Sunday, March 30, 2008

Saturday is supposed to be a lazy day. For me.

Initially I wanted to spend some time to go to the office, and do some work.
But of course, lazy me says just stay at home and relax.
And somehow, around 3pm, suddenly Muhammad remembered that i promised him to take them out today. So I decided, what the heck, lets go out for a movie.
Got out of the house around 4pm, with Aisyah, Muhammad, Umar and of course Iman suddenly cries to tag along as well.
So no lazy day for me.

Oh, and I bumped into Farhad. Busy ye u skrang. I wish i could be there at ur FESCO event darling...

Later after dinner at home, met up with afifa.
We had a nice girly talk at oldtown, just the two of us.
Gossiping and of course, wedding talk.
Really had a great time with you dearie eventho its a short one.
And thanks for picking me up and sending me back home safely =)

And now here I am at nearly 2am in front of the pc, TRYING to do some work.
Get ur lazy ass to work Sarah, if not ur gonna die tomorrow at the office. Umar aka my "boss" is going to kill me.

Cannot be lazy, I said to myself.

And hopefully tomorrow morning i can wake up with a great spirit to go to work.

Oh btw, as I've promised Zu darling.
My wedding date will be on the 19th of July.
So there, Im finally publicizing my big day.
Its not a crime, is it?

Friday, March 28, 2008


Ok despite all the complaints and whatever not from previous posts, Im actually having a sweet time thinking about US. hehe so that will explains all those tacky but cute tickerS ye *blushes*

For the first time, finally Im going to talk about all the wedding thingy here. I thought of keeping it for myself je, but somehow cannot tahan and i feel like telling it to the whole wide world! haha
But honestly I wont say much like all the wedding details etc, just a few things here and there since that's the only main thing that's happening in my own little world at the moment (which excites me the most that is) :D


So there. Hehe

Honestly, if ppl ask me, so how's the prep? Seriously, i have nothing to say! Nothing much is done now, put aside the confirmed date and location (which has been decided months ago), so basically, there's nothing new.
My team mate was asking me the same question the other day, and she said she's surprised since there's like another 4 months to go??? Shittttyyyyyyy kannnn.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

to whom it may concern

I really2 wish i can earn more.
Money is tight and now its depressingly not enough.

Ive been complaining a lot have I?

I want happy thoughts.

something is nothing at all

big words pouring. but couldnt make any perfect, or makes sense sentence that is.

so again, keeping this short. *sigh*

p/s big day, big day, big day. it scares me. A LOT.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


shit chinn's comment was fast!
ok fine so i was a lil tiny weeeny bit busy.
and yes seriously i have no time to write here as well. Obviously.

gotta keep this REALLY short.

bapa sudah marah.