Friday, November 14, 2008

What have I become???

If you are wearing headscarves/hijab/tudung/headcovers, your highlight would be your scarf. Right?

A friend (dont know if I can actually say her name) commented on my latest, pemalas appearance. Lacking of attractiveness, she said, or something like that.

The first time I webcam-ed with her, the first thing she said was, "Sarr, what is wrong with your tudung?!?" Ohh fogive me darling, I was in a hurry was my reply. At that time, I was in a cybercafe. Then the next one came in. "Sarr, I think you should fix your this and that."

Alah, was it that bad? Do I look that bad, my dearest ****?

Then, a phone call (by me to her). Again, "Sarr, I tgk gamba u, view dh cun. Yang tak cun tudung u je. Dull." Alaaaaaaaaaaa, I malas! Then she asked the million AUD question, "This and that dah fix???" "Dah. Sikit." Damn. She's so persistent.

Told hubby what she said, and he said, "Tu lah. Asyik2 plain." ALAMAK!

I was once told myself, bila dah kawin, still nak put effort to look nice (pretty, cun or vavavoom) whenever I go out, especially with my husband. But after we moved here, kemalasan nak put effort tu membuak-buak. I only put on make up once in a while, if we were going out with other people, pegi BBQ rumah org etc. Tapiiiii kalau berdua je, malas nak mampus!

My alasan, again, was "Alaaa Syed tu slalu suruh cepat. So kena lah cepat. Nak cun kena lama sikit".

And again, another friend, was chatting with her commented on my latest pictures I uploaded in FB. "Lawa lah gamba baru u. View lawa sangat. Tapi nape u pakai slipper je???"

Ahahahahahaha. Seriously mmg nak avoid sangat2 to wear that. I never wear slippers/flip flop when I go out. Im always with my heels, or sandals. *sigh* Punye lah praying people wont comment on my slippers, skali ada jugak. And i did not expect that coming from her! Haha but thank you very much for that comment.

To tell you the truth, its not that I dont have nice shoes/sandals/heels etc, its just that when we arrived, it was early spring. The weather was still cold. I only brought my wedges and a brand new leather flats. I couldnt wear both because I had blisters, a real bad ones, because of that bloody flats. Ive worn it a few times back in KL, ok je! The whole time kat airport tak sakit pun. Sampai sini, luka2. And not just normal blisters yea people. There's blood everywhere! And it stained my flats with blood as well. The flat jadi keras. Not soft anymore. Sedih. I could not wear anything that might make the cuts even worse. So the next best thing was to buy and wear a flip flop.

So now, I am trying to be better. I wear much nicer attire now. Oh i forgot another thing, my sis Hajar commented something too when she came to Perth for Raya last month. "Bila nak dress up macam Aussie?" Yeah, I wore pakaian2 dari Malaysia yg dah tak cool. So I said, "Haa, tu kena tunggu shopping."

So again, now, I wear almost like what people here wear (to fit in, haha). Dah tak terlalu ke'Msian'an sangat ;p. And i am avoiding wearing my flip flop when i go out, unless i do grocery shopping, which requires me to walk very fast. I put on makeup more. At least compact powder, and gloss, even grocery shopping. Org sini, mana2 pegi sume makeup. Siap mascara & eyeliner! Jealous! And oh they dress up too!

My scarves? Still ada time malas. All my printed scarves are long ones, the shawl-ish type long. So only wear those bila ada banyak time to siap. Plus I get headaches if i wear the inner scarf (tak sanggup nak letak anak tudung, tp erk, letak jugak!) for too long.

*note-to-self: blk Msia, must buy more square scarves, and most importantly, PRINTED!*

Oh whoever knows where I can get the ala-ala anak tudung yg arab2 pakai tu, yg tak gatal2, not our typical anak tudung yg hitam, putih, kelabu etc tu, pls let me know. I saw some girls wear it. It looks like streachable cotton or something, and they come with variety of colors. Saya mahu cuba yang itu. Nak tahu gatal/pening ke tak kalau pakai.

Ok. Thank you. And thank you babes, for the terlalu jujur and tak berlapik langsung (:p) comments about me. Really appreciate it.

p/s Sweetie pie, i dah fix my this and that. And I think it looks better now ;p Nanti I share the after look with you yea haha

Love. In 2am in the morning.


zoo adorable(still) said...

yg comment on ur tudung tu chin ke?well im just curious hehe.

Suraya said...

Kiwis lagi la..tak pakai kasut langsung..akaka...well i totally understand that it's hot in aussie now kann...aussie tu amat panas..lalu flip flops itiew kebiasaan. hehehe...

haha i havent had an experience where ppl tegur my appearance (myb diorang takutkan i)..kalu tak sure i bitter gila, x boleh terima. aahaha..

awak semulajadi cantek, tadehal lahh..nnt balik msia beli tudung liplap2..biar sakit mata sket hubby awak..kui2...

Faeeza said...

ntah nye sarah, awk dh ckp cun pe.nk sobek mende nye lg :P?ahaaa, kt klate byk tudung cntik2.hehe.meh la shopg cni.ngeh2~

h a n e y s a said...

haah zu yg tegur sarah awal tu i lah. ape lah sarah takut2 nak letak name i.

saaaar i ade byk jumpe nice printed tudung (tapi size kecik ) sini murah je ok. rm10 -rm15 (nak lagi murah convert aud hahaha)

sarah pahmi said...
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sarah pahmi said...

zu not-adorable-anymore: ha'ah sape lg... hehe

sue: ha'ah laa sini pun diorg barefoot. gile hape? haha tu lah org tak takut ngn kite kot sue? tu psl sound tak ingat haha yeap2 impianku sekarang adalah utk membeli tudung liplap :D

faeeza: ehehehe nak gi pasar beli tudungggggg!!! nnt awk bwk sy jln eh kt KB nnt???

chinn: saje, nk sarcastic ngn u. bkn takut pun. i tak letak nama pun org bleh teka sape haha
haa i know. tp klau nk beli skrang bkn bleh dpt pun. kena tunggu blk msia jugak. unless org tu baik hati nk tlg postkn sampai sini. plus got no RM already in my bank acc haha
ohhh murahhhhhh kalau spend 50 dollars agak2 dpt berapa ribu tudung eh? hehe

Faeeza said...

boleee2~~ bli bj..tudung~~ best2 :D!!

h a n e y s a said...

sar, jangan belagak sgt dgn dgn 50 dollar u, u should be nervous tau, baju tak pick up lagi ni...

post sane? tengok la kalau i dah kejeee. btw u suke ke printed i, printed i garang2 ok color die. mcm tudung clubbing. haha!

.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

1stly i can say.. u mmg dah cun sarah.. plain? hehe.same here.. no1 tegur me yet.. but i sedar sendiri.. but most ppl said, i xfeminin.. daaa~ tudung printing licin and susah nk pkai.. i try belaja belit2.. huhuhu.. wasting my time..give up.. LOL :D

anyway.. u should try.. fighting!!