Friday, December 25, 2009

I wish,

I wish upon a star, I can go for a holiday next week.

I really really really want to see my family.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I need change.

I need inspiration.

I need something to hold on to.

I need a new resolution.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

one after another

Bila baca blog Aisyah, RINDU semakin menjadi-jadi. Haih.

Ye ye Iman comel.

Semalam was on the phone with him. I told him that Ive moved to another house, and there's a garage (which he loves). He asked, "Dalam garage tu ada kereta ape?". Adeeiiii. Susah nyaaa nak jawab soalan tu. Tanya balik, "Iman nak ada kereta ape dalam tu?" "Felariiii. Sebab dia lajuuuu." Mampu gelak je laa...

Tau dia tengah dalam kereta, so tanya dia lagi, "Iman dekat mana ni?" "Iman dekat Malaysia." OK ni mengeluh besar. Haha ape-ape saje laa jawapan budak ni.

The other day, was on the the phone again with him. He told me, "Kaklong, Iman beli Felari dengan Range Dover tadi". (Yes that's how he pronounces it.) "Ye ke? Nak jugakk. Iman beli laa utk Kaklong satu." Iman mengeluh. "Alahh. Iman punya mainan jeeee."

I wonder how kids can have really-really awsome answers to our never ending questions, and funny answers too. Geram nak gigit-gigit je rasa.


Oh, Iman sekarang pun dah ada Facebook ok. haha Abang-abang dia punya kerja lah tu!
Sape-sape berminat, sila lah add dia ye. Tapi obviously bukan dia yg approve!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rain and sunshine

I was upset today. About little things. The smallest things. And big things too. So i opted for the silence. But i did let my anger and frustration out a little bit. Just a tiny one, then i shut up. It didnt help when he says nothing too.
So we had dinner and the whole night in silence.

Then he fell asleep first. Before me. It is so not fair! Why? Because I love watching him sleep. It makes me smile. It makes all the upset thingy go away. It makes me forget all the things i wanted to talk or say to him, or confront him, or to just pick a fight. Its gone. And now its all warm and fuzzy. Sheeeshhh.

He still talks in his sleep by the way.

And oh yeah, im back! Sort of.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Im back in Perth

Alhamdulillah, Ive safely landed in Perth yesterday morning at 5.30am, and was out of the airport at 6am.

And we've managed to get a house, just signed the contract and got the keys today during lunch time, and went to the house after dinner, just to take a look around. Ive never seen the house, and all I can say, hubby did a good job. Although he can do a better job :p

Insyallah, when we move in and get settled, I'll upload some pictures of the house.

At the moment, we're kindda menumpang at a friend's house. Since he's living alone and there's a spare room, we might as well accompany him hehe.

Will update more soon.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

he is so far away


He's back in Perth since last week. And I'll be going back Monday next week.
Tak sabar nyaaaaaaa

Thursday, September 10, 2009

rumah ku

Oh yeah, we didnt get the house that we went to view last week. :((

That means, we have no place to live! Yikes!

Hopefully when hubby gets back, he'll find a nice house for us. Insyallah.

Bila lagi 5 hari nak balik

Kami tgh packing, yet again. Tak habis habis barang packing. It seems, the more I pack, the more stuff we have. GGrrrrrr. Sabar sabar...

Kadang-kadang pening bila encik suami tolong buat kerja. I love him, of course. But sometimes, rasa nak bebel je. (Dah bebel dah pun, tapi moderately hihi)

Lagi 5 hari!!!

Tak sabar nak balik! Plan kami, lepas terawih mahu pegi drive tru KFC utk supper! Oh popcorn chicken, Im coming! Iman cakap copcorn. Huehehuhehe

Semalam Ayah call. Lepas tu cakap lah dengan Iman. First thing dia tanya, dah beli baju Iman tak? (Eh eh budak niii) Baju apa? Baju swimming suit. Dah berapa kali dah ckp telefon dgn dia, mesti remind kan beli baju tu. Tapi before this diselitkan dgn telescope dia skali sebab nak tgk alien (pengaruh game Sims 2 haha) Semalam takde pulak dia mention. Nasib baik! Niat dah nak beli, tapi bila betul-betul nak pegi beli takde lah pulak kannnn. So tak jadi beli sebab budak tu lupa hihihi Part yang best, cakap "Kaklong tak tahu laa nak beli kat mana. Tak ade." "Adeeeee. Dekat Jusco dekat dgn rumah kaklong tu. Kan kite pegi haritu." Bijak bijak. Tapi semua kedai to him nama dia Jusco haha. Geram. Tak sabar nak balik and gomol dia walaupun tahun depan dah boleh pegi tadika! OMG dah besarrrr!

Oh and Iman banyak kali call cakap nak pegi rumah Kaklong. Sekarang jugak! Suruh pegi beli ticket. And dia nak packing baju-baju tebal dia. So semalam dia cakap lagi, dgn suara yang sayu, "Iman nak pegi rumah Kaklong..." "Tak payah laa. Kaklong nak pegi rumah Iman ni. Sekejap je lagi." "Sekejap lagi? Bila?" "Iman tido 7 kali dulu, lepas tu Kaklong sampai." "OK. Tapi Iman nak pegi jugak rumah Kaklong." "Kenape?" "Rumah Kaklong sejuk. Rumah Iman panas." Alahaiii. Tak dapek nak menolong...

Ok kawan-kawan. Kita jumpa di KL lepas raya ok? I'll be in Terengganu at hubby's hse until 1 Oct maybe. Dont worry, I'll be free on that day onwards, Insyallah.

Miss you peeps!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Ramadhan 1430


Alhamdulillah dah 7 hari kita berpuasa. Moga dibulan baik ini hidup kita lebih diberkati. Ambil kesempatan ini untuk beramal jariah dan berdoa. Moga-moga diperkenankan.

Sorry dah lama tak berblog. Busy yang amat sangat. We'll be going back to Malaysia insyallah on the 15 September 2009, and at the moment, Im busy packing up all of our stuff to bring back, as well as packing up the whole house because we're moving! *alamak, baru perasan sempat berapa patah je berbahasa melayu.*

Anyway, we dont know yet where we're gonna move, but we've been looking around for a house in the suburb, and next Monday we're gonna go and view another house. I hope everything goes well.

Here's a preview of how our apartment looks like at the moment.

Oh all the books has been packed into the box after I took this picture heheh

Bersepah kan? Hari2 tgk sakit mata... Takde tempat dah nak letak. So terpaksa tahan laa bersemak 2minggu lebih lagi...

Tak sabar nak balik rumah...

Monday, August 17, 2009


New updates at Topaz House! Gorgeous sunnies with gorgeous price! ;D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

COACH Handbags!

Heyya peeps!

The blog is up and running. So please support! :D

Visit Topaz House today!

p/s Im not the owner of the blog, but my cousin Emie is! If there's anything to enquire, you can directly email her. If not, Im always happy to help ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Ape nak masak malam ni???!!!???

Takde idea!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Would you like to own a Coach handbag, purse, wristlet and accessories, you name it, without the expensive price tag?


And now I CAN!

My cousin lives in United States, and Ive been enquiring her about some stuff that I could get cheaper there compared to here in Australia. We get to talking about other stuff, and apparently I found out that she's been selling some Coach handbags in Ebay for quite some time, but to US residents only! Bohoooo! So I told her, why not sell it to us here in Malaysia? Kan kan kan? So here I am, trying to advertise a bag that she has with her right now, and if you like this idea, and the price she's offering, let me know! Coz she's gonna get moreeeee! For us!

So here it is:

Coach Reversible Stripe/Grafiti Beach Tote #F13553

100% Authentic and Brand New!
*cheaper price because bought at an outlet and off-season*


Gorgeous stain resistant fabric with leather trim.
Reversible Multi Stripe colors and Coach Signature Grafiti.

Bought at the store with box, but without the dustbag.

15" L x 6" W x 12.5" H

RM750 (with shipping from US to Malaysia)

Gorgeous isnt it? It is suitable as a diaper bag too because its very roomy!

Interested? Leave a comment!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

UTP's closed due to H1N1


Google "UTP ditutup", and you can get all the details. But here a notice from the rector about the closure in eLearning. Unfortunately, from beliamuda. But thanks anyway beliamuda for the info.

Dear all,

I wish to inform all of you, in view of the Influenza-like Illness (ILI) among our students, we have decided to close the university beginning 3.00pm today, Friday, 31 July 2009 until 3.00pm, Thursday, 6 August 2009. All students (UG & PG) without symptoms of ILI are to leave the campus starting 3.00pm onwards and latest by at 12.00 noon, Saturday, 1 August 2009.

All academic activities will resume on Monday, 10 August 2009.

International students and students from Sabah and Sarawak can remain in campus. However, please note that you are not allowed to leave the campus during the above campus closure period.

Exit Instruction:

Students are encouraged to return home either by using public transport, own transportation or with parents/guardian. Please refer the ‘Home Assessment Tool’ provided by the Health Ministry as a guide to ensure your protection against H1N1. You can collect this at the Main Guard House.

Students with the ILI symptoms must undergo screening at the UTP Health Centre before returning home. If you are required to be quarantined you may only return home accompanied by parents/guardian. You must take all necessary precautions including wearing a face mask at all times. Please refer to the ‘Home Assessment Tool’ provided by the Health Ministry as guide for patient at home quarantine.

The university will provide buses to Medan Gopeng Bus Station starting 3.00pm today.

Please leave all your room keys with Residential College Office for disinfection purposes. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action/s.

Home Quarantine

While at home, students with ILI symptoms are advised to stay at home and avoid contact with public.

If you have ILI symptom, you are advised to seek medical assistance from the nearest government clinics/hospitals immediately.

You can return to the campus once you have fully recovered.

Upon Returning

Upon returning to the campus, students must undergo mandatory H1N1 screening at the Main Hall (8.00am – 5.00pm) prior to registering at the residential colleges.

Students who develop ILI symptoms upon returning to campus must report to the UTP Health Centre immediately.

Disciplinary action can be taken to students who do not comply with the required screening process.

Student Returning Schedule For Screening.

DateResidents of VillageVenue (Time)
7 August 2009Residents of Old Village V1, V2Main Hall (8.00am – 5.00pm)
8 August 2009Residents of V3, V4, V5Main Hall (8.00am – 5.00pm)
9 August 2009Residents of V5Main Hall (8.00am – 5.00pm)

All students are to adhere to the above returning schedule. However, you are allowed to return earlier if necessary.

Please refer to the e-Learning for updates. The university staff will be working as usual during the above period. If you require on the above matter, please contact relevant authorities.

Thank you.

Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Hj. Kasim
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS
Bandar Seri Iskandar
31750 Tronoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel : +605-368 8181
Fax: +605-368 8113
Email :

Terkejut jugak lah bila baca news ni. I didnt know it has gotten this bad in Malaysia.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up for grabs!

Ive won 2 studio photoshoot. Yet, I dont think Im gonna make an appointment.

One, Ive won a total of $850 worth of shoot, and makeover at Kelvin Chong. Which sounds impressive, and if I book by end of this month, Im gonna get an extra $100 rebate to print a photo. Sounds tempting, buttttt, Im pretty sure we wont get a copy of the photos. Plus, to print a 6x4 would at least cost me around $50. Cekik darah ok!

Second, Ive won a $300 worth of shoot, no makeover though. A different studio alltogether. I received this last week. And I asked the girl who called me whether I can get the copies of the pictures taken that day, but she said that would be against the policy, and something about copyright.


Although Im happy to have won, but not being able to actually claim the price is frustrating. I soooo wanted a photoshoot with hubby, studio pun studio lah since we never had the chance to do a wedding photoshoot. Tak sempat.

So anywayy, the prizes are transferrable. So I can just give to anyone who wants it. So anyone??? Anyone in perth laa tapi hehe

And oh, Ive got a 1 week free gym at the all womens' gym, Curves. Sape nak??? (Im wayy too lazy to go haha)

Note: Ive won all this because I went to the Women's Expo with Rofi last month. We entered every contest in the expo. Who would have thought I won something kan? Hehe

What I surprised him last night

Last night, I surprised hubby with a candlelight dinner. At home.

The apartment was dark, and I lighted with candles. Lots of them. All over the place. Hehe Even the bedroom ;)

Hubby was surprised when he got home from work, just how I wanted him to be. Rumah gelap je. Ajak terus pegi dinner table, and I asked him to sit and do nothing else.

I made mashed potatoes with cheese sauce (nak buat mcm kat chillis, still tak jadi sedap mcm tu!), Blackpepper T-Bone steak, served with sparkling grape, and for dessert, oreo cheesecake (finally ada reason nak buat), and strawberries! Sempoi saja, presentation je kasi gempak sikit haha.

The table was set up with 2 candles in the middle, and ohh I love this part, the glasses! I finally get to use my crystal champagne glasses! yeayyy!

And in the background, some classic love songs playing. :D Kasi romantic sikitttt haha

Dinner was good. Ambience was good. And we had a great, full of love night! ;)

No pictures was taken during the dinner. But here's one, before he came home. Gambar tu action je ye. Saje nak amik gambar je ;p

And here's us today in the train. We did nothing fancy. Normal and typical Saturday outing, keluar jalan-jalan.

Friday, July 17, 2009


is our 1 year wedding anniversary.

I have something special for him tonight ;)

I hope he'll like it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winter Ball

Okayyy, here's a sneak peak.























Hehehe Ok laa its actually not a sneak peak.

Unfortunately we didnt take much pictures. And to make matters worst, most of the pictures of us turned out really bleagghhhh! (Ok its actually me, muka berkilat2 n tembam nk mampus). So telah didelete even before ditransfer to the laptop.

So here's some yang boleh diterima.

With Hubby's "Asian" officemates, also our tablemates that night.

The view from our table. Loveeee the deco.

With Allyson, Hubby's boss. Aparently, she's Malaysian! But have been living in Aussie for a long time.

Us. Lebih suka without flash heh heh.

With Kak Liza. Me very tembam, I know.

Ok im posting this fugly picture because I wanna point out most of the other pictures sumeeeee nampak makeup tah pape and memang tak boleh blah, like this picture, and worse. And I wore false eyelash mlm tu, tatau apsal die senget pulak! haha Tentionnn. Hubby tak ckp ape2 pun. Die ckp tak perasan pun. Fine! Bila pegi toilet baru perasan horor gilaa muka. Tu pun time nk blk baru pegi toilet. Ahh well. What to do.

That's the dance floor. (Nasib baik bukan ballroom dancing, like hubby told me). Ramai tgh clubbing. We joined them for a song or two, dgn Abg Kam and Kak Liza join skali haha

And one last picture...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Excited to get ready and dress up!

Encik Syed's company is having its yearly Winter Ball, which is tonight. And we are going! :D

Seronok bila tau ada dinner. Dah lama tak berpakaian fancy2 dan bersiap dan bermakeup hihi.

Its a ball, so I think you can imagine how and what its gonna be like. And there's ballroom dancing as well! Errrr nervous nih. Hubby has been telling me that we need to learn how to ballroom dance since a month ago, and up until now, we know nothing.

Last night when hubby was trying on his suit and which shirt and tie to go with, he started parading. With shoes as well, mind you. And I was doing a tiny bit of sewing, and he mentioned again we still dont know how to dance. Dia cakap, "Nanti orang semua tengah menari, kite tengok je. Nanti orang cakap ape pulak." Cehhh. Gedik betul.

Then he started dancing. Tapi bukan ballroom dance ok, he was imitating this pakcik we saw once dekat Forrest Chase, menari old school style. Imagine him all suited up with shiny black shoes, menari at one spot, badan kedepan 15 darjah, punggung gelek-gelek kecil dan tertonggek-tonggek (add 15 darjah kebelakang pulak). Sabar je lah saya!!! Mintak-mintak die tak menari macam tu malam ni!

Ok, we're going out kejap. I suddenly changed my mind on what kind of scarf I want to wear tonight, and I hope I wont be wearing all black, sampai ke tudung. Demo sikit yesterday, and saya nampak macam orang tgh mourn. Scarryyyyy.

Monday, July 6, 2009

about mr right

I have yet again to receive another message asking about marriage and about MR Right. Trust me, this is not the first time.

I dont know why people are asking me about this kind of question. Im no Dr Phil okayy. Issue ni sensitive betul! And I know Im not the only one among our age who's married. There's plenty of them. But ahh well. I hope I managed to help them, make them see things clearer, in one way or the other. Im always happy to give out my words of wisdom. Eceh.

Anyways, to just share with you what I thought, about marriage and "Mr Right".

The first friend who asked me this was now-Mrs Azurin. Right after the news that I was going to get engaged. Belum tunang lagi tu, orang dah tanya2 haha. She asked me how did I ever come to decide to be engaged, and to get married. At a young age especially. I simply say (so I think it was), "Sebab rasa dah nak kawin." And I told her what my dad told me, when I asked him about getting married. Yes, I did consult someone too okay! I asked him (punye lah nervous time tu, tgh cat dinding pulak tu. Tak tgk muka pun haha), "Ayah, how did you know when you are ready to get married?" And he said exactly that. "Bila rasa nak kawin". And he did. Senang kan? Me and Zurin talked some more, and then she got married a few months after that! Good on ya babe! :D

And I think, making this decision should be the easiest. You will know when you are ready. In my opinion, when you even think about marriage, you are one step closer. No matter if you already have that someone to get married to, or not. Allah dah jadikan kita berpasangan. So it will come sooner or later.

And now there's this Mr Right question pulak. Honestly, I dont think it should be a question. You'll know yourself if he/she is right for you. You dont need someone to tell you he/she is the one for you (unless you're really blind to see it). But then again, there's also some yang bercinta bagai nak mabuk, to the wrong person. It doesnt just go by love alone (ayat sebijik2 yg telah dibagi kepada si kawan yg bertanya heh heh). Sebab kadang-kadang kita bercinta, dah tak nampak yg buruk-buruk. Semua pun indah. Kena maki hamun pun telan je. Sebab cinta. That, my friend, is wrong. And that is definately not your Mr Right.

After being questioned by her about how do I know if my husband is my Mr Right, I immediately asked my Mr Husband, "Are you?". Of course die cakap entah lah. And honestly, at some point, I would say that too.

But after that, I looked at him, when he's peacefully sleeping (I love to do this, to make me see him as he is), and I know that Ive made the right decision by marrying him. I would not lie and say there's no halangan or distraction. There are. Still, I think. But I came through, and see some senses. Lust, or want isnt real. Love, what you have or what you need is real.

I told her, I know he is right for me when I know that I could never find a better guy than him. He's good to his family, mine, and of course to me. He values his family very much, and that is important to me. He accept me as who I am. No matter how lousy I was as a girlfriend, and how lousy I am as a wife, especially in the kitchen hehe.

And I know he is my Mr Right when I can see a future with him. I can see having a family and kids with him. Although we dont have any yet at the moment (Ok, lets not get into that again. sigh). Anyway. I know he is my Mr Right when I know that he is going to take good care of me, instead of the other way around. And I know he's going to be a good husband, as good as when he was a boyfriend to me.

So there. Its not THAT hard now is it? When you have someone, that you know will be able to make you happy for the rest of your life, hold on to him/her. And when you are thinking about getting married, you are ready. Dont be afraid. Marriage is beautiful. Its not something to be afraid of. And when you marry the right person, you will find out how it feels like when you're finally there. ;) I cant really put into words to describe it.

p/s This is entirely based on my own opinion and my experience. I am not some expert. Our views may differ. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rain rain go away, please come back another day

The weather has been so cold, and its raining almost every day. It never rain here. And now its pouring all the time. Although its not heavy rains, hujan pun malu-malu, but once in a while, dah tak malu dahhh.

I've catched a cold, and I hope its because of the weather and the rain. And not something else, you know what (touch wood!). Ive been having sore throat since yesterday, but not a bad one though. I just could not stand the flu. Its annoying. Sniff sniff here and there. Benciiiii!

I havent been sick for almost a year now. And I hate being sick. Urghh!

Friday, June 26, 2009

si dia

Suami saya dah pandai camwhore ok. Senyap-senyap je dia.

Dalam banyak-banyak gambar camwhore die, ni paling best.


Eeeeee misai dengan janggut burokkkkk!

p/s Si beliau tengah tidur, so boleh laa blog pasal dia. Plus I think he hasnt read or open my blog for quite some time now, so selamat lah saya!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to two

She came down to Perth for 3 days from the 7th until 10th. Just a short trip since she has exams a week after that.

The only (decent) picture that we took together. Others were just candid.

I miss her.

It was nice to have everyone crammed in our house (except Hadi though), despite the limited space, and all we do is stare at each other's face. Imagine all ten of us in a one bedroom apartment, with one toilet! With all the screaming, kids jumping up and down and running here and there, and everyone talking all at the same time. Everyday. Insane, yet blissful.

Family left for Malaysia today. Flight was delayed. We were at the airport at 4am, and it was delayed until 11.50am. And then again at 12.35pm, and finally on they were on the plane at 1pm. skjghsegayhutkjhagf!!!

We decided to stay at the airport. Lets just say the airport's shops made money today, thanks to us.

I had to leave early to return the rental cars at 12pm. It was sad to leave them instead of them leaving me. Im gonna miss them so much.

Now the house is empty and quiet again. "Back to normal", Ayah said when he called to say that they've landed safe and sound.

Sunyi. Cant wait to go back home for Raya.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello everyone. I missed you!

Im home!
Sorry I went MIA for the past week, I was out in the country to Albany since Thursday with my family.

We had a blast!
We get to see whales, emu, alpacca, lambs, cows and kangaroos!
We went to see places, with amazing views. Will upload some soon when I have more free time, and upload most of the pictures in Facebook.

Family will be leaving on Wednesday morning, so Im guessing I will be free after that ;)

Be good!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

di hari yang gelap

I lost my sunnies yesterday. My freaking Gucci sunnies is gone!!!!
Ive only had it for not more than 2 months!

We went to King's Park yesterday, and I had it tergantung dekat baju, and I always remember to check it once in a while to make sure it's still there.
I was wearing it, then I took it off because it was getting dark. I know should have put it in the car instead!

I checked again about 20 minutes before we went back to the car, then after that, I totally forgot. I was carrying Iman and running around, and that must be the time it fell.

When we went back to the car, I quickly look for my sunnies to put it back in the box, when its not there anymore! Immediately I ran out and traced back the ways we went and couldnt find it. My sister, all three brothers and my mother helped as well to look for it, and we took a nice half an hour looking, until it was dark.

There you go.


In loving memory (of my sunnies) :(

Taken yesterday, about 20-30 minutes before I realized it was gone. See! I always make sure its there with me

Deep down, Im still hoping its still there, and someone might find it, and return it.
And it will come back to me...

Monday, June 1, 2009

My rice cooker's gone.


Tak tahu nak cakap ape dah.

But thank you so much to Fatimah, Aisyah and Sofiah for the gift. Im so sorry it's gone now. It has been very good to us, and fed us for the last 7 months.

Update: I dont know what happened. While I was cooking, suddenly there's some foul smell and too many smoke than usual. I let the rice cook, and when I took out the rice, and I saw the bottom's melted a lil bit from the inside. So I cheecked the bottom to see if there's anything wrong, since the smoke came from there.

Then I saw the big hole. So there you go.
My dad said there might be some circuit shot in the wiring or some sort.


Im not buying a new one from here, coz it's kindda different. So I've asked Hakeem to buy one in Malaysia, and bring it here this Sunday. I hope he remembers, and know which type to buy.

Anyone kind enough to help him and me out? ehehe

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family in Perth

They're hereeeee!!!

Kami gembira bila kami ada each other ;p

They arrived on monday at 5.30am.

And yesterday we went to the Zoo! haha We had a blast looking at all those animals. The boys were so excited, since they've never been to the zoo. Especially Iman.

I am truly happy and blessed that my family is here.

And last night, Umi cooked us Ikan Merah Asam Pedas. Sedaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppp!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

an update on what Ive been up to

I have no idea what to bloggggg!!!

Ive been busy doing research on places to visit when my family comes, planning the itinerary, looking for cars to rent, making budget, and lets not forget, all the cleaning in the world before they arrive! haha

Dad just texted me saying they've received their ETA. And Hakeem's flight had to be changed to 7th June because he has exams before that. So he'll be here for 10 days instead of 23 days. And I had to reschedule a road trip plan to the last weekend they're here so that Hakeem can join us. And I also had to change our original plan to rent a Tarago to 2 cars instead because 9 people can't fit into a Tarago. And here's not like Malaysia where you can squeeze in or have your berat adik on your lap for the entire journey.

And my aunt and 2 uncles is here, 1 for work and 2 on holiday. And most probably meeting them for dinner tonight, and maybe a coffee and dessert at our place later.

So busy lah. No time. No time.

Oh yeah, Im not a babysitter anymore. I lasted for only 2 weeks! haha
Got some problems, so I quit! :p

Friday, May 15, 2009

school holiday will commence in 1 weeks time.

My family will all (except Hajar and Hadi) be here in Perth on the 25 May. And they will be here until 17 June!!!

Lama kan?

I cant wait. I need some comfort and family lovin'.

Monday, May 11, 2009

baby talks

I read Nicole Richie is pregnant again.

And I thought to myself, how easy can it get? I mean, everyone is pregnant, or just had a baby. Most of the people that got married, a month or so later, the wife's expecting. And most of them did not even expect it nor plan it.

Salma Hayek was on Oprah just now, talking about her baby. She's 43 and just had a baby. She said its the perfect time for her. She said she didnt expect it to be so soon as well, as of her age. She thought she might have to work on it, but then she's just got pregnant. Wow, it's that easy huh?

I always tell someone who's pregnant, "Lucky you." And that person would say, "Lucky you too. You get to have all the time you want, all the honeymoon, until you're ready." And I thought to myself, "Yeah. Maybe." I know. I should be grateful with whatever I have or dont have.

Its not to say that we've been trying for so long. We just tried. But I guess with no rezeki just yet. I get frustrated easily now whenever I got my period. I thought it would be easy, just like other people. Like Nicole Richie and Salma Hayek. And whenever I voiced out my frustration, hubby would calm me down and say, "Takpe laa, takde rezeki lagi. Nanti Tuhan nak bagi, dia bagi laa." Of course I would cry again.

Now, I cant imagine what other people who has been trying for years, would feel.

Our friends here are constantly praying that I'd "jangkit" whenever Im holding a baby. So yeah, sometimes its a pressure when people say that, but deep down Id be praying that I would get "berjangkit"!

Some chose not to have a baby yet. And we did decided to wait for a while. And now we are ready. We think we are. And we are trying. And trying.

I promised myself not to cry anymore, or get too emotional if things doesnt go as what I have hoped for. I promised myself to just enjoy with whatever I have, and the freedom that both of us are having right now. Some people would envy us, yeah. And we envy them.

I dont know why I want a baby so much right now. I guess its the maternal instinct?
I dont know.
Hubby wants it too. I guess we would feel more complete with a little junior of our own. I cant imagine what it would feel like, to bring another human being to this world, to raise and to teach a child. And I guess we also need that kind of responsibility, to remind ourselves, that its not only just us that we have to think about. We need to mature.

I know. We make plans, but things doesnt necessarily go as planned. And I know, God has better plans for us.

Its not easy for me to actually write about this so publicly. Its too personal. But at some point I thought, I should get this out of my system. I need to get it out. Maybe I can get a little bit of consolation from you guys. And some words of wisdom and inspiration perhaps.

p/s My cousin who got married a few weeks after us is now a father to a baby boy, Edrian. His wife delivered on 8th May 2009, a month earlier than expected. Congratulations!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

he made my day. again and again

Sakit perut gelak.

I was in front of the laptop, and hubby came rushing out from the bedroom.

"Ok tak? Ok tak?" -- Hubby, sambil gelak2 sendiri.

"Ape? Haa ye" -- Me, without even looking at him.

"Ok tak? Tgk ni. Tgk nii." -- Hubby, again, excited.

Looks up.

Me: Ahahahahahahahhahaha!!!!

Guess what?

He wore my cekak yg gold and glitter-glitter. Sambil sengih2 perasan cantik.

"Cantik. Macam pondan." -- ME! (sambil gelak-gelak nak menangis)

Im going Super, in front of TV

Im gonna snack in front of the TV, about an hour after lunch.

And Im gonna snack THIS!

Posted by Picasa

It reminds me of zaman kanak-kanak and also Iman. Because he's always asking me to buy Super Ring for him.


Dont mind me snacking because Im alone again on a Sunday. Hubby just left to play football. *sigh*

I asked him to teman me at home. And guess what he said?

"Kan dah teman makan lunch kat luar tadi." Tahhh papeeeee tahhhh.
"And I have to play. Nak keep fit so that tak gemuk."
"Pastu Sara nii???"
"Sara takpe. Memang dah gemuk."


Friday, May 1, 2009

while watching Carrie

Finally its Friday. Im sooo tired.

Ive been busy. No internet, left home early and came back home later than hubby every single day since Tuesday.

So yeah. I have a job now.

Dont clap your hands and jump and go "Hurraaayy Sarah!" too soon. Because Im a babysitter now. Yeap. Not a fancy job. Just a babysitter. To a 6 years old and a 4 years old. Gosh. Speaking of instant kids eh?

This is nothing permanent. But I needed something to entertain myself, kill time and have some money in my pocket.

I have to travel 30 minutes taking a train and then a bus, and then walk to their house. And I have to be there before 8.30am because the kids has school at 8.40am. So I left my house at 7.45am every day, and amazingly I didnt doze off at all in the train nor the bus. Not even once. Maybe a yawn once in a while, but that's just it. If you know me, Im not a morning person. Not even a 10am person. Im a 11am. So yeah.

Im suprised myself. I didnt even take a nap or a 1-2 hours sleep while Im on duty. Ok fine, maybe the first day.

The kids are killing me. They never ever go tired. They want to watch TV, with me. So I couldnt escape at all. I couldnt even go to the bathroom without the little girl screaming my name and looking for me.

Its hard. But Im trying so hard to deal with it. I should be great with kids, right?

All said. Wish me luck for the next I dont know how many more weeks to come.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A walk to remember

It was the first of more chilly nights to come. It was my birthday.

Let me start from the night before.
Our room has a clock, that tells the time according to the Daylight Saving time back in summer. We tried to change the time back to normal but somehow the button's broken. So we've gotten use to an hour early in the bedroom. Good thing for in the morning though innit? ;)

At 10pm, we were both already sleepy, but hubby insisted to read before going to bed. So I read my book, he read his. But we were too sleepy he decided to wish me and sang happy birhtday to me at 11! And his excuse was, our room has a time difference. So its 12am. Bongok, but I still like the idea haha

So yeah. He wished me at 11pm, and sang a sweet happy birthday song to me. And off to sleep.

An hour later, at 12am, he turned to me and wished me again! And sang again! Hihihiiii Apparently both of us somehow "tiba-tiba" tak mengantuk and tried to sleep, but couldnt and has been tossing and turning for about an hour.

So there. :D

The next morning, I went out. Did some stuff, and went for a nice walk in the city, window shopping and what not, later hubby joined me for lunch. I missed a few calls that morning, SORRY! Tak perasan langsung phone bunyi and vibrate. Sedar2 dah byk missed calls and also messages wishing me. But thanks everyone!

As you all might have known by now, we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant. We had to pick seafood, since you-know-why. Hubby couldnt find a nice restaurant to go to, and asked me to pick a good one nearby our house. Initially he wanted to go to Tony Roma's since its the nearest, but the seafood choices arent that great. So I went online and found many next to the city, and still a walking distance. I love how everything here are on the internet. Most of the restaurants here has a website! With lots of infos and maps and what not. How great is that? OK, jakun sekejap.

So I picked a few, put them on tabs so Hubby can look at them and decide. He came home and said we should just walk to the area and see which restaurants that has the nicest ambience. haha ok lah in short "fancy". So yeayyyy!

Had a hard time deciding what to wear, since I have nothing pretty or fancy enough to go for a dinner treat, and then for opted a recently bought floral chiffon dress, but had worn once before. I took about an hour to get ready, mandi yang lama gila, scrubed and washed my face and put make up on.

When I was ready, hubby said, "Apsal muka macam tu?" "Makeup lah. Kenape? Pelik ke?". "Tah. Merah." Benciiiii tauuuuu! My face mmg dah start merah-merah sbb weather, lepas tu that time I just had a hint of blush, terus cakap merah. Tu yang kadang-kadang takde mood nak makeup. Selalu kena tegur macam tu.

Anywayyy, we left the house at 7pm, and walked for 20 minutes to Northbridge. Lucky its autumn, the weather's nice, not too hot, and not too cold. I decided to put on my heels (just to feel good and pretty) tapi menyesal nyeeee. I remember I used to wear them and walked in them from my office to KLCC which was quite far, tapi tak sakit langsung. Ni jalan pegi Northbridge dah blisters segala. Haih.

We walked to this street, where all the nice restaurants are, and all the maitre d' started giving us menus for us to look at and suggesting that we eat at theirs when we walked pass their restaurant. And after 10-15 minutes walking around looking at the restaurants, and after about 10 minutes chat with Ayah, Umi and everyone at home screaming and wishing me, we decided to go to The Fishy Affair. I know, nama dia tak cun! hehe tapi ambience ok, and not too full and noisy. And the place's not too dark. And the menu looks great!

We ordered starter and main dishes, makan-makan and spent 2 hours just talking and eating. I had a great time! And here are the pictures! (For those yg tak tgk lagi lah kan :p )

Posted by Picasa

Sayaaaanngggggg diaaaaa

Muka hubby pelik sambil cakap "haaa macam mana nak makan niii" haha

Hubby was so "nice" and gave me the raw oyster to try. And he tried the cooked one! I was so dumb to actually munch it until it squirt lots of not-so-nice things in my mouth. I know I was supposed to swallow it, tapi rasa mcm nanti tak rasa apa2 pulak. What's the point of eating it right? So there you go. The first and may be the last.

And finally there's me!

After dinner, we took a slow, lazy walk back home. Kejap2 berhenti amik gambar, and he needed a smoke. So I was snapping here and there. Then hubby said, "Meh amik gambar sara pulak." Ookayyy. He took the camera, and looks into the camera to find a nice spot. Then he directed me, "Ok, pegi diri situ." So I went. We were in front of another restaurant. Ada macam tiang2 utk border kan kedai tu. I wanted to sandar sikit dekat satu tiang ni nak kasi nampak laid back, so baru nk sandar tiba2 tiang tu makin kebelakang. And thennnnnn... "Maaaakkkkk!!!" Kuat-kuat. Rasa2nya mat saleh tgh dinner kat situ mesti annoyed. And nak gelak, maybe. Gosh. I fell, halfway through. Tapi berkat usaha berjalan kaki area city pegi grocery shopping and angkat barang berat-berat sorang2, kaki and tangan ni mcm jadi extra kuat untuk tahan so that tak jatuh. And I managed to grab the tiang before it fell on my feet. Sakit jugak lah pinggang and segala sebab tahan, but at least I did not fell flat on my butt. Just halfway through :D

And here I am, seconds after I managed to get myself together again, and laughing because of the shameee

So yeah. That's about it. All in all, Im blessed I get to spend it with my husband, eventhough its just the two of us. Insyallah, maybe some day, its gonna be three, or four, or maybe five. Who knows. ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

i smell like tarts

Ive just finished making lasagne and some blueberry cheese tart.


The tarts are not really pretty though. But it tastes like it should be hehe

Hopefully everything will go licin tomorrow!

Off to bed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

a note of thank you

Im gonna be a bit busy for the next few weeks and Im guessing no internet as well. Boo hoo...

I was planning to write a few stuff since last week, but just couldnt find the time and the "feel" to write. Heh.

Its a long weekend. Tomorrow is public holiday, so hubby will be home. And we're going for a barbeque tomorrow at the park at noon. So there. I wont be able to get my hands on the laptop much, since hubby's watching football match online allllll the timeeeeeeee. *sigh*

Just wanna thank to those who smsed and wished me. Thanks sooo much! Sorry I didnt reply though, because my bill for this month has exceed the limit. Hehehe so yeah. I'll reply as soon as I can, Insyallah :p

Anyway, I will update. Soon enough.

Be good.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Night Out

Hubby's taking me out for my birthday dinner tonight.
Im getting ready, but I HAVE NOTHING FANCY to wear!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Resepi kebahagiaan

Seluar baru yang 1 size up than the usual, is unusually ketatttt!

Ketat dekat perut pulak tu. Bukan dkt thighs.
Itu memang proof kegemukan kan kan kan?

Aisyah, buleh laa geng dengan perut u haha

bola punya pasal

haaaa... ada orang tu tak pegi keje hari ni! haha

my husband in the morning

Hubby woke up early today. Now he's back to sleep because he's going to work in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

And now Im awake.

I asked him what time did he actually get up, and he said 1.30am.
I thought it was 2-3am!
Sometimes I dont get guys with football matches.
I'd rather have my beauty sleep.

Its a good thing we had an early night last night. I was too tired from a long day yesterday, and he wanted to wake up early to watch the match. So we tucked in around 9-9.30pm. Awal kannnnn???

I noticed he made his own coffee this morning. How glad I am that I bought the coffee plunger last weekend. Now he can make his own coffee before off to work without waking me up! :D

We used to have Nescafe, so its quite easy for him to make himself since it doesnt need any straining. I dont like Nescafe, so I persuaded him to buy coffee instead. Hehe. Little did I know that its much more complicated for him to make by himself! So every morning, he'd make his own coffee (after some lessons by me), and left a BIG mess!

Note: I can never trust him making anything in the kitchen!

Before he went to sleep again, I told him I'll make breakfast. Sengih dia lebaaaaarrrrrrr!
Not that I never make him any in weekdays, just very-very RARE hehe. I used to, back in the early days.

Sekarang tak dapat laa :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

quiz oh quiz

I took a quiz in Facebook just now. On 'How well can you speak bahasa Kelantan'.

And 1 question was to translate "Abe doh tubek".
Sakit hati nyaaa bila tgk choices dia.

A) Ah Pek is slept.
B) The thing is up-side-down.
C) Ah Beng is died.
D) My Husband is went out.

The answer is D. But HEY! Tolong betulkn grammar please!

Quiz bahasa Terengganu bagus. Sebab jawapan-jawapan dia dalam Bahasa Melayu jugak.
Bukan kah itu lebih baik???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little wish

On another note, today is Umi's birthday!

Happy Birthday Umi sayang!!!

Called her today, to wish her, and she said, "Oh noooo. Im 46 now ok!".
I may be exaggerating a lil bit, but that's her point.

The latest picture I have of Umi. Hehe.

Cute kan??? Hehehe
Tried to snap a picture of her actually holding and throwing the ball, tapi tak sempat.
Anyhow, you can still see she's actually playing with Muhammad. She was actually jumping while throwing the balls into the hoop. Sooo comel.
Oh Aisyah mmg super semangat. All the time!
The pictures was taken while I was in Malaysia about a month ago.

My wallpaper

Bila rindu, akan stare gambar ni lama-lama...

Lepas tu sengih sorang-sorang. Tak pun menangis.

Friday, April 3, 2009




I saw a gorgeous, gorgeous clouche hat in red last weekend. Its the 60's inspired hat, and I'd die for that hat.

It looks something like this, in bright red with black trimmings.

(Image from

Ohhhh I just had to stop and touch it. I didnt dare to try it, but I asked hubby to. He refused. *sigh*

I always love hats. Any kind. And can you imagine how many hat stores there is here, with soooo many styles and colors.

I wish.

I wish upon a star.

I like the 60's style very much. It has clean cut, very straight forward, and its mod. Very mod.

(Image from

(Image googled)

I came across lots of vintage sewing patterns. I wanted to buy them, and try to make one one fine day. Lets wait for the sewing machine first now, shall we?

(Image from

Dont they look divine?

how to get fat. slowly

Im freaking wide awake at 1.30am.

The coffee finally starts to kick in. I havent had coffee in months. Real black coffee. And I just had a real, black coffee after dinner. I had to stop drinking coffee since Ive been having real bad migraines last year, and ever since I stop drinking coffee, I didnt have migraines anymore. I hope I wont get one tomorrow.

Ive learnt that caffeine and cheese gives you headache. Both I love so much. I chose coffee because I can always have latte hehe (I dont know why but latte doesnt give me headache. Ok they still do, but not that bad). But I would never let cheese go. Giving up cheese is wayyy too much for me.

I bought some instant mac and cheese and carbonara in packets yesterday. Hubby saw them just now, and he sighed. He said, "They're not my kindda food" with a very sad tone. Too bad. Everytime he comes home from work, he'd rummages the kitchen to find something to eat/munch. If I dont make any kuih for tea, that is.

With all the cheese, Im gaining weight. My max weight used to be 50kg tops. I found a weight scale in Harvey Norman last week, so I literally weight myself at the store, and guess what? Im 55kg! No wonder I cant fit into my jeans anymore! Currently I can only fit into only 1 pair, which is actually a stretchable denim, so go figure. I wonder if I can ask hubby for a new pair, just to fit my new, and BIGer thighs. Ive checked my BMI, and obviously Im in my normal weight, considering my height. But what I dont get is that, all the fat goes to my thigh. Seriously, cant you go somewhere else???

Today I was so determined to tone down my thighs, I decided to do some exercise (which is salsa dancing exercise or something like that). I put the CD into the DVD player, and it says invalid. Damn. I dont think the CD I bought in Msia was a fake. So benci lah begini. So I decided to eat some chocolates and watch TV instead.

Aaahhh, doesnt it feels wonderful? Sinfully wonderful :D

p/s My tummy's grumbling for some midnight snacks. Should I???

p/s/s Chocolate makes you fat. And it goes right to your thighs. Ohh, right!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where is the light?

We have some sort of down-lights or something like that in our living room.
There's 3 bulbs in a row that lights up the whole living room. Something like from Ikea, I dont know.

Did I tell you we have a very, very high ceiling in our apartment?
So changing light bulbs would be difficult for us. We need extra big/long/higher ladders. Normal ladders that people have at home is not enough.

The point is, last month, one bulb went off. We told the property agent to change it. But they never came.

So a few minutes ago, another bulb went off.

Great. Now our apartment is kinda dark. Romantic.

Ohh, did I tell you the light bulb in our bedroom went off as well, just about the same time with the first bulb in the living room?

I think I need to give some serious talk with hubby. Its either he call the agent again and ask him to get someone to fix the lights, OR Im gonna tell him to buy a ladder. SO I CAN CHANGE THEM MYSELF! (Geram nyeeeee!)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Wants to go to the kitchen and cook something? Read this!

Im making soto for tonight! Yeayyy!
Ughh Ive been planning to make soto since forever, and mind you, this will be the first time Im making it. Woot woot for me!
Ive made soto before, but a diff version. Indonesian style soto, kuah kuning pekat. Baya would remember this soto, wouldnt you Baya? ;)
Teringat soto umi *sigh*

Anywayss, tonight Im making the normal soto, yang kuah putih version hehe.

And Im making begedil. Even writing this makes me hungry.

The point is,

I wanna share some recipeS (gila domestic!) here. But not the soto and begedil thought. I'll share it some other day.

Last Monday I made some Shepherd's Pie. Tetiba ada impulse to try it. Kak Norzi taught me this, but Ive improvised a lil bit following some other recipes online. Hubby came home, and ate it. And he loves it!


Olive Oil (Or any other cooking oil if you dont have it)
1 Brown onion, finely chopped
2 Celery sticks, finely chopped
500g Minced meat
1 cup of chicken/beef stock
A dash of Worcestershire sauce (I love this!)
1 tbs Kecap manis
1 tbs Tomato paste
Salt & pepper to season

4-5 potatoes, peeled and chopped
40g Butter
1/2 cup Milk
Shredded Cheddar (to sprinkle on top of mash)


Oil saucepan, cook the onion and celery until soft, and add the minced meat. Stir until meat is fully cooked.

Add stock. Stir, and add Worcestershire sauce, Kecap manis and tomato paste. Bring to boil.

Reduce heat, and stir occasionally until sauce is thicken. Taste, and season to your liking.

(The measurements are based from online recipes, just an estimation for you guys to try. I think I added more of kecap manis and tomato paste. Hey, cook the way you like it!)


Cook the potatoes in salted boiling water until tender. Drain well.
Mash the potatoes with potato masher or fork until smooth. Add butter. Mash again.
Add milk and stir with a wooden spoon (a wooden spoon is a must have for me!) until well combined. Season with salt and pepper to your liking.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Pour the meat sauce into an ovenproof baking dish (or a casserole dish). Top with the mashed potato. Sprinkle the cheddar as much as you like. (I always put A LOT! :D)
Bake for 20 minutes or until it is golden brown.

I forgot to take a picture after I pour the mash. So here's the result.

And now, for the FAMOUS LASAGNE (self-claimed! haha) recipe!

Instant lasagne sheets
500g Minced meat/chicken
1 Large onion, finely chopped
2 Garlic cloves, finely chopped (I usually blend the onion and garlic together instead)
1 can of Tomato PASTE
1 1/2 cans of Tomato PUREE, or diced (I couldnt remember the brand I usually buy or the type. Sorry! If I could remember I'll update)
1 can of sliced button mushrooms (I prefer to chop it more to make it blend with the meat and sauce)
2 Fresh tomatoes, diced
1 Block of tasty cheddar, grated

To season:
Dried Oregano Leaves (MasterFoods or McCormick)
Powdered Basil (MasterFoods or McCormick)
Salt and pepper

Cheese Sauce:

90g Butter
1/2 cup flour
3 cups of Milk
1 cup Mozzarella cheese, finely grated
Salt and pepper to taste


Heat oil, add onion+garlic paste and cook until brown. Add minced meat.
Break up the meat until there's no clumps. Add some salt. Cook until the meat change its color.

Add tomato paste and the puree and stir until it blends well. Pour some water (not too much because you want the sauce to be thick).

Bring the mixture to boil, then reduce the heat. Add mushrooms and fresh tomatoes. Simmer the sauce. The sauce should not be watery.
Season with basil powder, and dried oregano leaves. Add salt and pepper to taste. And some sugar (but not too much!) if you like.

For the pasta, I always boil the sheets before layering it. You can boil with salted water, but lately Ive been boiling it in milk! It tastes much creamier! hehe

Pour the meat sauce into a casserole dish (make sure the dish is deep enough!), just make a thin layer. Then layer the lasagne sheets to cover all the sauce and pour the sauce on top of the pasta to make another layer. You can also add some cheese sauce between the layers (on top of meat sauce) to make it more creamier and delicious! hehe
Layer it until all the meat sauce finish. Make sure the last layer is the meat sauce. Pour the rest of the cheese sauce, and sprinkle the grated cheddar cheese. Last but not least, sprinkle some dried Oregano leaves on top of the cheese to make it smell oooohh la laa ;)

Preheat oven for 180 degrees. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until the cheese turns golden.

For the cheese sauce:

Heat pan. Melt butter. Stir in the flour into the melted butter and cook and stir constantly, until the mixture bubbles.

Add milk, gradually while stirring or whisking constantly.
Add Mozzarella cheese as much as you like, stirring until the cheese melt and blends into the mixture. Stir until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat.

I know you girls will love this lasagne recipe. Some of you had been asking for the recipe (or the lasagne itself sbb malas nk buat sendiri :p ) for years dah kan?
Fatimah, awk sure suke hehe. So there. I wish Im in Malaysia and have dinner parties like old times and cook for you!
So while Im not there, you guys can make it on your own k! ;D

p/s The meat sauce for this lasagne is exactly how I make Spaghetti Bolognaise too. Just add more water to make it less thicker, and you dont have to dice the mushrooms. The sliced ones would be better for the spaghetti sauce instead of for the lasagne.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

I know Im late.

But, Confession of a Shopaholic The Movie was great!!!

Its nothing compared to the book though, but thumbs up!

We laughed, (and i cried, a lil bit!), and laughed some more :D

Oh, I went with a girl btw. With Kak Sarie. Not with hubby. Finally! I dont think hubby would be too keen to watch a chick flick anymore with me. Boo hoo.
No worries. I have a movie partner now haha

Ive just finished the last book, Shopaholic and baby a few days ago.
Very-very good book.
I love her writing, Sophie Kinsella. Very witty and funny. And touching and sad as well. Great combination. (Hubby geleng-geleng kepala while I was reading the book. Kejap-kejap gelak, kejap-kejap lap air mata hoho pastu gelak-gelak balik.)

Now I have to find a new book to read!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some people

I was watching Judge Judy.

And there's this one stupid guy, suing his ex-wife for $100 a day for 45 days of babysitting his own children! And they have 6 children together. 4 of them are under his ex-wife's care. And he pays $200 a month for child support. That's $50 a week. And $1.78 a day for each child.

He gives $50 a week for 4 children, and he's expecting his ex-wife to pay him $100 a day to babysit the kids, so that the wife can go to work???

Naturally, Judge Judy was soo mad at this guy. She asked him if he's mad, and has mental history. And doesnt want to see his face ever again. And of course, the sue was discharged.

Has the world gone mad???

finders, keepers.

Last Sunday, ok this is seriously last Sunday, not last, last Sunday.
We woke up, and hubby decided to go to the Sunday market. 2 Sunday market, at diff locations. It was 7.30am so I said OK.
I woke up, took a shower, made bfast, and it was already 8.30am. Kejutkan hubby, makan, kemas2, siap2 and it was nearly 10 when we left the house. So that means bye-bye to the first Sunday market.
FYI, Sunday markets opens from 6am until 11am.
So we went to the nearest, Belmont.
And this is how Sunday market looks like.

Some junks, with hidden treasures. You have to really2 dig through the stuff

Owh there's also some vintage clothes I saw. But I didnt buy any sebab tak retiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Hubby angkat the table. Berat k!

I bought this for $4!!! Marble pulak tu. Sukeeeeeee

And this for $8. Hehe

While we were shopping, hubby's friend smsed him telling him there's a big garage sale. So we went. I didnt take any photos inside the garage sale. Its a charity sale. More or less like the Sunday market, only you have to pay to go in.

I went nuts again, when I saw some crystals, chinas and collectibles that they were selling. And cheap too if I might add!

The stuff that I got for the day! Dont you love the crystal glasses? Oh yang bulat gemuk tu, that's not mine. Hubby's ashtray. Cett.

I love the plates! The gold trimmings are gorgeous! Royal Doultan made in England, not like the new ones they're selling that's made in China!!! Grrrrr.

Anyhow, bought the pair for $2! :D Hubby said, "Buy. Murah tu." Heh asal murah je suruh beli. And I did not buy them because they're cheap ok. That's the second reason hehe :p

Except for the other two I bought, was because it cost $1 each, lps tu dapat half price hehe

So there. The stuff are washed and cleaned, and are displayed on the dinner table, and one on the marble table. Got no place to keep them. *sigh*

I wish we're renting a house instead, so I can buy a big display cupboard to put all my treasures hehe

Oh how I love going to this kindda garage sale. Old, yet very rare. I dont know if they have any value though. I hope they do :p

There's one in KL that I know of. My dad usually goes there to find more treasures and Im always too happy to tag along. Its at Amcorp mall, and it's on Sundays as well from 10am-4pm. Happy hunting!