Bahasa hehe. Why Im impressed? Because I dont know how to write a perfect sentence in Bahasa. Karangan dulu pun bole lah sikit2. But to express myself, and blog is so difficult in Bahasa. To me, that is. I know Im not THAT good in English either. But Im much comfortable in English. Honestly, ckp dlm hati pn speaking. Sms, English most of the time. Kalau marah pn Im more to English. Kalau BM, mcm susah je? Gila gedik kan?

But I do want to blog in Bahasa. Sometimes it sounded much cooler, and funnier. I think I had a few that I wrote in Bahasa, but not full. So must try to write one next time FULL. Kalau boleh nk selitkan peribahasa dan pantun sekali. Ye lah tu.


I've had enough of people asking me, "Sekarang pukul berapa kat sana?". Tapi I did the same all the time, both to my sister (she's in Brisbane btw, IN THE SAME COUNTRY! pun berjuta kali nak tanya) and my brother (Moscow). I know both time differences, but I still asked sometimes anyway. Weird isnt it? Why lah?


I googled my name for the first time. But I didnt googled full name. Just my not-so-famous-but-everyone-knows-me-by-that name. So yadaa yadaa yadaa, the usual results of facebook, my blog, and friendster. But when I scrolled down some more, and I saw this!

Small Brow Shader 23
The secret to natural brow coloring. Pure pahmi hair ensures a firm, yet flexible touch for fine-tuned application and blending.


Damn funny. Pahmi hair... kih kih kih kih kih. I am never ever going to buy that brush!
If my Dad reads this, I couldnt imagine his face. Hi Ayah! :D

Friday, November 7, 2008

Great news, always.

Wah wah wah, today, I heard 2 great news! And although they dont read my blog here, CONGRATULATIONS anyway! Am so happy for both of them.

I love great news like those two from Malaysia. It makes me feel closer to home and always updated. Org jauh2 slalu tau lg awal sbb in case can make time and balik hehe But sedih takleh share2 as much as I wish.

Anyhow, on a brighter side, Insyallah I will be there for Suraya Rahman on her big day and share her happy day with her and all the ladies! Yeay! Which does not include the 2 great news above btw. But I just need some time to persuade hubby hehe sabar ye suraya. Dh confirm nnt, kite bgtau ;) (Ohh mcm lah die baca blog ni jugak!)

Bought the flight tickets for raya NEXT YEAR! Hahah I know, I know. My sis ckp, semangat nyeee beli awal2! And Dad was like, "Wow, sept ko dec? As in raya haji?" Haha I wish lah Ayah, I wish. We got a very, very good deal for the tickets, so THANK YOU AIR ASIA! If you make promos like that more often, now everyone can fly home every month. Yeayyyyyy!

Perut lapar. Jumaat Syed tak blk for lunch. And of course, if he's not home for lunch, my lunch will go bye bye jugak. Sbb mls nk masak for one. So let's see what's in the fridge, shall we?

Growing Up

Once upon a time, when I was small, I always thanked God for a blessed, and a happy family that I have.

Our world was not perfect and that comfortable back in those days. Dad was working really hard to feed us all. He would go away for weeks for some money. But when he's home, he made the time to give us piggy rides on his back all around the house, while mom watching, smiling and laughing. We would wear his safety helmets and goggles and his coverall. And all four of us would argue who would go first. And we would always decide two-by-two. Me and Hajar, Hadi and Hakeem. Its only fair. Not fair to Dad's back though.

We would take pictures all the time, even at home. Dad loves taking pictures of mom and us. Every snap he took is still in the albums, and we would sit around and look at one album at a time, laughing and making fun of each other on how ridiculous and ugly we were when we were kids. Im glad he loves taking pictures of us.

Dinner time was like a birthday party, every night. We would eat, and tell stories, and talked and joked. Everyday, we would tell our parents how our day was. And they did too.

During weekends when he's around, we would spend ours helping him (or more of bugging him actually) while he do his gardening. We love raking out leaves and put it in a huge bundle, and dad would burnt it. Yes ppl, we had open fire in our backyard all the time. But back then there's no jerebu heh heh

I remember one night, we had a blackout, and dad told us to grab our chairs (we each had a small, bright colored chair) and go outside. And we sit outside for hours talking and looking at the stars that night. It was beautiful.

Mom was always home. I am always glad I had a full time mom. She would be there whenever we needed her. I always loved her hot milo she made in the morning for me before going to school. And she always packed me a "teh O" in my yellow tumbler for me to have during breaks. Pelik, but i always loved it.

When i hoped off the bus after school, I would ran into the house and take off my school uniform and my bag all over the house and wear nothing but my underwear. Ye, dgn tak malu nye mengaku. And mom would patiently picked all up and put it in my room. And I would play and watch TV with my sister and brothers.

At night, we read Quran in front of Mom right after Isya', still in our praying clothes. And Dad would take pictures again.

Weekends, we would helped Dad wash his car, or the carpet, or anything that has to do with the water hose, and we would be jumping up and down taking our clothes off and head for the shower. And Dad would take pictures too.

Dad was always blunt with showing his affection to Mom. He would hug her, hold her hands, and touching her head in front of us. And even in public. I know sometimes Mom was very shy, and sometimes she would avoid all the PA. But I know deep down she felt loved and happy and knew that the man she married loves her so very much that he would want the world to know how lucky he is to have her.

We love each other.

I love the fact that all of us are so close with each other. I would spend hours on the phone with my sisters or brothers even though I know I would see them the very next day. I love the fact I can always talk to them about everything and anything. And we could all understand our jokes. Except Aisyah! Haha Ok just kidding cah ;p

As I grow up, we never get to do all that anymore. But I get to see my other sister and brothers (after Hakeem) get their happy growing up moments. And Im glad things never change in our house.

And whenever I think of those good old days, I would smile, and felt so proud and blessed, and I wish my children will feel the same way I felt growing up.

As you can see, my life is full of noise. And people. And love.

So when its quite, it felt awful. Just awful.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

An announcement!

If you want to buy perfume, with a good price, sila lah ke sini ye. I think the price is very affordable ;)

Sambil2 tu boleh laa tgk kot2 ada gamba kitorg jugak hehe


The one with the dinner party

Im guessing some may think "Kesian sarah kat Perth tu, hilang social life dia takde kawan."

Haa, if u dont, i did. Felt upset a lil bit since we dont know many people, YET. Our house is so quite, the only noise (which is quite noisy though) is syed's loud voice talking on the phone. Sedih kan? Haha and our entertainment is the internet and TV, most of the time especially on weekdays. And sometimes i was entertained by syed when he's boring tahap gila buat lawak main kejar2 or sorok belakang pintu terkejutkan org.

But this whole week was quite different.

The first guests we had at our house was Ayah Mat and Aunty Nora for dinner on Sunday, and i made spaghetti. Ape lg yg expert ye tak? hehe Kalau nk masak nasi ngn lauk still beginner lg. Lauk pn limited bak kate syed. Sorry ye encik Syed, makan je lah ape yg ade ;p

Then, we were planning to go for pot luck on Friday at Kak Nor's hse on Friday, which we've never met btw. We were invited by Kak Maiza, which we met at Harbour Town and were exchanging numbers and became instant friends. But on Thursday Kak Maiza called and told me that Kak Nor's busy on Friday so we couldnt have it at her hse and Kak Maiza suggested to have it at our hse instead, if its ok with us. Of course I said yes, excited as i was. Called hubby right away, and went to the butcher after lunch. It was the first time i took a bus alone and out of the city.

As some may know, I loveeeeee having dinner parties. Hosting one is my favourite. But unfortunately i dont think hubby knows, and he's not a fan of hosting one, cakap takut penat nnt. But of course lah kena jugak since i was too eager and i already said yes to Kak Maiza hehe. And i told him, once he's home from work, all he has to do is just laze around until ppl shows up, and i'll take care of the rest. All i asked was for him to be the photographer for the night. Punyalah nk amik hati.

So we ended up having a nice dinner "party" at our house on Friday. Ppl showed up around 7.30pm. The funny thing was we didnt even know or met our first guests before! Punya lah awkward, tp kena lah friendly jugak kan? Hehe And later Kak Maiza showed up with the rest of the crew. Lega sikit ada yg kenal. Our house was full! I was so excited and happy because we never have so many ppl in our small apartment before. And later Kak Nadia, Abg Shahid and baby Aishya showed up. Baby Aishya comel, but she slept the whole time! Tak sempat nk main2 ngn dia. I think we had around 12 ppl who came. Penuh rumah. We had a great night, eating, talking and laughing. And not forgetting exchanging phone numbers! I made friends with everyone. Bahagia. =D

They left around 11pm. They helped with the dishes as well. Best best. Kalau kt kl sendiri basuh sume maa... Hehe

After everyone was gone, we were exhausted. Lepak dpn tv and borak, and hubby said "It seems like we had a housewarming party or something." Boleh lah. Sekali kan je. Plus Kak Nadia and Abg Shahid never been to our hse before. Before this kitorg je menyemak kt rumah diorg every weekend. Muka tak malu betul. Lps tu tak ajak dtg rumah pn hehe. Sorry lah ye Kak Nadia, bukan tanak ajak, tp rumah still byk kekurangan. Nk menjamu pn rasa segan. But after we got our stuff from Malaysia, and the fridge has been restocked with loads of food, boleh laa buat makan2 lagi ;D

The sedih part sikit was, Syed Ahmad Khairi tak amik gamba langsung! :( Takleh nk show off kat sini haha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend di Freemantle.

Aisyah, mesti kamu suka kedai ini.

Best gila. Ada byk benda menarik utk buat cake and also cupcakes! Tp saya tak masuk pun, sbb dh tutup ehehehehe

They're here!

Barang2 dari Malaysia sudah sampai!
Barang2 yg kitorg shipped, that mostly consists of our wedding gifts arrived today at our house. And one big lugage that i completely forgot what's in it.

And ayah mat is here, my uncle from kemaman. And i pesan a few things to my dad suruh beli n some of my stuff yg tertinggal time packing mcm camera charger! I know, bangang kannn??? So maaf lah kalau mutu gambar tu kurang sikit ;p

Can u guys see what's inside? haha Oh ada a few things i already taken out. My shoes and wardrobe organizer.

And ayah mat yg super nice, bwk kan ini dari Kemaman! Yeayyy!

Best kan? Now we feel like home ;)