Friday, February 27, 2009

A quickie

I am home.

With hubby.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

to you

Yesterday, I wrote a "hate/mad" entry.

But I rethink it again. And decided not to post it.

Sometimes it is so hard to be honest, because it will hurt people. But its ok for them to hurt me?

Ah well. I'll just keep quiet and let things be okay again. If they could ever be. But I cant pretend that I like you anymore. Not even a drop of niceness anymore for you. You deserve it.

Take care.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Panadol, Ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak, and Scott's emulsion!

Im going back tomorrow. And today, Ive got a fever. A sore throat and flu. Not good. Not good at all.

Sick day, and a very last minute day for me today.

This morning, I managed to, finally, get our kad kahwin. Hehehhh Yes, the pic's no good.

And also, after 6 or was it 7 months already, sent my wedding dresses to the dry cleaners. Oh myyyy.

And ohhh, its Suraya Rahman's birthday! Happy birthday darling. Kesian, awak pun demam...

Bte, Ive finished packing, yet again. And both bags exceeds the limit. My hand carry now is already 15kg! Im not really sure if they will let me pass. If from Perth, the limit for hand carry is 8kg! Im guessing I have to leave out Abg Shahid's lesung. Sorryyyy!!!

Ok, I dont want to write anymore. Its tiring. One minute typing, a minute later, I have to put tissue up my nose. So disgusting!
Aahhh choooo!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How fast time flies

When it was only a week or two after I got back, it seems the time is so slow. Even everyone kept asking when Im going back, because they keep seeing my face at home.

So now... the last two weeks had been so hectic. And so fast!!!

Even Muhammad commented, "Awal-awal dulu rasa lama je Kaklong kat rumah. Ni tiba-tiba rasa cepat!".

Ive packed all my stuff last few nights. And I dont think Id be adding more stuff (I hope), since I only have 15kg of baggage allowance. Ok lah lesung 10kg, brg2 lain 5kg cukup lah kan.

I'll be flying to Perth this Thursday at 5pm.

Tak sabar nak balik. Yeayyy!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


It turned out, the laptop Im using right now has all the pictures from my old laptop. Im guessing I transferred all of it into here???

Anyways, byk lah gambar buruk2 and tahpape from zaman dulu-dulu hehe.
Tapi, yang ni best eventho still buruk! haha :p


Sayang, I miss you! Cant wait to go back home!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Booking confirmation

A few minutes ago, bapa telah membeli tickets untuk keluarga ke Perth.

YEAAAYYYY! *melonjak-lonjak kegembiraan*

Maaf Angah. Ticket ke Goldcoast mahal nak mampus! Insyallah bila ada sale lagi, kami beli ke tempat kamu pula ya. Bersabarlah.
Hadi pula, insyallahhhh sampai lah tu. Tak tahun depan, tahun satu lagi ;)

Mari-mari. Tahun ini tahun melawat Perth! Dan melawat KAMI! :D

Perhatian: Harga ticket murahhhhh woooo. RM800 pergi-balik! Silalah lawati TERIMA KASIH!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

counting days pulang ke pangkuan

Im back in KL! Actually, it has been for 2 days now, but I havent got any time to blog. Penat ok jadi driver hari-hari! Duduk dalam kereta je keje.

Tomorrow is Thursday. So as of tomorrow, I have another 7 days in Malaysia!!! Then I'll be going back to pangkuan suami heh heh heh. *tak sabarrrrr*

Gedik kan? Bila kat sana, tak sabar nak balik Malaysia. Time tu tak pikir ape dah. Tak kisah laa even if nak kena tinggalkan hubby sorang-sorang for 5 weeks pun. Nampak Malaysia jeeeee. And after sampai Malaysia tak sampai seminggu, dah rindu nak balik Perth. And now, memang tak sabar gilaaaa lah! Sayang, tunggu yeeeeee! Hihihiii I promise I wont leave you alone anymore :p

While I was in Terengganu, at my in-laws, hubby resah gelisah (I sendiri rasa je laa tapi). If kat KL, everyday sekali je call. Kadang-kadang tak call pun. Touchdown je Terengganu, dapat sms. Lepas tu call. Sehari ada lah 2-3 kali call! Tanya makan ke tak, ok ke tak, boring ke tak, borak ape semua hihihi Best betul rasa! haha Balik je KL balik, hampeh tak call dah.

Since ada lagi 7 days lagi tinggal, Im cramping all dates. Tonight im going out with Baya and Afni to Rasta. Tomorrow will be spent with my sister, and later with the girls. Friday hoping dapat lunchy-lunchy dekat KLCC, and will be staying there until late coz I have another date with my ex-work colleague after work. Saturday and Sunday will be kept free for my family. Next week dinner date with the babes. Ohhhh tak sabarrrrrrr.

Ohh tadi I went to look for "lesung batu" ehehehe nak bawak balik Perth. Kat sana mmg ada jual, tapi mahal gilaaaa! So tadi tgk kat Hero supermarket (Hero??? WTH???), rm16 aje? Mak oi murah gilaa! Tapi berat diaaaaaa... haihhhh. So tak jadi beli. But now rasa menyesal pulak tak beli. Should have bought it je. *sigh* Takpe, esok if sempat gi beli jap.

I havent pack a single thing lagi. Barang-barang dah beli sikit. Ada lagi hubby kirim beli barang dia pulak. Hopefully lugagge muat. Umi kasi bekas-bekas untuk letak cookies and what-not yang cun! Tapi tak sure, if muat bag baru nak bawak. If penuh, terpaksa la tinggal kan... Nak bawak lesung batu lagi! hahaha entah brape kilo laa agak nya...

Aktiviti harian: Hari-hari melekat dengan Iman. Hari-hari pun tak boring. Banyak betul celoteh dia! Pagi-pagi mesti die kejutkan, pastu suruh gi mandi. Kalau Kaklong dia malas-malas lagi nak bangun, mesti dia tanya, "Kaklong letih ehhh?". A'ah ye lah Iman. Letih gila! ehehhehe Everytime pakai tudung, mesti die pun standby nak ikut. Dalam kereta tayah pasang radio, dengar dia aje. Lagi best hehe

Attention: Im writing this dalam keadaan kelamkabut. tapi nak tulis jugak. So sorry lah if karangan berterabur sikit ehehe

Okayyy nak mandi. Maghrib dah. Nanti lambat!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

susah nak cari idea untuk title ni

I'll be in Kuala Terengganu from today until Monday...

So most probably I wont be having any internet access *sigh*

Take care!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



There's a SALE at Dolly's Home!

Check it out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Engagement affair

Fatin's engagement was today.

And I was late! Bengong! I woke up at 8.30, sent aisyah to training, came back home duduk dpn laptop kejap. The next thing I remember, I was fast asleep and it was 10.40am! Gile lambat ok! Taktau macam mana boleh tertido lama pulak. I was planning to leave the house at 10. Cetttt. Penat semalam tak habis-habis lagi... *sigh*

While getting ready, it turned out the baju I was planning to wear went MIA! Menyesal tak check before tido. So I scanned trought the closet and picked a kebarung (p/s Baju ni mmg takde cutting lah zu! Meant to be besar ok?) in purple. Sampai-sampai rumah Fatin, tgk khemah purple. OMG! Masuk rumah, nampak Fatin's fiance... wearing a purple baju melayu! Double OMG! The exact same purple pulak tuuuuuuu!!!!


Dapat lah a few teases here and there. Tebal kan muka saja ya? hehe
We had our own table kat blakang rumah and we borak and borak and gelak and gelak sambil makan. Siap tambah2 nasi goreng ikan bilis breakfast leftover lagi! Punya lah tak malu...

Sometimes it feels weird when they were talking about things that I dont know (i.e Joke2 dekat office, or time lunch). Its weird when they are all still together, just like in UTP, but Im not there to enjoy it with them... So all I get are the bits and pieces. But all was goooooodddd!

Took more pictures, and then it was time to leave.

CONGRATULATIONS Fatin! Im pretty sure Syed tak bagi I balik dh for your wedding... :(
Tapi at least I got to be there at your engagement kan?
Do get better asap, and I'll see u next week!
And all of you babes as well ;)
Belanja I 5 ringgit sorang ok? :p

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip to here and there

Just got home from Kemaman.

Yesterday, Dad smsed around 12pm telling us my uncle, Ayah Mat is having majlis asyura at his hse. I didnt know what the hell is asyura, and when I was packing to leave for Kemaman last night, I asked Mom should I bring baju kurung as well. I thought the asyura thingy is like majlis keagamaan ke ape! Ehehehe kena marah by Mom and even Aisyah sbb taktahu. They told me dah berjuta kali buat asyura ni, especially Ayah Mat dah buat every year! Errr okaayyyyyyyy...

So it turned out majlis asyura or "kacau sura" ni ada unsur2 gotong-royong skit. Sura ni pelik. Die mcm bubur in grey (Ewwww!), yg consist off minced meat, bawang, sayur(kot?) and mcm2 lagi, whatever they can find in the kitchen. Pelik kannnn? Style kacau mcm dodol, dlm kawah besar. And we had like 4 kawah! Unfortunately, no one took any picture of the sura, or time tgh kacau sura. Frust betul!

But anyhow, the trip to Kemaman was filled with a HUGE breakfast at Hai Peng, tgk2 perabot lama, and also to our old hse in Paka! So when we were in Paka, teringatlah zaman2 practical kt kerteh dulu... All the shops me and hubby went for bfast, lunch and dinner. And the restaurant where we first talked about weddings and what not. Rinduuuuuu!!!
[pictures will be uploaded in Facebook]

And I get to meet some of my relatives, and also Nenek! I missed her so much! So seeing her, and spent some time with her really made my trip back to Malaysia worth more. And had small talks with my aunties, and cousins... Catching up stories, and of course makan-makan...!

We rushed back to KL at 6pm. Initally the plan was to leave Kemaman at 3pm, but obviously terdelay and delay lagik. Finally Ayah panic sbb lambat sgt, since he has to attend an important dinner tonight. So he drove like mad to KL, and we arrived at 8.30pm sharp! Record!

So there. I'll be leaving for Kuala Terengganu on this coming Thursday until Monday. *sigh* Im sure gonna miss Iman. Rugi 4 hari! haha Dah laa Khamis tu birthday Umar... So im pretty sure they wont be doing anything special for Umar, unless Im home. Since org kuat takde nk semangat2 celebrate birthday...
I'll make it up to you when Kaklong comes back to KL ye sayang!

Nk tido. Tomorrow is Fatin's engagement!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A day with senggol-senggolan

Last Monday, was public holiday. So everyone was free.

Ifa planned a karaoke day out. So all of us (minus Ziana, far far away in Bintulu and Fatin, was sick) meet up at Red Box in Pavilion. Ok lah its more of all of us, meeting Zaza. Ifa picked ALL of us! Bless Nor Afifah! :D

I had a great time that day. Although Im not very much of a singer, nor a fan of karaoke, but with good company, karaoke was fun! It's not often we get to hang out together. Im sure gonna miss all the fun, kerenah sorang2, joke2 bangang yg I tak get it sbb I tak keje kt KLCC (:p!) and most importantly just being with all of you guys. I wish I can always have that.

So before I leave for Perth again, we shall do something like this together again ok? And it does not include lunch on Friday (sbb slalu cancel)!



Ive been running errands, fetching up kids from school, sending them to Taekwando classes, basketball training, and also to mengaji.

Tiring I tell you!

But I love doing it. It means spending most of my time with them, eventhough it also means Im in the car most of the time as well. Iman tags along as much as possible, unless he's asleep. So there. Waktu-waktu yang sangat lah precious!

Here's some pictures Ive taken. All were taken during Taekwando, while waiting for Umar and Muhammad from school, and also mengaji. All were taken with my HP's camera. Butttt, at the bottom there's "pretty nice" pictures of Iman at home with D80. Mahu praktis2 menggunakan dslr. Mane lah tahuuu kannn cik abang approve! *hint hint!* :p

*khusyuk tgk org taekwando*

*excited dapat Nerds from Aussie hehe*

*Umar posing for the camera*

*with Iman!*

*Yes, Im on the other side of this jongkang-jongkit*

*Muhammad dah green belt!*

*senyuman yg sentiasa menjadi igauan*

*budak-budak tak penah jumpe ABC*

Last but not least... Iman camwhore dalam bilik, with me practicing with dslr ehehehe

Tu je sneak peak. Yang lain byk blur2 sbb budak ni tak boleh duduk diam haha!

I had fun snapping pictures with the camera. Plus my "model" is too adorable!

p/s Dah tau ape tu aperture and shutter speed. And dah tau mcm mana nk tuka2, and bila perlu tukar. Woot woot!