Thursday, April 30, 2009

A walk to remember

It was the first of more chilly nights to come. It was my birthday.

Let me start from the night before.
Our room has a clock, that tells the time according to the Daylight Saving time back in summer. We tried to change the time back to normal but somehow the button's broken. So we've gotten use to an hour early in the bedroom. Good thing for in the morning though innit? ;)

At 10pm, we were both already sleepy, but hubby insisted to read before going to bed. So I read my book, he read his. But we were too sleepy he decided to wish me and sang happy birhtday to me at 11! And his excuse was, our room has a time difference. So its 12am. Bongok, but I still like the idea haha

So yeah. He wished me at 11pm, and sang a sweet happy birthday song to me. And off to sleep.

An hour later, at 12am, he turned to me and wished me again! And sang again! Hihihiiii Apparently both of us somehow "tiba-tiba" tak mengantuk and tried to sleep, but couldnt and has been tossing and turning for about an hour.

So there. :D

The next morning, I went out. Did some stuff, and went for a nice walk in the city, window shopping and what not, later hubby joined me for lunch. I missed a few calls that morning, SORRY! Tak perasan langsung phone bunyi and vibrate. Sedar2 dah byk missed calls and also messages wishing me. But thanks everyone!

As you all might have known by now, we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant. We had to pick seafood, since you-know-why. Hubby couldnt find a nice restaurant to go to, and asked me to pick a good one nearby our house. Initially he wanted to go to Tony Roma's since its the nearest, but the seafood choices arent that great. So I went online and found many next to the city, and still a walking distance. I love how everything here are on the internet. Most of the restaurants here has a website! With lots of infos and maps and what not. How great is that? OK, jakun sekejap.

So I picked a few, put them on tabs so Hubby can look at them and decide. He came home and said we should just walk to the area and see which restaurants that has the nicest ambience. haha ok lah in short "fancy". So yeayyyy!

Had a hard time deciding what to wear, since I have nothing pretty or fancy enough to go for a dinner treat, and then for opted a recently bought floral chiffon dress, but had worn once before. I took about an hour to get ready, mandi yang lama gila, scrubed and washed my face and put make up on.

When I was ready, hubby said, "Apsal muka macam tu?" "Makeup lah. Kenape? Pelik ke?". "Tah. Merah." Benciiiii tauuuuu! My face mmg dah start merah-merah sbb weather, lepas tu that time I just had a hint of blush, terus cakap merah. Tu yang kadang-kadang takde mood nak makeup. Selalu kena tegur macam tu.

Anywayyy, we left the house at 7pm, and walked for 20 minutes to Northbridge. Lucky its autumn, the weather's nice, not too hot, and not too cold. I decided to put on my heels (just to feel good and pretty) tapi menyesal nyeeee. I remember I used to wear them and walked in them from my office to KLCC which was quite far, tapi tak sakit langsung. Ni jalan pegi Northbridge dah blisters segala. Haih.

We walked to this street, where all the nice restaurants are, and all the maitre d' started giving us menus for us to look at and suggesting that we eat at theirs when we walked pass their restaurant. And after 10-15 minutes walking around looking at the restaurants, and after about 10 minutes chat with Ayah, Umi and everyone at home screaming and wishing me, we decided to go to The Fishy Affair. I know, nama dia tak cun! hehe tapi ambience ok, and not too full and noisy. And the place's not too dark. And the menu looks great!

We ordered starter and main dishes, makan-makan and spent 2 hours just talking and eating. I had a great time! And here are the pictures! (For those yg tak tgk lagi lah kan :p )

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Sayaaaanngggggg diaaaaa

Muka hubby pelik sambil cakap "haaa macam mana nak makan niii" haha

Hubby was so "nice" and gave me the raw oyster to try. And he tried the cooked one! I was so dumb to actually munch it until it squirt lots of not-so-nice things in my mouth. I know I was supposed to swallow it, tapi rasa mcm nanti tak rasa apa2 pulak. What's the point of eating it right? So there you go. The first and may be the last.

And finally there's me!

After dinner, we took a slow, lazy walk back home. Kejap2 berhenti amik gambar, and he needed a smoke. So I was snapping here and there. Then hubby said, "Meh amik gambar sara pulak." Ookayyy. He took the camera, and looks into the camera to find a nice spot. Then he directed me, "Ok, pegi diri situ." So I went. We were in front of another restaurant. Ada macam tiang2 utk border kan kedai tu. I wanted to sandar sikit dekat satu tiang ni nak kasi nampak laid back, so baru nk sandar tiba2 tiang tu makin kebelakang. And thennnnnn... "Maaaakkkkk!!!" Kuat-kuat. Rasa2nya mat saleh tgh dinner kat situ mesti annoyed. And nak gelak, maybe. Gosh. I fell, halfway through. Tapi berkat usaha berjalan kaki area city pegi grocery shopping and angkat barang berat-berat sorang2, kaki and tangan ni mcm jadi extra kuat untuk tahan so that tak jatuh. And I managed to grab the tiang before it fell on my feet. Sakit jugak lah pinggang and segala sebab tahan, but at least I did not fell flat on my butt. Just halfway through :D

And here I am, seconds after I managed to get myself together again, and laughing because of the shameee

So yeah. That's about it. All in all, Im blessed I get to spend it with my husband, eventhough its just the two of us. Insyallah, maybe some day, its gonna be three, or four, or maybe five. Who knows. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

i smell like tarts

Ive just finished making lasagne and some blueberry cheese tart.


The tarts are not really pretty though. But it tastes like it should be hehe

Hopefully everything will go licin tomorrow!

Off to bed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a note of thank you

Im gonna be a bit busy for the next few weeks and Im guessing no internet as well. Boo hoo...

I was planning to write a few stuff since last week, but just couldnt find the time and the "feel" to write. Heh.

Its a long weekend. Tomorrow is public holiday, so hubby will be home. And we're going for a barbeque tomorrow at the park at noon. So there. I wont be able to get my hands on the laptop much, since hubby's watching football match online allllll the timeeeeeeee. *sigh*

Just wanna thank to those who smsed and wished me. Thanks sooo much! Sorry I didnt reply though, because my bill for this month has exceed the limit. Hehehe so yeah. I'll reply as soon as I can, Insyallah :p

Anyway, I will update. Soon enough.

Be good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Night Out

Hubby's taking me out for my birthday dinner tonight.
Im getting ready, but I HAVE NOTHING FANCY to wear!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Resepi kebahagiaan

Seluar baru yang 1 size up than the usual, is unusually ketatttt!

Ketat dekat perut pulak tu. Bukan dkt thighs.
Itu memang proof kegemukan kan kan kan?

Aisyah, buleh laa geng dengan perut u haha

bola punya pasal

haaaa... ada orang tu tak pegi keje hari ni! haha

my husband in the morning

Hubby woke up early today. Now he's back to sleep because he's going to work in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

And now Im awake.

I asked him what time did he actually get up, and he said 1.30am.
I thought it was 2-3am!
Sometimes I dont get guys with football matches.
I'd rather have my beauty sleep.

Its a good thing we had an early night last night. I was too tired from a long day yesterday, and he wanted to wake up early to watch the match. So we tucked in around 9-9.30pm. Awal kannnnn???

I noticed he made his own coffee this morning. How glad I am that I bought the coffee plunger last weekend. Now he can make his own coffee before off to work without waking me up! :D

We used to have Nescafe, so its quite easy for him to make himself since it doesnt need any straining. I dont like Nescafe, so I persuaded him to buy coffee instead. Hehe. Little did I know that its much more complicated for him to make by himself! So every morning, he'd make his own coffee (after some lessons by me), and left a BIG mess!

Note: I can never trust him making anything in the kitchen!

Before he went to sleep again, I told him I'll make breakfast. Sengih dia lebaaaaarrrrrrr!
Not that I never make him any in weekdays, just very-very RARE hehe. I used to, back in the early days.

Sekarang tak dapat laa :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

quiz oh quiz

I took a quiz in Facebook just now. On 'How well can you speak bahasa Kelantan'.

And 1 question was to translate "Abe doh tubek".
Sakit hati nyaaa bila tgk choices dia.

A) Ah Pek is slept.
B) The thing is up-side-down.
C) Ah Beng is died.
D) My Husband is went out.

The answer is D. But HEY! Tolong betulkn grammar please!

Quiz bahasa Terengganu bagus. Sebab jawapan-jawapan dia dalam Bahasa Melayu jugak.
Bukan kah itu lebih baik???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little wish

On another note, today is Umi's birthday!

Happy Birthday Umi sayang!!!

Called her today, to wish her, and she said, "Oh noooo. Im 46 now ok!".
I may be exaggerating a lil bit, but that's her point.

The latest picture I have of Umi. Hehe.

Cute kan??? Hehehe
Tried to snap a picture of her actually holding and throwing the ball, tapi tak sempat.
Anyhow, you can still see she's actually playing with Muhammad. She was actually jumping while throwing the balls into the hoop. Sooo comel.
Oh Aisyah mmg super semangat. All the time!
The pictures was taken while I was in Malaysia about a month ago.

My wallpaper

Bila rindu, akan stare gambar ni lama-lama...

Lepas tu sengih sorang-sorang. Tak pun menangis.

Friday, April 3, 2009




I saw a gorgeous, gorgeous clouche hat in red last weekend. Its the 60's inspired hat, and I'd die for that hat.

It looks something like this, in bright red with black trimmings.

(Image from

Ohhhh I just had to stop and touch it. I didnt dare to try it, but I asked hubby to. He refused. *sigh*

I always love hats. Any kind. And can you imagine how many hat stores there is here, with soooo many styles and colors.

I wish.

I wish upon a star.

I like the 60's style very much. It has clean cut, very straight forward, and its mod. Very mod.

(Image from

(Image googled)

I came across lots of vintage sewing patterns. I wanted to buy them, and try to make one one fine day. Lets wait for the sewing machine first now, shall we?

(Image from

Dont they look divine?

how to get fat. slowly

Im freaking wide awake at 1.30am.

The coffee finally starts to kick in. I havent had coffee in months. Real black coffee. And I just had a real, black coffee after dinner. I had to stop drinking coffee since Ive been having real bad migraines last year, and ever since I stop drinking coffee, I didnt have migraines anymore. I hope I wont get one tomorrow.

Ive learnt that caffeine and cheese gives you headache. Both I love so much. I chose coffee because I can always have latte hehe (I dont know why but latte doesnt give me headache. Ok they still do, but not that bad). But I would never let cheese go. Giving up cheese is wayyy too much for me.

I bought some instant mac and cheese and carbonara in packets yesterday. Hubby saw them just now, and he sighed. He said, "They're not my kindda food" with a very sad tone. Too bad. Everytime he comes home from work, he'd rummages the kitchen to find something to eat/munch. If I dont make any kuih for tea, that is.

With all the cheese, Im gaining weight. My max weight used to be 50kg tops. I found a weight scale in Harvey Norman last week, so I literally weight myself at the store, and guess what? Im 55kg! No wonder I cant fit into my jeans anymore! Currently I can only fit into only 1 pair, which is actually a stretchable denim, so go figure. I wonder if I can ask hubby for a new pair, just to fit my new, and BIGer thighs. Ive checked my BMI, and obviously Im in my normal weight, considering my height. But what I dont get is that, all the fat goes to my thigh. Seriously, cant you go somewhere else???

Today I was so determined to tone down my thighs, I decided to do some exercise (which is salsa dancing exercise or something like that). I put the CD into the DVD player, and it says invalid. Damn. I dont think the CD I bought in Msia was a fake. So benci lah begini. So I decided to eat some chocolates and watch TV instead.

Aaahhh, doesnt it feels wonderful? Sinfully wonderful :D

p/s My tummy's grumbling for some midnight snacks. Should I???

p/s/s Chocolate makes you fat. And it goes right to your thighs. Ohh, right!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where is the light?

We have some sort of down-lights or something like that in our living room.
There's 3 bulbs in a row that lights up the whole living room. Something like from Ikea, I dont know.

Did I tell you we have a very, very high ceiling in our apartment?
So changing light bulbs would be difficult for us. We need extra big/long/higher ladders. Normal ladders that people have at home is not enough.

The point is, last month, one bulb went off. We told the property agent to change it. But they never came.

So a few minutes ago, another bulb went off.

Great. Now our apartment is kinda dark. Romantic.

Ohh, did I tell you the light bulb in our bedroom went off as well, just about the same time with the first bulb in the living room?

I think I need to give some serious talk with hubby. Its either he call the agent again and ask him to get someone to fix the lights, OR Im gonna tell him to buy a ladder. SO I CAN CHANGE THEM MYSELF! (Geram nyeeeee!)