Sunday, December 14, 2008

hot hot hot

The temperature today is 37 degrees!
Panas gila.

We went to lunch and was thinking of going out for a walk after that, but when we got out of our apartment, the heat hit us right on!
Its sooo hot, we rushed back home right after lunch, thinking of the comfort at home. And ice cold water.

So its day in for us today, which is very rare. Lazying around the house with the skimpiest clothes you can find!

p/s Will be going to the chemist tomorrow to buy the perfumes ordered! Yeayyy!


afifa said...

alala kesian nye kepanasan(make sure echo i protected with sunblock also..nanti i byr duit sunblock)

sarah pahmi said...

bod gil lah u ni! (so 10 yrs ago punya ayat, but i dont care)
esok or selasa lah i beli k. sabarrrrrrrr

ealya said...

mane i nye harga perfume???

iezu said...

eh..what happened to my earlier comment? nvm...i'll repeat myself

"tu baru panas dunia kak oi! hehe"

sarah pahmi said...

ealya: I dh sms u! hehe sorry lmbt

din: ermm okayyyyy ;p