Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend di Freemantle.

Aisyah, mesti kamu suka kedai ini.

Best gila. Ada byk benda menarik utk buat cake and also cupcakes! Tp saya tak masuk pun, sbb dh tutup ehehehehe

They're here!

Barang2 dari Malaysia sudah sampai!
Barang2 yg kitorg shipped, that mostly consists of our wedding gifts arrived today at our house. And one big lugage that i completely forgot what's in it.

And ayah mat is here, my uncle from kemaman. And i pesan a few things to my dad suruh beli n some of my stuff yg tertinggal time packing mcm camera charger! I know, bangang kannn??? So maaf lah kalau mutu gambar tu kurang sikit ;p

Can u guys see what's inside? haha Oh ada a few things i already taken out. My shoes and wardrobe organizer.

And ayah mat yg super nice, bwk kan ini dari Kemaman! Yeayyy!

Best kan? Now we feel like home ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

iman cakap...

Iman: Ayah, jom naik kapal terbang pegi amik kaklong, abg syed, kak ngah dgn abg hadi...

And die ckp ni hari2, kata ayah. Mula2 mcm betul ke hari2? Then spoke to aisyah the other day and she said he did said it every single day.

Dan kemudian, tadi received a call from msia... and of course the first thing i heard was...

"KAKLONG! IMAN NK PEGI AMIK KAKLONG DGN ABG SYED DGN KAKNGAH DGN ABG HADI! NAIK KAPAL TERBANG!" Aawwwwww. Hati cair. Lembik. Dan sebagainya. Rasa tak sabar nk balik n peluk die sampai tak boleh nafas.

Confirmed. Sangat lah sweet. He misses us! Ke alasan nak naik kapal terbang and jalan2??? Hhhmmmmm...

Then die cakap, "Kaklong ada keta tak?" "Takde. Iman ada ke? "Ade. Iman nak lori." "Ok, iman nk lori apa?" "Errmmm iman nak lori... ermmm... (after a minute or so of ermmm) LORI POLIS!"

Coincidently, i went to the mall today and went looking for toys for him. And specifically went to the aisle where they have Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and whatever vehicles they have to sell, and i spotted a few toy trucks which i know he would love. But now i had no idea where to find 'lori polis'. I mean, do polis even have lori???

Muhammad and Umar pulak, tanya "Dah beli PSP?" And i was like "Errmmm belum! Kaklong takde duit lagi..." sambil jeling2 sengih hint2 to hubby. But i guess he didnt notice, or pretended not to notice.
And the two of them went on and on and on trying to a give name our soon to be baby. Which is takde lagi ok! Jangan panic ppl. They just cant wait and got excited. And each of them wanted me to name my baby after them, but with a 'Syed' in front. Hmmpphhh teka nak boy sajeeeeeee.

Yet another post of Iman. And the other two rascals. I miss them.
And aisyah, somehow i miss u too =p

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


rindu budak ni.

Sape yg tak rindu kan? *sigh*

Monday, October 20, 2008

kaki kami

Time tgh lepak2 at home...

Time jln2...

I guess we dont really like to take our pictures. =p

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Freo! Second trip...

What a day. Woke up early for an outing with friends. Oh i might not have mention it here yet, but we've gotten to know a nice couple, Abg Shahid & Kak Nadia and their gorgeous daughter Aishya. And we went out today all five of us, first to the Garden City, a "sort of like OU big" mall and then to Freemantle, to buy some souvenirs and had fish and chips for lunch. And hubby bought me a leather purse. Yeayy!

People, meet the little aishya. I think ive fallen in love with her.

Isnt she a beauty?

And hubby is errr, practicing?

Photos by abg shahid. I dont know if he edited all the pics, but it sure does look perfect!

And me with Kak Nadia.

Thank you so much Abg Shahid and Kak Nadia, and of course Aishya! We had a great time!

Friday, October 10, 2008


SELAMAT HARI RAYA everyone!!! And Maaf zahir dan batin, from the both of us hehe...

Ive written like satu buku dah for this blog, tp tak post lagi. Nk post sekarang, rase macam pelik pulak. Later lah bila mood tengah naik, and bila ada internet access from home 24/7. Lagi best. Kat cc rase mcm sume org tgk je hehe

Update: We've moved in ppl! We got an apartment! I loooveeee it! Tapi encik hubby mcm ada sedikit menyesal sbb rent yg agak mahal, but what do u expect for something in the middle of the city kannn? Plus he compared with org2 yg rent dkt suburb. Memang laa dua kali ganda encik abang sayang... diorang ada kereta!

Tanak amik masa yg lama utk bercerita. Let the pics do the talking ye... ;)