Friday, December 5, 2008

Saya Mahu!

Today, I went to David Jones again with hubby.
I told you I went there before right? I told him, its full of DESIGNERS clothes, shoes, bag and everything!!! Ohhhh I think I almost died in heaven!

Of course, I went to the women's shoe section, and there's a section where the shoes are on sale. I went to check them and was ogling at the shoes! Girls, I had my hands, and of course not to forget my feet on Bally, Jimmy Choo, Emporio Armani, Ferragamo, Juicy Couture and the whole lot! Ohhhh saya sukaaa!!!

*Before I left, I made a mental note the ones I like most hihi*

So today we went again, first of course we went to the men's section, since hubby wants to look for shoes. Of course there were lots! And oh sangat lah gorgeous. If I were him, I would go crazy trying on all those shoes, and buy them! Plus most of them are on sale! Shheeeesshhhhh!

After he finished browsing the whole men's section, I sweetly asked can we go to take a look at the womens shoes. So we went. When we got there, guess what hubby said???

"Pilih lah mana nak."

I was likeeeee "OMG are you serious???!!!???"

Sungguh lah excited saya ini! So I showed him the ones I like, and all of them were flat shoes. Tapi hubby cakap, "Alah boring nya. Macam tak worth it beli. Pilih laa yang lain."

Alahai. If I were me a few months back, I would definately pick one of all the gorgeous heels. But now Im more prone to flats, since we walk most of the time. So I told him, "If beli heels, rugilah tak pakai selalu. Flat boleh pakai sampai puas."

Betul lah kan? Tak baik membazir ehehehehhee

So we chose a few, and this is sort of something that I wanted to buy. I tried to search for the exact one but couldnt find any picture of it. So ini adalah "lebih-lebh kurang"...

Bally ok! Sangat cantik and selesa! And its the last pair. UNFORTUNATELY, it size 9 1/2. I can fit it since belakang die elastic, although a bit besar, but if I were to wear them in daily basis, it would expand more and I dont want that now would I? So dengan sedihnya cakap, "Takpe lah, takyah beli lah."

Oh sedihnya hati ini.

Another pair with potential is Chloe in mustard, also nice, but I dont think I want that. I prefer black. He suggested a black Armani flats, but I dont like it that much, so we left, me with a heavy heart.

So sayang, since this time around takde luck, maybe next time yea??? Dengan handbag sekali!!! ehehehehehhe

p/s Saya suka tempat ini. We can afford to buy designer stuff! Yeayyyy! Kalau kat Malaysia, kasut below rm300, a good brand, good quality, kita beli kan? Ni apatah lagi Bally ;p


Aisyah said...

omigawdddd i nak jugaaaaa!

Iezu said...

"...kasut below rm300, a good brand, good quality, kita beli kan?"

not me. x mampu. and in my size, chances are, xde size jugak. haha.

ps: spare me the diet lecture! =P

hadi said...

argh, nak shopping jugak lah camni.

Anonymous said...

siot je. nk pegi jua lah. no matter how hot it is right now.
i'm coming bebey.
ahahaha. ;p

sarah pahmi said...

mari-mari cik abang, mari-mari cik adik... Kita shopping~~~~ Hehehe

Aisyah: Im very sure u want!

Din: Ehehehe. Diet lecture? Ok saya call sekarang dan berleter!

Hadi: Amat dialukan! Shopping di perth next year ok? hehe before raya ;p

Adam: Datang laa kalau berani. Korea ok what? haha