Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update on Perfumes for Sale

Hello people. Bought the perfumes ordered! Yeayyy!

Penat jugak lah, sbb ade org tu takleh make up her mind! ;p
Kejap2 suh check perfume lain ehehehehe

Newayyy, I have some bad news. My friend canceled his plan to go back to Msia for Christmas. Dont ask me why, I pun tatau. Dah penat2 check price ticket for him, tiba2 tak jadi pulak. Oh hubby lah yg cari ticket, and its his friend anyway ehehehe but still kenal dia, can be considered as my friend jugk kan?

So, there will be postage fees like Ive mentioned before. RM15 for each order k? Not each perfume dont worry ;)

IF there's any more order, please let me know ASAP by this Friday k? Thanks!

When I receive all payments, will post it to Malaysia.



.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

hai sarah.. hurm,, lately I noticed that you are very active in blogging.. so I tagged you with something. feel free to do it ya.. blh la knal2.. hehe

sorry 4 inconvenience


nobi said...

hi there...ni nk tanye ni pasal perfume...yg mane u recommend utk gal?..which one yg bes?...las friday ek?...juz email me back at alep1213@yahoo.com

thx ya!

sarah pahmi said...

yana: sure, i'll try to do it sometime later.

nobi: hehe