Friday, March 18, 2011

Its autumn and it is 30 degrees outside.

We're heading out of Perth on 11 April, but will make a pit stop in Bali just for two days hehe Initially, we're planning to stay in Bali for 2 days, then off to Bandung for another 4 days before flying back to Malaysia. We've bought tickets months ago, and last month we decided to cut the trip short and head back to Malaysia earlier. So no Bandung trip for us. Sobbbb. Was looking forward to go to Bandung again, for the food and also to do some shopping. Ive had a list made! But you gotta do what you gotta do. Its all for the best, i guess. (save duit save duit haha)

Btw, on another note, we haven't even book our hotel in Bali yet! That is so not me! And we've got another 3 weeks! Blame hubby for being so fussy. Eh wait, I think Im the fussy one. Picky on the room lah, toilet lah, location lah. But he just couldn't decide which one, that satisfies my criteria :p

I am excited to go back, of course, looking forward to see my family again (although I just spent an entire month with them in Brisbane last Dec), and of course for the glorious food! Ayah has been "kind" enough to upload photos of Patin masak tempoyak from Temerloh, Nasi dagang in Hai Peng kemaman, Nasi kandar ganja in Ipoh, and its killing me! I told hubby we have to go for some Jalan-jalan cari makan. He said we'll try and find time. I can only hope. If not, Im gonna drag Ayah and take me to all those places hehehhee

Believe it or not, I found some frozen Patin here in this one particular oriental shop. I was so happy! And a friend gave me some tempoyak she made herself. Tried to make the patin masak tempoyak once, and it wasn't bad. The only thing is that the tempoyak is very-very sweet. My friend told me she was surprised herself, saying it must have been the durian. She noticed all the durians here are the good ones, the expensive ones. Usually in Malaysia my umi would only take the not so nice ones and keep it to make tempoyak. So yeah. The tempoyak I have now is . And I don't think I can alter it to make it masam like how tempoyak should be. But ah well, at least Ive got to have my ikan patin tempoyak, although it doesn't even come close to the one in Temerloh. Can't wait to go back and serang the kedai!

Just a short update on what Ive been up to. Since January, after we got back from our holiday trip, Ive been busy sewing! Ive got about 6 dresses to be ready by April, before I go back. And not forget some other minor alterations that Ive got piling in my "IN" basket. And Im pretty sure I can't finish it. Kind of frustrated, but will try hard to at least finish 3, so I won't have to much work when I got back. I actually can finish it by April, if I haven't been sick all the time in February. The weather was too hot for me, and basically I got major headaches most of the time. So yeah. Now Im cramming my time to finish this one particular baju for a friend, and Im supposed to get it ready last month! Im so glad she was so understanding and told me she can wait until end of March. Thank God! And oh, I can kiss goodbye on making some new baju for myself now. Maybe I should just bring the material home and ask my tailor to make it for me instead! haha And Ive got a nice soft blue vintage pleated chiffon fabric I bought in Brisbane, and was so looking forward to make a skirt for me and also Aisyah. I guess Id bring that back too and make it at home WITH Aisyah instead, since she tweeted the other day she made a skirt herself. So basically she can sew now! I hope :p

So yeah, that's about it for now. Im off to finish of more sewing for the day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby, I love you.

In about four months time, it will mark 3 years of our marriage. Pretty scary yet exciting at the same time. I wouldn't say Ive learnt all about Syed just yet. I think I''m getting to know him better in a way, and have been discovering new things about him that I didn't know about until now. That's the exciting part. The scary part would be, sometimes I think I don't know how much I can handle it hehe I would be lying if I tell you that I never get mad or go mad with him around. He does drives me crazy at times, but let not forget that he makes me crazily happy most of the time. So yeah, basically I'll just forget all the petty petty stuff and think of happy moments. And it helps of course! If not, I would not still be here, no?

I'm getting the hang of having him around. Its funny when we went for a short holiday over the weekend with friends, and I ended up sharing a room with a girl friend instead of him, I couldn't sleep! Please lah, only one night and I was restless. Sheeshhh. I was so relieved when the next day my friend (she's married with 3 kids btw) decided we should exchange rooms, so I get to sleep with hubby the next night! Yay me! Don't ask me why the weird sleeping arrangements, it really doesn't make any sense, but yeah, they finally figured out soon enough.

Once, I told hubby it would be kind of weird when we have children. Because we're so used to be just the two of us, so having kids would be a major change for us. He said we'd adjust. Yeah, we'd adjust.

So far, I've spent 3 Rayas with him already, and I haven't really adjust to the fact that I'm married and Im supposed to follow wherever he goes instead of running back to my own kampung and the arms of my parents and family. Honestly he did suggested that we separate our ways during raya, yes, we're that badddddd. I was so tempted to his idea and ready to give in, until I put my head straight. It would have looked bad if we did that wouldn't it? People would talk and say bad things. And Im pretty sure my nenek will kill me if we did that hehe But anyhow, no, we did not go with the plan. We stuck together, traveled back and forth from Kuala Terengganu to Besut so both of us would be able to spend raya with our loved ones, even though had to rush and what not, but yeah. You can't have it all. Have to make way for new things. Im still learning to adapt and adjust. No matter how hard it is. And that my friend, was the only one Raya that we were able to celebrate in Malaysia.
Could not imagine if I had to go through with it like that every year to be honest! I'd rather celebrate Raya here instead of going back, because it seems fair to me, no one gets to pick which kampung we'd be on the first day of Raya, or malam Raya. Yes, Im that selfish.

So basically, Im blessed with a husband like Syed. We have our ups and downs, but we know we have a lot more to come. I know we do. To a great, nearly 3 years of marriage, and to another wonderful years together sayang! I love you! And thank you for being very, very, very patient with me. Yes, I can be difficult at times, mind you ;p

Eh awal pulak nak tulis-tulis mcm ni, macam dah anniversary. hehe just in case, tgh ada mood, better write it down before the mood's gone again!