Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I noticed Ive been very lazy since early this year. Whenever Im in front of my lappie to blog, I seem to stare at the screen for a long time without typing anything and then finally decided to close the browser.

It seems that I have nothing to blog about anymore. Trust me, I have tons! But the mood is not there anymore. In my mind, I'm constantly blogging, day and night. But nothing come out when I finally have the time to type it all out. We have been pretty busy ever lately, and I have been very busy lately. Although I do have time to Facebook, but I have no time to write. At all. *sigh*

I miss my blogging time. Honestly I do. I want to write so many things. About my birthday, our anniversary, my surprise to him, his surprise to me, and our trip home recently and activities during the weekends. And I don't have any excuses.

Maybe Im done with blogging?

I dont know. But I think I still do want to keep blogging time to time. Maybe not as much as I used to. I remember Ayah commented that all I do all day was to blog. That was a year ago. I remember that I used to have at least one post every week. And sometimes more. Now? Not even one in a month! Or was it two?

So friends (I know most of the readers (not that many though) are my friends), please bear with me. I will write once in a while, but as of now, it wont be much.