Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today is Wednesday

Its like every other day when i have nothing to do. And i have nothing to do practically everyday.

Woke up around ... (not gonna tell hehe), read bf's sms received 2 hours before regarding something, and the smses led to the conversation on the fact that he has another interview somewhere in damansara next week.

And that gave me a jump start. I promised him i'll start looking. I did. Browsed through the saturday Star last saturday (obviously) and made a "there's a possibility" mental notes with the job ads. And when i read his sms, i immediately ran upstairs and open the paper again (with a pen) and circled the ads that i've made mental notes before.

So there. Ive finished 20% of job hunting process. Now i should just recheck my resume, and email them. And wait for the call, and interview.

And here i am, in front of the pc, supposedly rechecking and editing my resume, but no, Im writing here. Hehe

So good luck Sarah on heading your new profound life.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stop Sarah

Its 4.30 in the morning! And im still here trying to figure out how to work with this thing. For goodness sake, i better deal with it tomorrow.

And now im hungry.

Welcome 2008

I think its not too late yet to welcome 2008. It has been 20 days since 2008 came, and a lot has happened. Ok not that much, but maybe big things.

Note: I had a few great lines (maybe) on what to write as an intro when i was thinking about it, but when it was finally nicely typed, it came totally different. How i wish i can just remember the exact same words that i had in my head 20 minutes ago while i was away from the computer.

Anyway, some things did change in 2008:

i) I graduated.
ii) Im officially engaged 8 days ago. (*Yikes and yeay!)
iii) Im a year older. Duhhh! OK not officially yet, but stilllllll
iv) I have no income whatsoever. In short, im totally broke. No more monthly allowances *sigh*
v) Im jobless and has nothing better to do.
vi) I majorly need some help for my wedding. No, actually, a lot of help please.

*I purposely typed Yikes in front of Yeay for the following reason:

a) Im fully dependent on my parents' money to get married. And that scares me and them too.
b) Im entering into a new phase of life where im totally scared and not fully prepared(yet), but still excited. Who doesnt eh?
c) Yikes, because im engaged.
d) Yeay because im engaged and im getting married soon. Yes, soon.

Ok ok i'll stop complaining.

So lets look at the bright side. 2008, im facing it with a whole new chapter (and with someone, insyallah). Not a student anymore, and definately not a child (kot). Im fully responsible with my decisions, good or bad (dulu tak ke?). Everything that im sooo used to, will change. But i still have my family and friends. No complains there. So there. Short and sweet.

I am kind of excited to see how the next few months will treat us all. Ealya got a job and starting next month (yeay for her). Ziana's a part time HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER (suits her pretty well i must say hehe). Zu's nervous of the possibility that she might end up working in Kerteh (dont worry roomie, i'll pray u dpt kat kl hehe). Chinn, Ifa, Zaza and Fatin with their final sem in UTP and not to forget the oh-not-so-delightful-FYP (good luck to all, and i know you girls will do well no matter what). And me, oh ive mentioned me thousands of times above. Babes, may we survive another year and fill it with laughter and good memories TOGETHER. Looking forward to many more great years to come with all of you. Love.

p/s Chinn, I mcm mengarang surat rasmi. And yes, im officially here. No more friendster blog (Insyallah) hehe