Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7th Heaven

Ermm, Ive been tagged by Yana.This would make it my first, since Ive never been tagged.
I thinkkkkkk!
And I still dont get what's the point of all this, but ah well, it may just be fun ;)

List these rules on your blog.

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
* Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* Link the person who tagged you.
* Leave a comment for each blogger.

So here it goes...

7 FACTS ABOUT MYSELF (Which some are soo/too obvious)

1) I got married at 23. DUHHHHHH

2) I have 8 siblings. Yes people, EIGHT.

3) Ive always been skinny, yet with big thighs.

4) I love food. Actually, I love to eat. No diet for me, ever.

5) People call me proper. So I dont know. I think?

6) Im allergic to cats (more to their fur that is) when I was younger. My dad said the best cure would be to go near cats al much as I can so my body can fight the allergies. And oh dust! I cant bear both cats and dust, if not my eyes will go watery and at some point they might get swollen, and Id have runny nose. Not just the normal runny nose I get every morning, but a real bad ones. But I guess my dad was right. Im getting much better, dust still gets to me, but not cats anymore. Or maybe I dont spend that much time or too near to them anymore.

7) Im very forgetful, and I always loose my things. The things I loose/forget where I last put on a daily basis would be my hairband, hair clip, and also brooch, and my hairbrush. I would be running around the apartment looking for it. To explain how bad it is, I used to call my sister Hajar whenever Im home and lost/cant remember where I put my stuff, eventhough she's away from home ie asrama in Langkawi, Intec in Shah Alam, anndddd this is the worst part, Brisbane! Yes, I did called her once or twice, or smsed her a few times when Im still in Msia and she's in Bbane. Teruk kan? And, she always know where they'll be. How amazing is that??? She'll be saying, "Cuba tgk dkt dlm drawer atas(etc). Slalu letak situ." And of course, after a few minutes looking at the places that she said it would be, Id find them. Tapi now tak boleh buat mcm tu dah, since Im living in a new place, and she only came once, so she wouldnt know where Id put my things. And duuhhhh I cant count on hubby. Though I always do ask him anyways, but never managed to find them until hours later, *sigh*


1) I have to have my good corner to read a book. My mom used to laugh at me because I sit at this one corner in my room when im reading and said, "U have a bed and there's tons of chair for you to sit. Yet you sit on the floor and at a very narrow corner". So whatt??? I need to get in the zoneee! Hehehe But now I dont have any corner I like anymore...

2) Its very difficult to hear me fart. Hahaha! Yes, im human and I do fart. Yet I wont fart in your face ;p

3) Im funny (so I claim lah kan), and always do stupid faces and jokes, BUT only to my siblings. I dont know why.

4) I hate to kangkang. Hahaha pls jgn pikir bukan2. But seriously. Whenever I drive pun, my legs would be nicely terkepit. Even when I drive manual. Belive it. And I always tutup kaki my girlfriends yg drive gilaaaa terkangkanggg! Haha

5) I bit my nails. I used to go crazy especially when I was reading a good book, or watching a movie. But I got a good scolding from mom, and now I dont bite them anymore. Only once in a while, when Im too occupied to realize what I was doing. Hehe

6) I nag, constantly. So my current victim woud be hubby ehehehe. Im sure Zu felt better when we're no more roomates.

7) I have a habit of buying things I dont even plan/need whenever I go out. (Who doesn't???) Especially alone. Usually I'll find reasons to need the things. Sometimes, if I could not find a single thing to buy, I'll go to the Reject Shop (not the same ones we have in Msia tho) and find benda pelik2 like a small jar for spices tu for $1.50. And I have lots of them, ada satu tak bukak from the wrapping lagi eheheheheh. Or sometimes, I'll look for something yg comel yg takde practicality of buying it langsung, tp still beli sbb cute. Geddit?


1) Miss H, or Chinn, or Haney. (Not to sure she would do this though ;p )
2) Aisyah Pahmi
3) Adam Nokman
4) Aizuddin (If you havent done this, and IF you have nothing better to do hehe)
5) Melissa Mazlan
6) Bahirah! Haha. Babe where have you been????
7) Anyone who wants to do this. I dont have many blogger friends hehe

So there. Penat pikir. This took me days to finish. Haih...


Miss H said...

i cakap you i takut org tempat kerja google name i okaay...

anyway u gave me a reason to blog!

sarah pahmi said...

haha bangang gileee ok! fine. u'll be miss H from now on. or chinntet eeheheheh

melissa mazlan said...


Anonymous said...

sini sini!!!
hahahaa!!sori babe..a bit occupied lately~~but i'll make it up to u darl!!!love u ma beep!!!

Anonymous said...

ooo kt bwh comment mel tuh baya..heheheee!

twisted-dolly said...

haha i know its u babe. so obvious! :p me love u too! get back to me will ya?