Monday, December 1, 2008

Takziah, and AlFatihah again...

Dearest all,

As most of you know now, my uncle passed away last week.

And some may have known, and now will know, that my friend Fatimah had lost her sister this morning.

I received the news via SMS from Aizuddin. I was in bed, bergolek2 malas nak bangun. When I read the msg, I cried.

I remember the last time I saw arwah. It was a few weeks before my wedding. I went to Fatimah's house to give out the invitation card. Arwah was not feeling well. Fatimah told me that arwah had been having fever very often. I said, "Kakak awk busy sgt keje kot." "Tu lah. Maybe laa". Arwah was so skinny when I saw her that night. She was having dinner and I stayed in the kitchen for a while to talk to arwah and Fatimah. And I didnt see her anymore after that.

Then, last month I had a chat with Fatimah. She was quite worried with her sister's health. She said arwah had been sick again, and this time it was more serious. And arwah had to be warded. She also took blood test, and on the day I chatted with Fatimah, the result hasnt come yet. So I didnt know anything. Fatimah was afraid. You see, she had lost her eldest sister too, when we were around 11 or 12 yrs old. Ididnt know her that well to feel her lost. Now I do. Fatimah said she dont want history to repeat itself. She told me she's not that strong. I told her to pray, and she has to be strong. For her sister and to her parents.

A few weeks later, I was online again, and Fatimah. We exchanged our latest news and what not, and I asked her about her sister. She didnt say much. But she said arwah is fine now.

And today, it was heartbreaking to read the SMS. All I could think of is Fatimah. I hope she is strong. I hope she's prepared. I wish I could hug her, and comfort her, and cry with her. I miss her.

I tried to call her mobile, but of course no answer. It was 11am and im guessing she's busy with the funeral. So I smsed her instead. I hope she gets my sms. Im worried on how she's doing. Dear friends who went to the tahlil, please let me know how she and her family are doing.

I miss aunty too. I really2 hope everything is OK back home.

So its two death in 1 week. And all I can do is to sedekah Al Fatihah. And hubby read the Tahlil and Yasin for arwah Uncle Syed last Thursday.

May both rest in peace.

Al Fatihah.

Note: Din, thank you for informing me. Baya, although Im far away, I do care for all the people I know back home. And its important for me to know if there's anything wrong, eventhough I cant be there, but I will always "be there". I hope you understand.


h a n e y s a said...

omg sara ini sangat sedih...

al fatihah.

Faeeza said...

takziah 4 ur frens n ur aunty's ur uncle's name, mcm familiar to my famly cuz i have an aunty,Syarifah Nor Alsagoff. but never heard any news abt it la..hopefully diff uncle of mine..Al-Fatihah..

Iezu said...

saya x tau fatimah nye eldest sis passed away ms skola rendah. both of her sis died of the same thing ke?

and ur wlcme. i knw u'd do the same for me too..

sarah pahmi said...

chinn: yeap. sgt sedih.

faeeza: thanks faeeza. oh ye ke? if she's from singapore, maybe related. coz tak ramai rasanya. shud ask her. she's ur immediate aunty ke? or ur uncle kawin dgn dia?

din: ha'ah dulu 3 siblings. i think sama lah. cant remember. but fatimah mentioned about her eldest sis when i spoke to her the other day, ckp mcm sama case.