Friday, December 12, 2008

Special Announcement : CHEAP PERFUMES FOR SALE

I went to the halal butcher today since hubby wanted to eat the Honey & Rosemary marinated lamb, which I dont know how to do!

After that, I went to walk along the row of shops outside of Wollies, and I found a chemist warehouse. I was attracted to the big ad in front of the shop that says...


Oohhhhhh. Menarik!

Its a bargain I tell youuuuuuu!

Initially wanted to buy the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea because it was sooooo cheap! $18 je ok. Can u imagine? Then I saw my all time favourite perfume, which I never get for myself, and I dont know why. Oh wait, yes I do know why. Its expensive! Kat Malaysia around RM300, gila ke? So I thought, Ok ni boleh beli nih. YES!

Until I saw the perfume Hakeem had been eyeing for years. Thanks to my addiction in magazines, got the miniature of the Versace Eau Fraiche for Men, and he loves it. Try cari kat kedai, takde. Then, later last month he found one, tatau kat mana, tapi mahal, for around RM300 for, im guessing 100ml?

So anyways, bought the Versace for Hakeem instead sebab teringat kat dia, and its super cheap! Its around RM160 je for 100ml!

So guys! If you wanna get a great deal on perfumes, let me know k. Im listing a few of the perfumes with the prices, tapi the list tak byk, sbb these are all listed in the brochure, and I cant really remember what other perfumes there are, sebab banyakkkkk! And cheapoooo tooo! Hehe

  • Yardley Magnolia 125ml edt -- RM30
  • Elizabeth Arden True Love 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers 100ml edt -- RM45
  • Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty 100ml edp -- RM60
  • Elizabeth Arden Splendour 125ml edp -- RM60
  • Elizabeth Arden Red Door 100ml edt -- RM75
  • Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 125ml edp -- RM80
  • CK Be 50ml edt -- RM80
  • CK One 50ml edt -- RM80
  • CK Crave 75ml -- RM90
  • CK Eternity for Men 100ml edt -- RM135
  • Versace Red Jeans 75ml -- RM80
  • Versace Blue Jean 75ml -- RM80
  • Versace Eau Fraiche for Men 50ml -- RM130
  • Versace Eau Fraice for Men 100ml -- RM160 (Yes, buying 100ml is much cheaper!) -Very2 nice!
  • Versace Bright Crystal for Women 50ml edt -- RM135
  • Versace Bright Crystal for Women 100ml edt -- will check the price later if anyone is interested since I dont have the price at the moment
  • Britney Spears Curious 50ml edp -- RM80
  • Britney Spears Fantasy Midnight 100ml edp -- RM120
  • Britney Spears Fantasy 50ml edp -- RM90
  • Britney Spears Fantasy 100ml edp -- RM120
  • Britney Spears Believe 50ml edp -- RM105
  • Davidoff Cool Water for Men 125ml edt -- RM115
  • Davidoff Cool Water for Women 100ml edt -- RM115
  • Davidoff Echo Woman 100ml edp -- RM135

These are the only ones listed in the brochure. But I remember the perfumes available such as:

  • Lancome Miracle
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Bvlgari
  • Gucci
  • YSL (Cheapp! But cant remember the prices)
  • Sarah Jesicca Parker
  • Hillary Duff
  • Giorgio Armani
  • DKNY
  • Burberry
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Dolce & Gabbana

These are all that I can remember for now. So IF there's any that you want me to check out specifically, Im glad to help, and buy it for you! Hehe

Dont worry about the shipping from Aussie to Msia. Ive checked, and insyallah the price should be around RM10-15 only for each bottle. Andddd if I can get my friend to bring back some when she's going back to Msia after Christmas, most prob I can reduce the price of shipping! :D

Please bear in mind, the sale will be on until 19 Dec je, after that, might still be cheap compared to retail price, but not this cheap! So, if you are interested, you can order until Friday 19 Dec before 2pm because if there's any orders left, I might go there again after 2pm, and get something for me as well ;)

Interested, email me at

So darlings, spread the loveeeee!

So excited, because I loveeeeeeeeeeee perfumes! Rasa nak beli je semua! hehe

Oh how I love christmas sale...


iezu said...

akan ku survey perfume yg ku mau dan akan ku kirim padamu! ahaha

Miera said...

hehe.if u shop during boxing day.lagi murah taw.

Anonymous said...

bru skrg u're telling that fragrance on sale.
chit, lps sy bru bli.
ah nvm, I get one at good pricelah.
Tp, sy tk puas ht lg neh.
eh, yg sy mao tu, brp hrg?

sarah pahmi said...

din: sila2 hehe if i can get better deal than those listed, ill let u know!

miera: tu laa i know. but i dont think i can bear the chaos. tgk lah if hubby wants to go out that day hehe

adam: ape yg awk mau? list byk sgt lah! i dont remember everything u know...

melissa mazlan said...

sara darling~~
nak kirim!!
nak bank in duit camne?=p

sarah pahmi said...

boleh je. acc maybank kite boleh. nk perfume ape?

melissa mazlan said...

CK Crave 75ml..encik aliff kirim=p
nnt msg kita ur acc no eyh=)

Miss H said...

alaaa i baru je beli hugo. tade duit laaa. next time la bile i dah ade duit.

btw sar SJP ada satu tu best tapi i lupe yg mane satu. i recommedn utk u la, now i dont have $$.

afifa said...

omg murah nyeeeeeee..i nak davidoff echo sis just bought me sjp lovely from sydney..murah okay!half price compared to msia punya

sarah pahmi said...

mel: okayyyy no worries!

miss H: OMG chinnn! i ingat sape td! haha SJP? lovely tu ke? i tak pnah try pun tp bottle die sgt lah tempting! haha

afifa: murahhh kannnnn! tu laa i gilaaa tu rasa nk beli sume. half price! if compare to msia laa. ok babe, echo on d wayyy.

Miss H said...

fine faaaaaa apesal kite ni perfum pun tade lah different, i sukeeee echo jugaaaak. sarah hutang boleh HA-HA-HA.

hhaah, sjp lovely. best gile! sikit lagi rase macam sarah jessica parker!

sarah pahmi said...

chinn: haha boleh kottt??? i hutang syed lah mcm ni. nk ape?
skit lg rasa mcm sjp? ermm okayyyyyy haha

afifa said...

i nak echooooooooo...i sebut dgn sound effect sekali make sure u buy for's sooo cheap, tak manis kalau tak to pay u sarr?or abang syed?hihi

tak sabar nyeee..i nak pakai 2 perfumes in one time...i dont care...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

sarah pahmi said...

haha suke hati u lah fa nk spray 10 perfume in one time pun boleh. acc maybank i lah k? i sms no nnt. pick up at my hse bila sampai msia nnt boleh? hehe

afifa said...

of course bole sarah :)..thanksssss

afifa said...

of course bole sarah :)..thanksssss

missfifi said...

hiye. menarik nye post ni. baru discover ur blog. yg sarah jesica parker lovely tu brape yer? sempat lagi tak nak booking ngn awk?