Friday, November 7, 2008

Growing Up

Once upon a time, when I was small, I always thanked God for a blessed, and a happy family that I have.

Our world was not perfect and that comfortable back in those days. Dad was working really hard to feed us all. He would go away for weeks for some money. But when he's home, he made the time to give us piggy rides on his back all around the house, while mom watching, smiling and laughing. We would wear his safety helmets and goggles and his coverall. And all four of us would argue who would go first. And we would always decide two-by-two. Me and Hajar, Hadi and Hakeem. Its only fair. Not fair to Dad's back though.

We would take pictures all the time, even at home. Dad loves taking pictures of mom and us. Every snap he took is still in the albums, and we would sit around and look at one album at a time, laughing and making fun of each other on how ridiculous and ugly we were when we were kids. Im glad he loves taking pictures of us.

Dinner time was like a birthday party, every night. We would eat, and tell stories, and talked and joked. Everyday, we would tell our parents how our day was. And they did too.

During weekends when he's around, we would spend ours helping him (or more of bugging him actually) while he do his gardening. We love raking out leaves and put it in a huge bundle, and dad would burnt it. Yes ppl, we had open fire in our backyard all the time. But back then there's no jerebu heh heh

I remember one night, we had a blackout, and dad told us to grab our chairs (we each had a small, bright colored chair) and go outside. And we sit outside for hours talking and looking at the stars that night. It was beautiful.

Mom was always home. I am always glad I had a full time mom. She would be there whenever we needed her. I always loved her hot milo she made in the morning for me before going to school. And she always packed me a "teh O" in my yellow tumbler for me to have during breaks. Pelik, but i always loved it.

When i hoped off the bus after school, I would ran into the house and take off my school uniform and my bag all over the house and wear nothing but my underwear. Ye, dgn tak malu nye mengaku. And mom would patiently picked all up and put it in my room. And I would play and watch TV with my sister and brothers.

At night, we read Quran in front of Mom right after Isya', still in our praying clothes. And Dad would take pictures again.

Weekends, we would helped Dad wash his car, or the carpet, or anything that has to do with the water hose, and we would be jumping up and down taking our clothes off and head for the shower. And Dad would take pictures too.

Dad was always blunt with showing his affection to Mom. He would hug her, hold her hands, and touching her head in front of us. And even in public. I know sometimes Mom was very shy, and sometimes she would avoid all the PA. But I know deep down she felt loved and happy and knew that the man she married loves her so very much that he would want the world to know how lucky he is to have her.

We love each other.

I love the fact that all of us are so close with each other. I would spend hours on the phone with my sisters or brothers even though I know I would see them the very next day. I love the fact I can always talk to them about everything and anything. And we could all understand our jokes. Except Aisyah! Haha Ok just kidding cah ;p

As I grow up, we never get to do all that anymore. But I get to see my other sister and brothers (after Hakeem) get their happy growing up moments. And Im glad things never change in our house.

And whenever I think of those good old days, I would smile, and felt so proud and blessed, and I wish my children will feel the same way I felt growing up.

As you can see, my life is full of noise. And people. And love.

So when its quite, it felt awful. Just awful.


.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

O M G, soooo sweet.. i felt like reading a sweet happy story.. n almost crying when i read it ( huhu so drama)mine wasn't like that.. but i guess there are so many kind of happiness in this world.. rite?

P.s maybe next time we can exchange recipes. ur sis loves baking cup cakes rite? dh lama nk belaja bt n decorating!! hehe


Suraya said...

absence makes the heart grow fonder :P :)

stay strong Sarah! btw, kite takde kredit. kui2...

Faeeza said...

waaa sarahh, syahdu nyee.awk ni wat sy trase nk blk umah jek!terkenang zmn kecik2~ huuuuu :'(

bijoux said...

hey sara, its nice to read about u n jusoh!! kalau tanye the boys they are all lost je on how u guys are doing. do take care, im sure its hard to deal with the silence at home. insyaAllah you will find your peace there with jusoh =) stay strong ok babes..

Faeeza said...

haa, i tau how to bising-kan umah u. babiess :D!!!go get 1 la :P

sarah pahmi said...

Yana: Yea lah, everyone has their own sweet growing up n family stories, n that's mine ;) Oh yeap she's into cupcakes and all. Helped with the deco once, tp im not so clever! Definately can exchange recipes. Cuppies tu senang je. mkn pn sedap! hehe

Sue: Jelous awk nk balik Msia =p cik mek, recharge laa ur phone! Ingt salah no hehe. Oh we wanted to go to goldcoast this dec, tp budget tak cukup! haha btw, add me to ur blog. kecik hati nieh! =p

Faeeza: Awk buleh jeeee blk rumah tiap2 bulan hehe sorry laa terbuat stress. sbb sy tgh stress jugak! babies? go get one? ermm ok nnt i bukak catalog =p

Bijoux: Shikin! hehe lama nk catch up at ur blog tp tak tercatch up hehe. heh, the boys will always be boys. mana nk tau apa2 cite. any updates on us, its all here =) Thanks dear, tgh rindu rumah sebenarnye hehe