Thursday, December 18, 2008

inspire me please.

Im so lost I dont know what to write.

And I noticed the blogs I frequently read also doesnt update anymore.

So there.

I think Ive lost my inspiration...

Ive tried to write a few, yet I always left it unfinished.


I think Im having a 3 weeks PMS. gawd!

Plus I have lots of things on my mind right now, I have no time to blog. Wait. I do have time. But I just dont know what to write... Ive been in a sappy moody mood everyday.

I need rainbow, I need colors, I need some really-really happy songs.

I listened to Raindrops since it in my head tiba2 while Im writing this, but I dont like the version that I have. *sigh*

So Im back to square one.

Or maybe I need to be on sugar high.

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