Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how we became us now

I remember the first time I saw him.

It was yearssssss ago, when I just got in into UTP. Back then I was still in a relaltionship and him, I think so too. He's a friend of Ealya, which is my new friend I made in UTP, and one night he came to our hostel to meet up with Ealya, to welcome her to UTP i guess? They've never met, just known each other tru "cyberworld" back in Terengganu so he never knew how Ealya looked like.

And all of us, 6 if im not mistake (Me, Ealya, Zu, Afifa, Haney, and Ziana), waited for him in our pajamas at our block. Me and Zu just finished our laundry, and we were actually on our way to our room with a big basket full of clothes, when Ealya stopped us, and asked us to "teman" her. So we agreed, mischievously, because we planned to play a trick on him.

When he arrived, he got out of the car, and walked to us, and asked us for Ealya. And I seriously couldnt remember who said this, "Oh, guess laa which one of us is Ealya", and he suddenly looked nervous. And at this moment, I remember he looked at me, (most probably wishing I was Ealya? ;p), and gave a hopeful look, but I just smiled. We gave him a hard time for a minute or so, then gave in.

Years later after that incident, we never actually officially meet. No one introduce us! Hehe

One night, in 2004, I followed Ealya with her friend for dinner at a restaurant outside UTP, and there he was at the same restaurant with his friends. They were having dinner, and karaoke. Obviously I remember him (not that I like him at that time YET =p). He got up and sang "Jemu", which i seriously cant remember what song is that. It was hilarious! As far as i remember lah kan. And me and Ealya laughed our hearts out! ehehe sorry sayang. So to make the story short, when I got up to leave, we kindda had an eye contact, and amazingly he smiled at me. So I smiled back. Tak baik lah pulak kan reject org senyum kt kite? ;) On our journey back to UTP, Ealya received a call from him, he asked her who I was and he said, "mintak kirim salam to ur friend". ehehehehehe

That's how we "officially" met.

A year later, FINALLY he made a move.

our second or third date, kena kacau dgn org, and they took a pic!

p/s just ignore what i was doing, ok?

I went to watch him play football. See the date! We've just started going out a few weeks


I was chatting with Jack aka Kephen today, and I was telling him about the slideshow that I uploaded here. And this is what he said.

kephen: hensem gak husband u tu eh

eh silap. not this one. =p

kephen: comel sgt korang dah kawinnn

Sarah: ehehehe
tak sangka kan?

kephen: itu laaa
suddenly i teringat satu malam tu
masa tu korang belum kuar sama2 lagi
ktorang duk la bakar jusoh "alah jusoh komon la kalau suke tu ajak je la kuar. ko cuak ape"
i siap ckp kalau takut sgt nk ajak u kuar meh i bwk korang sume (u ealya ziana) kuar pastu suh die datang
now u guys are married

Sarah: hehe
seriously die takut sampai camtu?
i wanna post this!

kephen: ha lah

Sarah: haha

kephen: sampai ktorang fedap

Sarah: ahh well, takut2 kawin jugak

kephen: haha
tu la
transformation tuh

So there.

So, after being pushed and di"bakar2" by his friends, we finally went out, and after 3 years of being inseparable , we got married. =)

p/s sayang, jgn marah sara ye... hehe

Monday, July 28, 2008



Enjoy! =D



Ive been trying to upload my slideshow video of my nikah thousands of times dh kat sini. Whyyyy bila nk dkt habis upload je ade error??? I've converted the file type, still tak boleh jugak ke????

Geram. Geram.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hi everyone.

This is my husband, Syed Ahmad Khairi Syed Othman.
He left for Terengganu this morning. So im husbandless at the moment, until next week.

Encik hubby sengih2 bukak present.


p/s Please visit my aunt (kot?), Samirah's blog. She uploaded some of the nikah pics hehe

Sorry ye I dont have the pics with me YET.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today is the 4th day for me as a wife.

My husband is still sleeping hehe so that's why I have time to blog.

Chinn reminded me to update here when she kissed me goodbye on my reception. Yes dear, so here I am.

I guess many would wonder how my life is after the akad. To be honest, there isnt much of a change. Only now I have to cater to someone else's need lah pulak kan. I have to always remind myself whether he had his drink yet, food, his clothes, laundry etc. Ni belum duduk sendiri lagi ni...

Let me start from the day after reception.


Woke up around 9am, took bath, breakfast with dad, hubby and uncle. Opened the presents! Hehe

This is the first batch of the gifts. There's still a few more in the cars.

And here's some of the best wrapped gifts we received! Hehe

I was so impressed with all the nicely wrapped gifts! Hehe

And here I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came, and the presents and also the angpows! Hehe thank you very2 much!!! All of you are the greatest!

I will write about what happened on my nikah and also the reception, with pictures. And ohhhh, I have a slideshow of my akad nikah. Will try to upload it here, of FB or Friendster ye. It was actually meant to be shown at the reception, unfortunately ade org lupa bwk laptop! Soooooo sedihhhhh...

Monday, July 14, 2008

And here's my list

Atas permintaan ramai...

Honestly, I dont really know what I want or need.
So Im just gonna list a few things, that might be what we need later on, or wuteva. As if all my guests will read my blog hehe but hey, Im going to have some fun while doing this k. Dont judge me!

1. You babes already know, and u guys are buying it! YEAYY! haha (Yes darlings, it's on top of my list at the moment =p )

2. Cash. Ehehehe seriously, to start a family, and after spending all that money for the wedding, that's what we're wishing right now, more CASH! haha

3. Kitchen appliances.
- Kettle
- Toaster
*With universal adapter or something like that pleaseeee. You'll never know where you're going to end up living after kawin, rite? *wink wink*

4. Electrical appliances.
- Hairdryer ehehehhehee
- Iron. This one, seriously.
- DVD player? ahahaha
*Again, all with that universal thingy, IF possible hehehehe

5. Cash. Again. hehe

6. Queen-sized bedsheets maybe?

And that is all. Maybe.

The first wedding gift I received

This morning after shower, I went upstairs for breakfast and there I saw lying on the coffee table, this...

I didnt know from who, but when I saw on the right-hand side written New Zealand Post, I smiled. Quickly, I turned the package to read the sender's name, although I already knew. It wrote Suraya Akbar, Wellington.

I opened the package. And there...

The card is lovely, and inserted there's a "short, very sweet note" from her.

Suraya wrote,

for my childhood friend, Sarah...

I may not be your closest clique, but we have had our set of adventure when we were little =) So you are indeed special to me. I've never really thought you'd be one of the first to be married. Nevertheless I am thrilled!

Hey, dont be nervous... for what you are about to endure is a lifetime of happiness. Imagine a man is taking a vow to love you every second of everyday... in fact, to love you for who you are.

Imagine having a hand to hold that is yours. Imagine your heart belonging to someone to hold with care and love.

Imagine waking up everyday beside the one you care deeply for. Imagine saying goodnight and wishing him good morning. Imagine the time when he introduce you as his wife. You will be the QUEEN of his heart, no one else.

The journey you are about to take is a lovely one to look forward to. You now have something to hold on to in case you fall, a hand to hold in case you're sad and a friend to share your laughter & joy with...

So look forward to it. Pay little attention to your possible weaknesses as a wife, after all you are young. You have your lifetime to learn.

As for now, celebrate love, celebrate that you have been blessed with a wonderful (not to mention, HANDSOME) man... in addition to your gorgeous family.

I wish you nothing but the best as a w.i.f.e =) and I hope your wedding goes well. Post pictures @ FB hehe...

This is the only contribution from me for your joyous day. I wish ever so badly that I could be there and celebrate with you.

Best wishes & good luck, Sarah & Fiance.

Lots & lots of love,
Suraya Akbar
June 2008

My dear Su, it was gorgeous! I had tears and all smiled up while I was reading it. It was beautiful, and I love it. And the book! Love it, love it, love it!
Thank you sooo much for the gift. Now I feel sad I wont be able to see you at my wedding...
Take good care of yourself, and see you when you're in Malaysia.

Happy Birthday Muhammad!


in 4 DAYS!!!

Again, ppl keep asking me how's the prep? And I would just simply answered back, "OK", or "Entah laa, ok kot".

If u wanna how how OK it will be, wait until Saturday.

I hope everything goes well.

Btw, thnx Din for the songs. hehehehe

I am excited. I hope I GLOW on that day haha. Seriously. I dont want to look drained and kusam. I have not managed to get enough sleep, YET. And im always dehydrated. Whyyyyyyyyyy? And my dad keep on bising2 with my "complexion yg sangat teruk". Is it that bad???

Anyhow, the family just got back from Jakarta. And all of us who was left behind can see how much fun they had shopping there. Thank god ada barang untuk kami semua juga! hehe And hajar bought lotssssss of DVDs, especially TV Series. I think she bought almost 100 DVDs. Gila. Bila kite ade time nk tgk nyeeeee???

And oh yeah, Happy Birthday Muhammad!!!
Hari ni dh 10 tahun. Kena act like 10 YEARS OLD ye, bukan 10 MONTHS OLD! Heh.
(As if he reads my blog. Mek Cah, tlg sampaikn pesan =p )

Monday, July 7, 2008


Hajar arrived Saturday. Went to LCCT to pick her up. (Yup, she flew in AirAsia from Gold Coast). So happy to see her, sampai tears sempat keluar sekejap when i saw her (Sarah, sikit2 nk nangis! Teruk betul!)

Anywayyyy, she bought me some wedding pressies (ehehehehhe) and also a gorgeous pair of skinny, in grey! Yeayyyyy. I want to post the pic of me wearing it later. I nvr thought it wud look OK for me to wear skinny, because of my body type. But hey, when i tried those on (after a few trial lah jugak since ehem ehem sikit hehehehhe), it fit nicely and tak lah rempit sangat! haha eventho syed did said i look like a rempit. Damn.

Saturday was a bit of a shopping day, for syed that is. We bought some stuff for his hantaran. So the shopping was mostly for him, and I brought nothing for myself. So sad =(

BUT, saw a gorgeous Florsheim shoes, a bit similar like my old pretty fit shoe which i really loved but had to throw them away.
So this week's goal would be...
BUY THAT SHOE! hhehehe
*note to self: It is necessary. I WILL be needing it. Haha So no need to feel that guilty of spending the money on something else rather than brg penting utk kawin. Opss!

Did a checklist for Hajar to do. A loooong one hehe


Lagi 11 hari. Sakit perut.