Saturday, January 31, 2009

random. mengarut

I am in need of a good pair of shoes. I didnt bring any home, just my flat shoes and my flat sandals. All flats I tell you! And when I say a good pair, I mean anything that wont give me blisters, tired feet, blisters again, and universal!

I saw one that I fell in love with. Nothing fancy, tp gorgeous sampai terbayang-bayang and termimpi-mimpi. And all the criteria dipenuhi. Simple, yet fancy enough to go to special ocassion. Sadly, its pricey!!! Tention lah kat sini, nak shopping sume rasa mahal. *sigh*

I havent bought any new shoes since... ermm... since... last month? Wow that felt ages ago...
Damn the itches on buying shoes is driving me nuts! Lagi-lagi bila tgk Afni nak beli kasut tadi. Isskkkkkkk.

Ok enough about shoes. I just have to let it out of my system. Now Im fine, but not my feet though.

Had loads of plans. Meet up with this and that. Penat, but fun! After each "single" day out, another plan will follow up. Best!

Went out today with Baya, Afni, Ina and my sis Aisyah. Watched Bride Wars, and had sushi for dinner. Borak, tuka tempat pegi kedai lain pulak to continue borak, and when all the shops are closed and we have no where else to go, Baya suggested we go lepak at her house pulak. Stayed there for an hour or so, borak+chat+gossip+gelak2 until 2am. Hubby marah cakap jangan buat style bujang. Errrrrr okkayyyyyy. Dah kawin dah tak boleh eh keluar malam-malam??? SORRY! We lost track of the time!

And now Im home, tired, but not sleepy. I guess the time has just passed, and Im no longer sleepy. Body cakap penat, tapi mind still awake. And tomorrow, have to pick up Aisyah in Tmn Tun since she's sleeping over at her old friend's hse, pagi pulak tu! Cant u just cancel ur training makcik???

Im babbling about nothing in particular. Just feels like I need to say something here.

Anyways, Puan Azurin IF you are reading, we should catch up before I go back to Perth ok?
Ms Haney, Ealya and Zaza... I'll meet u babes for lunch lah k? Ehehehhe sorry I missed it today :p

Ive made a list of thing I have/want/need to do/buy before I go back. Hmmm, and it seems that I havent accomplish any YET! Ohhh I better catch up with it...

Ok I think I should sleep. Unless, I dont sleep until 7.30am to go back to Taman Tun to pick up Meksah gedik. Should I or should I not?

Hmmpphhhh, I think I want to go to sleep! Aisyah will figure something out if I dont wake up in time eheh

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Being at home is comforting...

Being at home is happy...

With the lil kids running around, shouting and fighting with each other, and then playing with each other... How Iman can really talk like an adult, but with budak-budak punya slang hehe... Im gonna miss all of this when I go back to Perth.

I brought the kids with Aisyah and Hazirah to KLCC yesterday to watch Bedtime Stories. Muhammad had been asking me to go catch a movie eversince I came home, and yesterday we finally went. Good thing it's school holiday.

I brought home my Sims 2 cd as well. And what a mistake! Muhammad and Umar has been fighting for their turn every minute of everyday, and of course, Muhammad wins. *sigh* Penat jugak melayan diorg punya ragam. Ended up Umar mesti menangis mengadu, and I'll be shouting at Muhammad from downstairs suruh fair and square. Haih... Kids!

Iman cant see me wearing long pants at home. He'd be asking "Kaklong nak pegi mana? Iman nak ikut." Tanya, tak jawab lg terus cakap nak ikut. The adorable thing is that he's always making excuses on why he can tag along with me whenever Im going out. One day, I told him "Tak boleh ikut. Kaklong nak pegi jumpa kawan. Nanti Iman malu dengan dia" (padahal nk pegi Jusco sorg2 haha) "Taaakkkk. Iman tak malu. Iman kawan je dengan dia." Hmmpphh ye lahhh. Macam2 lah alasan dia...

And oh, the other day Iman pujuk me so that he can go play at a playground where we were picking Aisyah up from basketball training. It was 7pm. So I told him, Maghrib2 ni org tak main kat luar. Nanti syaitan kacau Iman. Lepas tu dia dengan confidentnya cakap taaakkk, syaitan tak kacau Iman. Awoh (Allah) kan ada... Awoh jaga Iman... I laughed gile kuat! Pandai betul budak ni!!!

So adorable, Im willing to adopt him and stay with me and hubby in Perth! And dia pun nak ikut. Sebab boleh naik kapal trebang.

Apparently, since Im home, I havent got any chance to take pictures of me with the kids. Gile bias amik gamba dgn kawan2 je... Will remind myself to do so, and post some cute pictures of us ehehheee...

So there. Nak pegi join diorg main Sims 2 jap! Be good!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back in Kuala Lumpur

So finally boleh post pasal cerita2 di rumah. hehe

Best sangat2 tak terkata bila land. Rasa mcm pelik pun ada. One minute Im in perth, then next Im in Malaysia! Sampai2 tu mmg rushing amik bag sbb tanak family tunggu lama, plus I was soooo excited! I practically ran with my trolley full of bagS towards the exit. Skali, diorg tak sampai lg! Hampeh betul!

Tunggu ada lah dekat half an hour, pusing-pusing. Nak call tak boleh. Nak pakai payphone pun tak boleh. Sen-sen takde! Sedih betul laa! While waiting, ran into Faizal, junior skolah sama prefect dolu-dolu. He's a pilot now! Terkejut gila bila nmpk dia, jerit nama dia. Nasib baik die dgr. And nasib baik die cam lg :p

So borak-borak, exchange numbers (buat mcm bujang lah pulak kannnn!). Dont worry, I told him awal-awal lg that Im married, and has moved to Perth. Catch up stories, lps tu pegi Starbucks (kot?) beli air, utk dptkn coins nk call hehe.

Family sampai, adegan peluk-peluk cium, especially Iman! Terus dukung and he sat on my lap the entire journey back home. Borak-borak tak ingat dunia, all the way in the car, sampai lah rumah, sampai lah to my bedroom, sampai kul 5 pagi! Gossip-gossip dunia semasa lah katakan.

Oh lupa. Ayah tanya dah makan ke belum. I told him mkn sandwich je dlm plane. So dia tanya nk mkn ape. I said mkn ape2 ada kat rumah pun takpe. Roti pun ok. Skali dia ckp, KFC nak? FUH! Gile ape tanak!!! Hahahaha before blk dh ckp kat hubby, kalau boleh sampai KL je terus nk serbu KFC. Sebab teringinnnnnnnnnn. Hajat sampai. Yeayyy!

I spent the whole time at home (before making an entrance at Suraya's wedding haha), jadi driver amik budak-budak skolah, and jadi rakan sepermainan Iman. Awal-awal pagi lg Iman dah masuk bilik kejutkan suruh bgn and main ngn dia. Everyday. Aahhhhh. Such bliss!

I miss hubby though. Everyday mesti tanya dia ok ke tak. Makan ape and all. Hehe. But I know you're doing fine hunn. And I know your enjoying your singlehood with the boys. Enjoy it while it last k? :p

All in all, rindu dendam dekat family dah terubat. Hadi jangan jelous ok. Kaklong breakfast makan nasi lemak dengan sambal sotong and paru-paru takdi! ahaha

Saturday, January 24, 2009

jangan terkejut

Hi everyone!

Guess what?

Oh IF anyone went to Suraya's wedding today, might know this already. But what the heck.


Yes yes, im home. As in home in MALAYSIA!

Im so sorry I didnt let u know. Actually, I didnt tell ANYONE. So siapa2 jgn lah terasa ok?

Its a sake to make a big surprise to Suraya, and it worked! It was simply bliss seeing her so shocked yet excited, and we both made a lil bit of drama in the morning of her wedding, hugging and shouting and crying at the same time. And then buat sume org yg attend the wedding terkejut jugak, including Baya, Isma (which she had sensed it tho. Damn!), Aiza, Yan, Sara n Melissa. And not to forget Fatimah and Aisyah. Yeayyyy! Semua org terkejut and happy! Im soooo happy! :D

So there.

I landed on Tuesday midnight, and has been home ever since haha. So today's the first time I went out and meet friends, at Suraya's wedding.

Will update later on with gorgeous and gorgeous pictures of Suraya, and of course us! hahaha Thanks to the photographer, mek Aisyah!

And again, people, IM BACK! LETS MEET UP!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Im tired.

Im so tired, everything I typed came out so wrong.

I was chatting with Hadi (actually still am), and I typed "sarah ulat" instead of "salah urat".

Yeah. Nice one kan? Im ulat.

And "garau" became "gurau".
Contoh: "Yeh? Suara dah garau?" "Gurau sikit lah."
Ya Allah buruk betul.

Selain typo, takde yang menarik dalam aktiviti harian saya/kami.

Oh ye, kitorg jumpa restoran Indo yang best, Bintang dekat Albany Highway. And pegi makan 3 hari berturut-turut. First time ngn officemate Syed, Musal. Pastu dia terkejut gila I finished my plate, licin berkilat. (Dia tak tahu my eating habit :p ) Dah laa at first he was shocked tgk my portion paling byk among three of us. Okkayyyyy. Drinks were ordered, Bintang Kejora, Bintang Kecil (kot?), and mine was Es Kelapa Muda. And I had that for the 3 trips we went there. Ahh minum air kelapa, rasa mcm kat Terengganu je, except die letak dlm gelas hehe

Ok, ni update terbaru. Ada org tu asyik tanye je, siap boleh sms tanye kenapa jarang update. (Note: Ada satu entry subjected "Nah update", sbb die tanye sgt).
Please lah.

Ok. Selamat malam. Jaga diri baik-baik.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the haircut

Hubby came home for lunch today, looking like askar jepun.

I was so shocked I shrieked the moment I saw him. Im always mad at him whenever he cut his hair without telling me first hand. Ok actually he's been telling me he needed a haircut since weeks ago, and I too, told him that. I just forgot.

So he got the haircut TODAY.

You know why Im mad?

Ok bukan lah mad mad tapi macam, "Kenapa tak bgtauuuuuu nk potong rambut hari niiiiii???" (Yes, with all the lengthy, dramatic phrase). And he would go, "Kenapa?". EVERYTIME!

Back to why. I need to set my mind on something. Macam potong rambut ni lah. I'd set my mind the night before, or in the morning, so that I can imagine what my husband would look like when I see him after his haircut. If I dont, Id react as above.

Seriously, he looked like askar Jepun.

Macam ni laa sikit-sikit. Tapi Syed lagi macho :p

Tak. Tipu je. He looks like budak-budak. Iskkkkk. Tak sukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Semangat gila siap google gambar. Tapi jangan harap lah nk post gambar sebenar tuan punya badan. Tunggu rambut dia panjang balik ok?

Friday, January 16, 2009

I had the strangest and the scariest dream. But not the scariest ever though.

I cant tell you what it is, but its something that Im afraid of would happen.

I woke up, blinking my eyes thousand times, and praying and hoping that it will not be that way.


Hehe. Jangan risau. Nothing serious.

Hari ni 40 degrees lagi. Damn. And I was planning to go out and do some self-indulging shopping today.

Syed wont be home until later 9pm today. He's going out for a badminton game with some of his Malaysian friends. Initially I wanted to tag along, and he did asked me to come and play as well. But last night I told him I dont want to go, just because I dont have any shoes nor pants to play. And he said its ok, since he just gotten to know that only guys will be there. Most probably no wives will be tagging their husband tonight. So there.

Im having dinner alone tonight. Care to join me?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The new phase of life

So I got married at 23.

A friend of mine got married at the age of 20, and now she has 2 kids.

My classmate, Azurin got married at 22. Shaline got married a few months back, at 23.

A few more schoolmates, guy or girl also got married before or after me. And Im pretty sure mesti dah ada yang dah pregnant. I je ketinggalan haha!

Now there's a long list of friends, either from school or uni are getting married, or just got married, or had got married last year and I just found out last week, and now she's 1 month pregnant! Ok panjang nya ayat. Lelah kejap. Btw, congratulations Soraya! I know she doesnt read my blog, but I think all our classmates should know. Takut nanti orang terkejut beruk pulak tgk perut dia dah besar, tapi tatau ape-ape. Padahal dah kawin a week before convo!

And thanks to FB, I get to see pictures or updates on my friends, and today I found out Yin Meng, my classmate in form 4-5 just got married last December in California. Congratulations!

And a friend in UTP (although tak rapat sangat, but we still do smile or tegur whenever we bumped into each other) is getting married next month. Congratulations!

And Cik Faeeza, my classmate in UTP, also getting married in March. Congratulations!

And of course, my Suraya, is getting married next Saturday! Omg when I typed this, I got goosebumps and my stomach has butterflies. Im soooo nervous for her. And sooo happy. I miss her.

And another friend, yg I tak dibenarkn mention at all, even to tuan punya badan sbb takut die stress, is getting engaged next month, and will be getting married in a few months time. OMG! Now this is the biggest news ever. If only Im in Malaysia, Id be hitting her, and cubit2 dia sebab tiba-tiba je. I mean not that Im happy for her, tapi you (not her directly sbb its not her who told me hehe) buat I menggigil excited and curios and wondering dengan news ni! Congratulations darling! Big hug for you! And after dah confirm and out in the open, we have some serious talk to do!

So, ada sesiapa lagi yang nak kawin, and plan nak kawin???

I guess our lives are in the new phase dah kan? Getting engaged, married, or having kids. And not to foeget working life. Everything is so different from last year, when we just finished our studies, and has nothing better to do but to sit on the couch at home and watch TV, and jadi driver pick up adik-adik balik sekolah.

And now, we've left all that behind, and entering a new life. An exciting, adventurous and sometimes tiring life. But all is good right? We're officially an adult that has to stand up on our own two feet! Yeayy for us for making it!

Nah, update.

Oh lambatnya this week. I thought it was already Friday, rupa-rupanya baru Thursday.

Ive been going out almost everyday this week. I think its the weather. Its not really hot anymore, around 25-29 degrees. So its comfortable. Plus the wind is cold as well. But then today, currently its 29 degrees, and the maximum temperature for today is 40.

Yeap, definately not going out at all today.

Ive transfered the pictures that I took with the new camera. It looked really nice in the camera, but when its in the computer, it has all this whitish grains. Whyy??? I edited the brightness and the contrast of the pictures, but still, its not good. Is it because all the pictures was taken indoors? I think I want to try and take outdoor pictures. Its great and sunny outside, perhaps it will turn out great?

Ok, here's some pictures that I took at the hallway of our apartment. Not in our apartment though.

Of course. Gambar wajib. My feet looks fugly. Dah laa makin hitam, pastu ada half inai kat toe nail. Eewwww!!!

Our floor. Right after the lift opens, this is what u see.

Hubby walking to our apartment. It at the end of the hallway.

Alrighty. That's all the pictures that I will show you. Banyak-banyak nnt boring pulak.

Monday, January 12, 2009

hari kembali cerah (ha ha)

Fuh. Comment2 semua mendoakan hehe AMINNNNN.

So there.

On one (very late, for us) Staturday, hubby went out alone to buy some stuff his friend asked him to buy (mentang2 kedai sume dekat ngn kitorg, nk beli plug pun kirim. Cit! :p ).

I didnt tag along. Satu, sebab malas gile and baru mandi pagi (and time tu dah pukul 2.30pm ehehehe), dua, panas gila kat luar, rugilah sebab baru je mandi kan? Nnt blk kena mandi lg sbb later petang nak kuar pulak. hehe

So anyway, around 5pm hubby came home. With...

Camera baru! YES! Haha

So kepada semua, terima kasih atas comment2 yg sort of "mendoakan" ketibaan camera baru.

Terima kaseyyyyy!!!

Hasil camera baru? Kejap. Malas nk transfer lagi. Btw we went to BBQ later petang Sabtu, kat rumah Kak Ramisah & Abg Zul, sempena farewell Kak Yus, Abg Solah & family. Tapi camera tak bwk sbb batery tak charge lg. So no pictures. Again, takde proof that we do have (a lil bit) of social life and mingling with other ppl.

p/s Camera baru masih muat dlm handbag, even handbag kecik pun muat lagi. Camera besar Syed cakap nk beli utk dia, not for me. Dengki! =p

Saturday, January 10, 2009

dunia yang gelap

I broke the camera.

The only camera that we have.

So macam mana ni???

Esok nak pegi jalan2 and pegi BBQ rumah kawan, takda camera mcm gile tak best kan???

I was out yesterday, to Harbour Town. And as usual, I always have a bottle of water in my bag whenever I go out. Especially now that its summer. So, suddenly I feel water dripping from my handbag! It was so suspicious. I looked inside, and saw its full of water and everything is wet! I mean EVERYTHING. Including my camera. So you guys know the rest of the story right?


Lucky my handphone was put inside the upper pocket where its especially for hp. Sometimes I was too lazy or too occupied and just dumped my phone in my bag. Thank god yesterday was my "rajin" day.

So bosan lah life without a camera ni.

Now we have to rely on just the cameras from our phones, which are tak cun langsung!

p/s Hubby has been hunting and looking at cameras since we got here, but never buy one. So I guess the time has come!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Iman!

Iman, you're 4 today!

Happy Birthday sayang.

I called earlier to wish him (as if he would understand much), and once he's on the phone, he couldnt stop rambling about the toy cars that he got for himself yet again. Bebel2 tak stop2, I couldnt even cut him to wish him. And when I finally got my chance, he passed the phone to Ayah.

Ahh well.

But he did mentioned the red towel with a car picture on it! Yeayyy! He even aknowledge the fact that I bought it for him. So that felt good. :))

So there.

Happy birthday again. (As if he knows how to read lah kan...)

another one down

Here I am, at 4.30 in the morning, wide awake.

I went to bed around after 10, out of boredom, not because I was tired or sleepy.
And hubby is too busy doing i-have-no-idea-what, and not a single word exchanged since dinner. No worries, there's no ketegangan or anything, its just its that time where one of us just want silence. So there. Off to bed.

Woke up around 1 ish due to nyamuk banyak gile nak mampus. Yes nyamuk! Lupe tak Isya' lg, so after prayer, Im no longer sleepy.

Read Mel's post. So it got me thinking. Suraya's wedding.


She smsed me earlier today around 8pm telling me about her wedding prep and what not, and the fact that she misses me(Aawwww! I miss u too!) and was hoping a great wedding present from me. Haha! Siut je awk yeeeee!


I was glad I went to her engagement, a few weeks before we left to Perth. I "nearly" couldnt make it because I was supposed to be in Terengganu the week she got engaged, but I know there's a huge possibility that I couldnt make it to her wedding. So its important for me to be at her engagement. Pujuk-memujuk hubby session took place, and I made it. Lega.

From all 8 eight of us, I was closest to Baya and of course, Suraya. Not to say Im not close to the others, but these two cracked-head girls are the ones that will make me lonely when they're not around.

Suraya had a looooooongggggg journey before she found her right guy, Afif. I remember all of them haha! I was the one whom she'd tell me right away when she met someone, or being "friends" that has a huge possibility. And that was Afif. I remember the guy before Afif, and the one before that. A long relationship that I told her (nicely, and logically) that she'd be better off with someone better. Then she found another guy, which I honestly doesnt like that much, and at first impression, he's the rebound guy. The guy look so much alike from the guy before that, I told Aiza "Its the rebound guy." Aiza agreed.

It was a short relationship with the rebound guy, for obvious reasons.

And another shorter phase when she found this guy. Or actually, that guy found her. I teased her a lot when she mentioned this "friend", from helping her to do her assignment, to e-mails and teman beli baju. Haha macam zaman2 sekolah je. But I liked what I heard from her stories. And then I met him. I think it was Aiza and me who had met with Afif first before anyone. It was a short meeting, and he seemed like a nice guy. When Suraya left with Afif, I was nodding approvingly with Aiza and grinning ear to ear. We love him. We knew he was the right guy for her. He looked the most decent, and was totally nice and polite. And when Ive gotten to know him better later on, I told Suraya to grab him! :p

So there. And they're getting married another 2 more weeks.

Suraya sayang, CONGRATULATIONS! Kite harap awak bahagia, and dapat anak banyak-banyak. First baby, kena geng! Haha!

With Suraya and Afif during my nikah

On her engagement

With the rest of the girls, and Baya not in the picture. Tu laa sape suruh demam :p

On the last picture above, we DID NOT plan to wear according to colors. Bila sampai, somehow "ehh awk match ngn die" comments started to rise between each other. Sehati sejiwa betul haha

Anyways, I miss you girls!

p/s Baya! We have to take more pictures together babe. Gile susah nk cari ok!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the road to nowhere

Yesterday was the first day of work for hubby, after 2 weeks of holiday since xmas.

It looks like back to school (the way I see it), since hubby beria nk dinner awal, and tido awal on Sunday night. But ended up golek2 atas katil for hours! Haha kesian dia.

During the 2 weeks holiday, we went nowhere exciting. Huge disappointed to me since I was looking forward for that holiday, and he DID asked me to look for places to go a few months back. Before summer really starts. So when the holidays did came, summer came as well. Right on spot! It was soooo hot we could barely breathe 5 minutes after we left our apartment. Hubby describes it like "puasa day", even after minum air pun still rasa macam puasa.

The only days we went out was, Xmas day to Kings Park (but I forgot the camera, stupid me so we only used our phones' camera but it sucked), Friday on Boxing day (shopping!), then the week after that on Tuesday we borrowed Abg Shahid's car coz konon2nya nak pegi jalan2 laa... But we woke up late. Eversince the holiday we slept the earliest at 2am, the latest after Subuh watching TV. Haiiihh. So we went out at 12pm and all we went was to Morley which took us about 20-30mins drive and we went to the Mall. The mall ok. No sightseeing or going to interesting places, take pictures and what not. Instead we took a nice tour to the whole mall and had lunch there, and we left. Straight back home. Sedih betul kan? Haha It was so hot the only thing we wanted was cold drinks and aircond. So mall lah ape lagi? :p

Hajar went sandboarding even on the hot weather a few days back and it looked hell of a fun! Jelous ok! So sedih hubby lost his "fun"ness right after we got married. We didnt even go to watch a movie anymore!

And oh, on one fine Sunday (at night), we did went out, after a HUGE drama if I might add, to the Movies by Burswood, mcm Starlight cinema kat Mont Kiara tu laa and watched The Dutchess. I love it! Except the fact we had to WALK back home 4.2km (yes, I google earthed it!) at 11pm because we missed the last bus. Hahaha padan muka!

So the rest of the days, we sit around at home. Watching TV with cold drinks, and with full blast of the aircond. Kalau ajak keluar jalan-jalan, hubby punya alasan, "Tanak laa. Panas sangat laa." Ermm ok???

So there kids! That's how an old married couple (with no kids!) spent their holiday wisely. ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

and again

Amazingly, I managed to see the Jakarta trip pictures tru Hakeem's FB instead of Aisyah's. Wow!
Terima kasih ya Encik Hakeem. Jasamu dikenang.

So curik2 a few pics to be uploaded here. And so that I can see their faces whenever Im blogging. (Ye lah tu.)

Thinking of making a collage of the pictures stolen from both Aisyah & Hakeem to make wallpaper, but sayang to replace the picture of me and Syed during Nikah. So there. Camne? Dilema betul.

Mari lihat keluarga saya yang sangat dirinduiiiiiiiii...

Selamat berkenalan dengan keluarga saya, bersama Nenek! dan Hazirah hihi Hazirah punya kedudukan macam GF/bakal tunang Hakeem jeee! :p

Oh how I wish boleh tengok Umi menunggang itu kuda juga ehehehe tapi kalau Nenek yg naik, lagi super cool! Topi Umar cool ok. Beli satu untuk Abang Syed pls. Die dah hitam time summer ni haha

Nama pun budak-budak. Lepas makan kat kedai, ade je lah yang nak digodek2kan. Macam Hadi! kan hadi kannnn??? ;)

Awwwwwww!!! Kaklong rinduuuuuuu!

Kudaku lari gagah berani~~~ Eventho "kuda"ku tiada gambar sebegini, so Iman lah ganti ok? Kepada sesiapa yang tahu identiti "kuda"ku, anda dibenarkan gelak.


With these kind of pictures, that would make me beremosi. And kesian hubby kena tanggung akibat emosi.

Hmm. If you guys were me, would you miss them terribly like I do? *sigh*

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update: Perfumes!

Hi peeps.

Ive updated my other blog!
And also, Ive added the link on the right-hand side.
So feel free to browse.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

kecomelan yang comot

Dicuri dari blog Aisyah.

Tak tahan sebab comel dan comot.

Iman punya peace sign dgn 3 jari! Hahahaha

Stokin Iman yang lawak gila. Confirm amik sendiri and pakai sendiri.

Aihh. Iman nampak besar gila ok. Tapi still hisap jari style rock die tu???

Muhammad still nampak mcm budak kecik, despite dah darjah errr darjah berapa dah eh? Darjah 4 eh?? OMG fail jadi kakak.

Umar nampak macam pakcik tua sebab takde gigi. Hihi


Aisyah, upload gambar dengan banyaknya kat FB please! Tak tahannnnn!