Friday, December 19, 2008

Perfumes for Sale: Orders Closed

Sorry people.

There's no more sale. It ends today, so all those super-super cheap perfumes are no more super-super cheap. Even the christmas sale at all other perfumes shop and dept stores doesnt even come close to the price that Ive managed to get you guys. *tsk*

But im thinking I might be doing this for a while later. Ive compared the prices here and in Msia, so far it looks good ;D (Even when they're not on sale, you guys can still save some money!)
Insyallah if no aral-melintang, and I wont loose money, andddddd make some money for myself hehehe Possible right???

FYI, I did not make any money out of this. Hubby was furious! Hehehehe I think I might loose some since there's a possibility the shipping cost might get higher than I thought. YIKES!

Anyways, IF Im going to do this...

There's a few things I have to consider though such as shipping costs, and probs that might occur. Since its perfumes, very fragile, so I need to see how this first box goes when it arrives in Msia.
This first try, Im shipping the whole lot to my hse since I have 2 bottles for my brother and dad, and a few stuff for my adik2, so it would just be fair and easier that way.

So, if anyone had ever purchased perfumes online, and got them delived by post, can you advice me how they pack the perfume? Or do they simply just wrap the perfume box, and post it? Without any other extra packaging, like bubble wrap ke??? Hehehhehe Sorry laa saya baru belajar, agak clueless ;p

Have a great weekend people!

p/s Miss Ifi Fifi, if you are reading this, I just got back from my last trip to buy the perfumes when I got ur msg. Very sorry! But keep on reading here, I MIGHT advertise again ;)


.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

hi sarah,
sy pnh beli kat as for skin care dorang xcharge pun shipping. for perfumes 10% charge. dorang letak dlm kotak lain n dlm tu ade polystrine or kdg2 bubble wrap. bagi penuh kotak. cmtu la dorang anta..

sorry kalau xmembantu..


missfifi said...

hi sarah,

okie dokie. nant ade lagi brg2 best jgn lupe advertise yer. :)

sarah pahmi said...

hi yana. thanks! sgt membantu :)

missfifi: okay! :)