Monday, November 17, 2008

at Forrest Place

Like Ive mention last week, we were going to Forrest Place nearby our apartment to see Santa switch on the Christmas lights.

Thats my first time to see Santa in flesh. Yeah, i was somewhat excited. Dekat Malaysia manade Santa!

So here are the pictures that we took, which is way sikit btw. And there's no picture of both of us. There's one actually, but hubby made a hideous face, and it was all blurry. Haih. *geram je rase nak letak jugak*

And, yang ni..
That's the closest I can get to Santa.


h a n e y s a said...
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h a n e y s a said...

that's MY sarah!

haaa kan sweeet je pakai camtu. tudung-tudung grey UTP u tu letak dlm store je okay.

sarah pahmi said...

chinn! ur so mean! i mmg dh pakai camtu sejak kt msia kot :p

h a n e y s a said...

ye lah thats what i meant! u dh biase pakai cmtu tu i pelik kenape kat perth u pakai tudung grey? hari tu i tak tau nak pakai ape pegi planet (yg tak jadi) pastu zaza cakap
'u pakai la mcm sara, pakai top black pastu pakai tudung vavavoom'

seee?? seee???

sarah pahmi said...

haha ok ok. now i see it! zaza's so adorable haha