Wednesday, November 18, 2009

one after another

Bila baca blog Aisyah, RINDU semakin menjadi-jadi. Haih.

Ye ye Iman comel.

Semalam was on the phone with him. I told him that Ive moved to another house, and there's a garage (which he loves). He asked, "Dalam garage tu ada kereta ape?". Adeeiiii. Susah nyaaa nak jawab soalan tu. Tanya balik, "Iman nak ada kereta ape dalam tu?" "Felariiii. Sebab dia lajuuuu." Mampu gelak je laa...

Tau dia tengah dalam kereta, so tanya dia lagi, "Iman dekat mana ni?" "Iman dekat Malaysia." OK ni mengeluh besar. Haha ape-ape saje laa jawapan budak ni.

The other day, was on the the phone again with him. He told me, "Kaklong, Iman beli Felari dengan Range Dover tadi". (Yes that's how he pronounces it.) "Ye ke? Nak jugakk. Iman beli laa utk Kaklong satu." Iman mengeluh. "Alahh. Iman punya mainan jeeee."

I wonder how kids can have really-really awsome answers to our never ending questions, and funny answers too. Geram nak gigit-gigit je rasa.


Oh, Iman sekarang pun dah ada Facebook ok. haha Abang-abang dia punya kerja lah tu!
Sape-sape berminat, sila lah add dia ye. Tapi obviously bukan dia yg approve!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rain and sunshine

I was upset today. About little things. The smallest things. And big things too. So i opted for the silence. But i did let my anger and frustration out a little bit. Just a tiny one, then i shut up. It didnt help when he says nothing too.
So we had dinner and the whole night in silence.

Then he fell asleep first. Before me. It is so not fair! Why? Because I love watching him sleep. It makes me smile. It makes all the upset thingy go away. It makes me forget all the things i wanted to talk or say to him, or confront him, or to just pick a fight. Its gone. And now its all warm and fuzzy. Sheeeshhh.

He still talks in his sleep by the way.

And oh yeah, im back! Sort of.