Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family in Perth

They're hereeeee!!!

Kami gembira bila kami ada each other ;p

They arrived on monday at 5.30am.

And yesterday we went to the Zoo! haha We had a blast looking at all those animals. The boys were so excited, since they've never been to the zoo. Especially Iman.

I am truly happy and blessed that my family is here.

And last night, Umi cooked us Ikan Merah Asam Pedas. Sedaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppp!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

an update on what Ive been up to

I have no idea what to bloggggg!!!

Ive been busy doing research on places to visit when my family comes, planning the itinerary, looking for cars to rent, making budget, and lets not forget, all the cleaning in the world before they arrive! haha

Dad just texted me saying they've received their ETA. And Hakeem's flight had to be changed to 7th June because he has exams before that. So he'll be here for 10 days instead of 23 days. And I had to reschedule a road trip plan to the last weekend they're here so that Hakeem can join us. And I also had to change our original plan to rent a Tarago to 2 cars instead because 9 people can't fit into a Tarago. And here's not like Malaysia where you can squeeze in or have your berat adik on your lap for the entire journey.

And my aunt and 2 uncles is here, 1 for work and 2 on holiday. And most probably meeting them for dinner tonight, and maybe a coffee and dessert at our place later.

So busy lah. No time. No time.

Oh yeah, Im not a babysitter anymore. I lasted for only 2 weeks! haha
Got some problems, so I quit! :p

Friday, May 15, 2009

school holiday will commence in 1 weeks time.

My family will all (except Hajar and Hadi) be here in Perth on the 25 May. And they will be here until 17 June!!!

Lama kan?

I cant wait. I need some comfort and family lovin'.

Monday, May 11, 2009

baby talks

I read Nicole Richie is pregnant again.

And I thought to myself, how easy can it get? I mean, everyone is pregnant, or just had a baby. Most of the people that got married, a month or so later, the wife's expecting. And most of them did not even expect it nor plan it.

Salma Hayek was on Oprah just now, talking about her baby. She's 43 and just had a baby. She said its the perfect time for her. She said she didnt expect it to be so soon as well, as of her age. She thought she might have to work on it, but then she's just got pregnant. Wow, it's that easy huh?

I always tell someone who's pregnant, "Lucky you." And that person would say, "Lucky you too. You get to have all the time you want, all the honeymoon, until you're ready." And I thought to myself, "Yeah. Maybe." I know. I should be grateful with whatever I have or dont have.

Its not to say that we've been trying for so long. We just tried. But I guess with no rezeki just yet. I get frustrated easily now whenever I got my period. I thought it would be easy, just like other people. Like Nicole Richie and Salma Hayek. And whenever I voiced out my frustration, hubby would calm me down and say, "Takpe laa, takde rezeki lagi. Nanti Tuhan nak bagi, dia bagi laa." Of course I would cry again.

Now, I cant imagine what other people who has been trying for years, would feel.

Our friends here are constantly praying that I'd "jangkit" whenever Im holding a baby. So yeah, sometimes its a pressure when people say that, but deep down Id be praying that I would get "berjangkit"!

Some chose not to have a baby yet. And we did decided to wait for a while. And now we are ready. We think we are. And we are trying. And trying.

I promised myself not to cry anymore, or get too emotional if things doesnt go as what I have hoped for. I promised myself to just enjoy with whatever I have, and the freedom that both of us are having right now. Some people would envy us, yeah. And we envy them.

I dont know why I want a baby so much right now. I guess its the maternal instinct?
I dont know.
Hubby wants it too. I guess we would feel more complete with a little junior of our own. I cant imagine what it would feel like, to bring another human being to this world, to raise and to teach a child. And I guess we also need that kind of responsibility, to remind ourselves, that its not only just us that we have to think about. We need to mature.

I know. We make plans, but things doesnt necessarily go as planned. And I know, God has better plans for us.

Its not easy for me to actually write about this so publicly. Its too personal. But at some point I thought, I should get this out of my system. I need to get it out. Maybe I can get a little bit of consolation from you guys. And some words of wisdom and inspiration perhaps.

p/s My cousin who got married a few weeks after us is now a father to a baby boy, Edrian. His wife delivered on 8th May 2009, a month earlier than expected. Congratulations!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

he made my day. again and again

Sakit perut gelak.

I was in front of the laptop, and hubby came rushing out from the bedroom.

"Ok tak? Ok tak?" -- Hubby, sambil gelak2 sendiri.

"Ape? Haa ye" -- Me, without even looking at him.

"Ok tak? Tgk ni. Tgk nii." -- Hubby, again, excited.

Looks up.

Me: Ahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Guess what?

He wore my cekak yg gold and glitter-glitter. Sambil sengih2 perasan cantik.

"Cantik. Macam pondan." -- ME! (sambil gelak-gelak nak menangis)

Im going Super, in front of TV

Im gonna snack in front of the TV, about an hour after lunch.

And Im gonna snack THIS!

Posted by Picasa

It reminds me of zaman kanak-kanak and also Iman. Because he's always asking me to buy Super Ring for him.


Dont mind me snacking because Im alone again on a Sunday. Hubby just left to play football. *sigh*

I asked him to teman me at home. And guess what he said?

"Kan dah teman makan lunch kat luar tadi." Tahhh papeeeee tahhhh.
"And I have to play. Nak keep fit so that tak gemuk."
"Pastu Sara nii???"
"Sara takpe. Memang dah gemuk."


Friday, May 1, 2009

while watching Carrie

Finally its Friday. Im sooo tired.

Ive been busy. No internet, left home early and came back home later than hubby every single day since Tuesday.

So yeah. I have a job now.

Dont clap your hands and jump and go "Hurraaayy Sarah!" too soon. Because Im a babysitter now. Yeap. Not a fancy job. Just a babysitter. To a 6 years old and a 4 years old. Gosh. Speaking of instant kids eh?

This is nothing permanent. But I needed something to entertain myself, kill time and have some money in my pocket.

I have to travel 30 minutes taking a train and then a bus, and then walk to their house. And I have to be there before 8.30am because the kids has school at 8.40am. So I left my house at 7.45am every day, and amazingly I didnt doze off at all in the train nor the bus. Not even once. Maybe a yawn once in a while, but that's just it. If you know me, Im not a morning person. Not even a 10am person. Im a 11am. So yeah.

Im suprised myself. I didnt even take a nap or a 1-2 hours sleep while Im on duty. Ok fine, maybe the first day.

The kids are killing me. They never ever go tired. They want to watch TV, with me. So I couldnt escape at all. I couldnt even go to the bathroom without the little girl screaming my name and looking for me.

Its hard. But Im trying so hard to deal with it. I should be great with kids, right?

All said. Wish me luck for the next I dont know how many more weeks to come.