Tuesday, November 11, 2008

what I like, and what I don't like, and something funny

Dearest readers,

Today it says,


Yahoo Malaysia punya headlight for the day. Wahhh! Teringin makan roti canai! And teh tarik. And Nasi Kandar! *sobbb* And semua lah! Burger King, MCD, KFC... (air liur dah meleleh)

Ok, stop it.

I was browsing friendster, yeap, i still do that sometimes bila facebook dh takde benda menarik (i.e no new notifications, no one wants to write on my wall, etc), and came by to a friend of mine. Tak rapat pn, tp kawan lah jugak time skolah2 dulu. So baca lah blog dia as well, as i saw a link. Before the page is uploaded, I knew what to expect. But seriously? I mean seriously? Haih, I dont want to say too much, but seriously?

I know I am no one to judge anyone, but seriously? And I came across another friend the other day, who has flikr, and I have no idea why I opened it. Somehow I know what's coming, and I thought maybe I would be wrong. But oh boy, I was totally right! Oh hell, it was junk. Really. But I read her blog once. Its not that bad though.

Sometimes I feel bad even thinking about it, but now Im writing about it! Teruk gila. Rasa macam, what the hell is **** thinking??? But bear with me people, I have no one to mengumpat with haha!

Ok, enought of cakap tidak baik.

Last night I spent hours online blog hopping. I clicked to this and that blogs, and it was ALL GOOD! I had stomach cramps because I laughed so hard, and so silently. Encik hubby is snoring (literally) in the bedroom, so tak baik lah buat bising :p
Anyways, I was so impressed because all the blogs I read was Malaysian, and all of them uses Bahasa, in full. I know lots who wrote in English, and my sister also used to blog in English. But now, she's come up to the next level, which is both English and Bahasa hehe. Why Im impressed? Because I dont know how to write a perfect sentence in Bahasa. Karangan dulu pun bole lah sikit2. But to express myself, and blog is so difficult in Bahasa. To me, that is. I know Im not THAT good in English either. But Im much comfortable in English. Honestly, ckp dlm hati pn speaking. Sms, English most of the time. Kalau marah pn Im more to English. Kalau BM, mcm susah je? Gila gedik kan?

But I do want to blog in Bahasa. Sometimes it sounded much cooler, and funnier. I think I had a few that I wrote in Bahasa, but not full. So must try to write one next time FULL. Kalau boleh nk selitkan peribahasa dan pantun sekali. Ye lah tu.


I've had enough of people asking me, "Sekarang pukul berapa kat sana?". Tapi I did the same all the time, both to my sister (she's in Brisbane btw, IN THE SAME COUNTRY! pun berjuta kali nak tanya) and my brother (Moscow). I know both time differences, but I still asked sometimes anyway. Weird isnt it? Why lah?


I googled my name for the first time. But I didnt googled full name. Just my not-so-famous-but-everyone-knows-me-by-that name. So yadaa yadaa yadaa, the usual results of facebook, my blog, and friendster. But when I scrolled down some more, and I saw this!

Small Brow Shader 23
The secret to natural brow coloring. Pure pahmi hair ensures a firm, yet flexible touch for fine-tuned application and blending.


Damn funny. Pahmi hair... kih kih kih kih kih. I am never ever going to buy that brush!
If my Dad reads this, I couldnt imagine his face. Hi Ayah! :D


h a n e y s a said...

sarah u OBVIOUSLY tade keje eh sane?

btw ape ni seriously2 ni, cite lah betul2 berlapik-lapik readers mcm (i) intrigue nak tau pasal ape tau. isssh, dah ym i cepat cite. (hehe now i yang OBVIOUSLY tade keje)

btw, kalau u join kitrg hang out, u should, i repeat, should, update yourself with blog2 melayu. sbb nnt u taknak jadi mcm zaza terpinga-pinga tak tau kitrg cakap pasal ape. kesian jugak die (NOT).

OK sar, nak convert pdf lagi! hehehehe...

ps sane pukul berape. and ops, terpanjang pulak comment mcm satu new entry.

h a n e y s a said...

oh lagi satu, i google haneysa, ade keluar that i am indeed one kind of a dog! wtf!

ieja said...
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ieja said...

thanksss sarah!!!! thats very thoughtful of you =)

btw wahh best gila you're married & you're in Perth!!
honeymoon all the time k?
have fun dekat sanaaa!!

p/s: i linked your blog tau. I hope you dont mind =)

hadi said...

hadi lagi byk baca blog bahasa dr blog english senanye.
dia punya feel lain. ada yg lawak sampai boleh bawak tidur gelak dia.

Aisyah said...

haha xD

sarah pahmi said...

haneysa: as discussed. i am currently updating myself to all the blog2 melayu dan seumpamanya. i terleft out jauh kat sini is enough. so being terpinga2 while u guys talk about inside joke will hurt so deeply. btw zaza mmg slalu terpinga pun, tak kesian. I know zaza tak baca blog i haha

since u punya comment panjang, apa kata next time u tuliskn satu entry utk i. contribution YG IKHLAS.

haneysa, one kind of a dog? hhmmmmm (ahahahahaha!)

ieja: ur most welcome. do excellent! :D best? best lah jugak haha will definately be having a great time while im here. and sure2 boleh saje. and i pun nk link urs. yeayy!

hadi: cantik! gelak suka hati kan? ha'ah feel die lain. baru perasan. Mine takde feel langsung. Keras! tapi adaorg meleleh jugk air mata :p

semek cah: thank god u laughed! syed tak gelak sikit pun! oh tapi awk lack sense of humor. dammit!