Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Im off to Swan River to see if there's any fireworks....
And to enjoy the carnival as well hehe

Updated: We're back... ermm somehow the carnival at Swan River is closed. Dammit! Tak boleh naik ferris wheel :(( Andddd the sad part is, we dont think there will be any fireworks here in Perth. So sad...

So now we're back in our apartment. Tgk live tv fireworks kat Sydney je laa... Hajar tgh seronok2 kat sana. So jelousssssss.


1 January 2009: Happy 49th Birthday AYAH!!! Like u said, sudah tuaaaa~~~ hehehe

2 January 2009: Happy 22nd Birthday Angah!!! Sorry kacau kamu tido hihi. Hope u had a blast on ur bday. Eventho u spent the day driving back to Brisbane for 12 hours!!! ;p

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