Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Domestic Me

We had an early Saturday today.
Went for breakfast, we had Machiato coffee, latte, pancakes and toast.
Huge appetite kan?
After breakfast, we went to Target since its the only shop open at that time. (8.30am!) While we were browsing, tiba-tiba sakit perut. Both pulak tu! Penangan coffee punya pasal.

So we immediately rushed to the cashier to pay for our things. He bought a supercool Marvel comics character T-shirt but I forgot which it was, and I got this!


Berbalik to the story, kami pun rush lah pulang. Sakit perut ehem ehem agaklah serious. Its lucky our apartment is just a walking distance! Hubby literally ran! Hahahahhaha
Me? Boleh tahan lagi ;p So I asked him to go ahead, lari dulu, and I was a few minutes behind him. Haha!

We later decided to take the train to go to City West, nak pergi Harvey Norman. We got there around 9.30am, and there's still not many people. Was very happy browsing through the electrical goods, and spent hours browsing dekat the TV section.
Bought a Canon Pixma printer for a mere $49, and I got something for myself as well. Yeayy lagi! Benda ni I had been eyeing for years, and a few months dah survey2 harga kat sini. The most was $89 time awal-awal sampai. And we managed to find more cheaper stores. The cheapest for that "thing" I found is $50, so I thought to myself, Ok laa simpan duit sikit-sikit (not that takde duit, just wont waste that much untuk beli itu benda haha) so tak laa terasa mahal sgt kan?
Then today, I checked for that thing, tapi mahal sebab ada extended features, for $89. Cit! Skali hubby showed me ada this one section, for half price!!! Not from $89, tapi $50. And its the one that I wanted, sbb I dont need the extended features. So I asked him, boleh ke beli, and he said if its for real boleh dapat half price, boleh laa beli.

And oh yea, the price tag didnt say half price or its on sale, tapi there's a huge banner ckp half price, tapi was not really sure if that thing is also in the sale, sbb jauh sikit from the banner.

So I went to ask the salesman. This is the conversation.

Me: Hi. Would like to know, is this half price as well?

Guy: Sure! If you want.

Me: *muka blur, kelip-kelip mata* What do you mean, if I want?

Guy: Well, I can give you half price, which is $25 if you really want to buy this.

I grinned at him, ear to ear, and said: Of course I want! Thank you soooo much!

And he wrote the new price at the tag.

Then, the guy said again: If you buy a laptop or a PC, you'll get this and another 4 of your choice, for free!

Me: Errr its ok. I think I'll just go with this one only. Thanks again! *smiles*

And I walks off, holding it to my chest towards hubby, and was skipping a little bit. Macam jalan atas udara.

So, agak-agak ape yang I beli?


Hahaha. Whoever that knows me well, knows that Im a freak for this game. I called Hajar after I bought it, suruh dia teka. Obvious gilaaa die teka betul. I didnt even tell her its a game. I just said, "Guess what I bought tadi kat Harvey Norman?" Die terus cakap, "Ape? Game?" I laughed. "The Sims lah tu!" Hahahaha!

Sooo happy. Boleh main sampai lebam!
*sampai rumah cepat-cepat uninstall the sims (not the sims 2) kat laptop yg di dload kat limewire 2 months ago, yang sucks big time! dh laa game tak complete. menyesal download. itulah akibat sebab bukan original ;p*

Looking forward to buy the stuff packs later!
* The Sims 2 Ikea Home Stuff
* The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design
* The Sims 2 H&M® Fashion Stuff Pack (H&M tuuuu!!!)

I dont care ape korang nak kata about my gaming habit ;p~!

Oh ye, wanted to show the price tag where the guy literally conteng, and tulis the new price, tapi hilang!!! Tskkk.

After Harvey Norman, balik apartment to simpan barang. Then went out again jalan-jalan dekat Murray Street & Hay Street malls, had lunch, then went to Borders. Got 2 books, again for my own sweet self haha
And I realized I havent read the last Harry Potter book. I totally forgot about it! Nak beli, but I just bought the Sophie Kinsella book this morning, and had spent too much, so will get it later next week or the week after that, kot? hehe

And these are the damage for today. All mine! hehe

To Aisyah and Adam, this is worth buying!


Silicone tray pulak tu! :D Pink pulak tu! :D

Yeap. I bought cupcakes recipe book and sewing book. Domestic kan? ;)

Note: Was supposed to meet with a friend, Jade later tonight to watch the Christmas Symphony, tapi was so tired, I slept for 4 hours straight! And now its 1.30am, and Im wide awake. *sigh*


Aisyah said...

awak ni suka buat i jealous. haha
eh mesin jahit u bila pulak? hehe. sementara semangat masih ada.

sarah pahmi said...

alaa jgn laa jelous! :p
mesin jahit on the way... hehe

hadi said...

ahaha. klong, klong. ingatkan apa la weh.
berdebar you know.

sarah pahmi said...

alaa hadi tu pun nak berdebar :p di, guitar hero kat sini sale di, murah!

adam nokman said...

suspen gila. igt beli hape. rupenye the sims. =.=
u ni kan, suka kan, membuat saya gila.
oh, brp u beli?
kat sini adelah betty crocker ny set. klau tak silap, kat MPH RM150 ke brp tk igt dh. tp dlm hrg tulah.

ealya said...

hahaha kelakar la u sar...
ingatkan u beli ape la..
skali the sim je...
gelak besar i bace td

sarah pahmi said...

adam: hehehe nk tunjuk yg cuppies set tu laa kat awak. murah sahaja. $16! hehe

ealya: hahaha bak kata hadi, berdebar kan? :p Tapi i sukeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! nasib baik syed memahami I punya gila the sims hehe

.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

mmg sgt mendebarkan.. OMG!!! sims rupenye.. hihih.. lawak btul la sarah!!!

ah.. i envy u ... bestnye jdi u ni.. heheh.. take care ya

hadi said...

long, guitar hero best long. beli! beli!

sarah pahmi said...

yana: haha erk envy me? why laaa...

hadi: ye ke? angah pun ckp best. kaklong still tak paham ape yang best dia haha ps2/ps3 pun takde lagi di. camno nk beli guitar hero hehe

kamilia said...

aisyah.cupcake set tu ade jual kat MPH for 32 bucks. go grabbbb one todayyyy!

sarah pahmi said...

ye ke? haa aisyah, kalau mahu gi lah beli. ingt nk beli gak utk awk, tp dh abis...