Thursday, November 13, 2008

Santa is coming to town. So where is MY santa?

This year, the city of Perth will be casting magic over WA with the Festival of Chrishtmas. So tomorrow, is the launching day, and they will be switching on the Christmas light at Forrest Place.

This shall be our first time experiencing real Christmas environment (of course we dont have a tree, Christmas dinner and will not be exchanging gifts). The streets are already been decorated with lights and Christmas deco, and it looks gorgeous! I notice the big Christmas tree yesterday while I was out to the mall, but I didnt do anything, not even take a picture (walaupun teringin) since I was alone. Awkward lah nak amik gamba sorang2.

As I read on the event plan for tomorrow, there will also be Santa (of course!) and after he switched the lights on, he will leave on his sleigh to David Jones (a Mall) and will be there until Christmas. I wonder if Im allowed to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what I want for Christmas? Hmmm...

And the best part is, of course, the sale!!! Ehehehehehe

But Christmas here wont be a white one. Its summer! So Santa with all that heavy suit? I dont know how he will stand it. But in TV ad, I saw a Santa wearing a summer shirt (bunga2 ala2 Hawaii), and heads to the beach to go surfing. Haha! Ah well, they have to make do with whatever they have.

So since its Christmas...

What I want for Christmas:

1) An ironing board
2) A grocery trolley
3) A very very good vacuum cleaner

Gila tak cool my wishlist. But those are the things i need!!! Ok, new wishlist for tamak me pulak.

1) Leather flats
2) Benefit makeups (sini murahhhhhh)
3) Bobbi Brown Moisturizer SPF25 (tp kat sini takde) or Benefit Dear John or ape2 good face moisturizer lah pendek kata & night cream eheheheh
4) Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!!! Summer is coming, need new summer wardrobe ehehehhe
5)CASH. MORE CASH. Not for grocery, but for me, ALL for me.
6) Flight tickets for me to balik Malaysia ehehehehehhe
7) Camera itu! DSLR baru cool. Gamba die i meant.

Bang, bila nak pegi IKEA? For my first wishlist. (Abang??? Eeewwwwww!) Ahahaha

Second wishlist tu pandai2 lah ye. Dah HINT HINT big time!


Aisyah said...

benefit murah? :DDDDDD

sarah pahmi said...

ye. ada apa? =p

.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

and 1st time christmas in summer rite? hehe.. last yr was my 1st time.. a bit weird.. i heard my germany friend and kiwi friend arguing about that.. the germany said.. 'what a christmas without snow!!" i just laughed..