Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rain rain go away, please come back another day

The weather has been so cold, and its raining almost every day. It never rain here. And now its pouring all the time. Although its not heavy rains, hujan pun malu-malu, but once in a while, dah tak malu dahhh.

I've catched a cold, and I hope its because of the weather and the rain. And not something else, you know what (touch wood!). Ive been having sore throat since yesterday, but not a bad one though. I just could not stand the flu. Its annoying. Sniff sniff here and there. Benciiiii!

I havent been sick for almost a year now. And I hate being sick. Urghh!

Friday, June 26, 2009

si dia

Suami saya dah pandai camwhore ok. Senyap-senyap je dia.

Dalam banyak-banyak gambar camwhore die, ni paling best.


Eeeeee misai dengan janggut burokkkkk!

p/s Si beliau tengah tidur, so boleh laa blog pasal dia. Plus I think he hasnt read or open my blog for quite some time now, so selamat lah saya!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to two

She came down to Perth for 3 days from the 7th until 10th. Just a short trip since she has exams a week after that.

The only (decent) picture that we took together. Others were just candid.

I miss her.

It was nice to have everyone crammed in our house (except Hadi though), despite the limited space, and all we do is stare at each other's face. Imagine all ten of us in a one bedroom apartment, with one toilet! With all the screaming, kids jumping up and down and running here and there, and everyone talking all at the same time. Everyday. Insane, yet blissful.

Family left for Malaysia today. Flight was delayed. We were at the airport at 4am, and it was delayed until 11.50am. And then again at 12.35pm, and finally on they were on the plane at 1pm. skjghsegayhutkjhagf!!!

We decided to stay at the airport. Lets just say the airport's shops made money today, thanks to us.

I had to leave early to return the rental cars at 12pm. It was sad to leave them instead of them leaving me. Im gonna miss them so much.

Now the house is empty and quiet again. "Back to normal", Ayah said when he called to say that they've landed safe and sound.

Sunyi. Cant wait to go back home for Raya.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello everyone. I missed you!

Im home!
Sorry I went MIA for the past week, I was out in the country to Albany since Thursday with my family.

We had a blast!
We get to see whales, emu, alpacca, lambs, cows and kangaroos!
We went to see places, with amazing views. Will upload some soon when I have more free time, and upload most of the pictures in Facebook.

Family will be leaving on Wednesday morning, so Im guessing I will be free after that ;)

Be good!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

di hari yang gelap

I lost my sunnies yesterday. My freaking Gucci sunnies is gone!!!!
Ive only had it for not more than 2 months!

We went to King's Park yesterday, and I had it tergantung dekat baju, and I always remember to check it once in a while to make sure it's still there.
I was wearing it, then I took it off because it was getting dark. I know should have put it in the car instead!

I checked again about 20 minutes before we went back to the car, then after that, I totally forgot. I was carrying Iman and running around, and that must be the time it fell.

When we went back to the car, I quickly look for my sunnies to put it back in the box, when its not there anymore! Immediately I ran out and traced back the ways we went and couldnt find it. My sister, all three brothers and my mother helped as well to look for it, and we took a nice half an hour looking, until it was dark.

There you go.


In loving memory (of my sunnies) :(

Taken yesterday, about 20-30 minutes before I realized it was gone. See! I always make sure its there with me

Deep down, Im still hoping its still there, and someone might find it, and return it.
And it will come back to me...

Monday, June 1, 2009

My rice cooker's gone.


Tak tahu nak cakap ape dah.

But thank you so much to Fatimah, Aisyah and Sofiah for the gift. Im so sorry it's gone now. It has been very good to us, and fed us for the last 7 months.

Update: I dont know what happened. While I was cooking, suddenly there's some foul smell and too many smoke than usual. I let the rice cook, and when I took out the rice, and I saw the bottom's melted a lil bit from the inside. So I cheecked the bottom to see if there's anything wrong, since the smoke came from there.

Then I saw the big hole. So there you go.
My dad said there might be some circuit shot in the wiring or some sort.


Im not buying a new one from here, coz it's kindda different. So I've asked Hakeem to buy one in Malaysia, and bring it here this Sunday. I hope he remembers, and know which type to buy.

Anyone kind enough to help him and me out? ehehe