Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend is here

the weekend is finally here!
Im so relieved and i felt so light...
Last night after work i can feel myself walking in the air... Cant really describe how i felt at that moment, but was talking to Cash and he told me he felt like the holiday is here. We all managed to go through our first week of work. It was hectic and tiring, but when the thursday came, and the clock showed 8pm, it felt like christmas (or Raya hehe).

So yes, what i wrote above officially tells you people that im working now. I dont really know how is it going to be in a month's time, or how long im going to last on this job. Maybe when im tired, i'll look for another less tiring job.

I made real great friends. Yee En, Cash (yeap, its CASH. what's not to like? hehe), Sharon n Ratna. they're all from the same training class as me, so yeah we do spend more time together (and some ppl doesnt really like that. sheeessshhh!)

work is work. lots of complaints. but yeah i gotta deal with it for a while. yeap, just for a while.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A long weekend.

Because of the CNY, we malaysians get to have a looooong weekend. No matter you're still in school, UNi wuteva, or working. All are applicable to get the 4 days rest. Lucky us eh?

So the family took the advantage of the long weekend. The first day of the holiday, we went to KLCC because we wanted to satisfy Muhammad that wanted sooo badly to go to Petrosains. But of course, we were late. We got there (finally) at 4pm, and Petrosains closes its doors at 4.30pm for the last entry. Looking at the queue, all of us suddenly got headaches (except Muhammad of course). So we nicely pujuk him to come another day (with all the bribes in the world handed to him). All of us spent the rest of the evening at Kinokuniya's cafe while the rest of the kids (Muhammad, Umar n Iman) went browsing and shopping for their books. Too bad no pictures of us, only the lil ones.

Janda baik's the next trip. Dad woke us up at 9am (we didnt even know we're going) and we rushed to take a bath and get ready. By 9.30 everyone's in the car already (except mom and aisyah). All the aunties and uncles were also there. My uncle's friend let us use this one particular estate if im not mistaken (and cannot tell who the owner is) and it was gorgeousssssss! I fell in love with the place immediately and the house was superb! It has a biggggg lake and a big house that overlooks the lake. The kids conquered the swimming pool, and we "adults" got the sungai hehehe... And we also went to the lake. Perahu and the thing that u cycle pn ada! Yeayyy

Enough of janda baik pics.

Later on sunday morning, we went to LCCT to send hajar off to australia =((
Then on the way back, we stopped at Hulu Langat. And i was of course, sleeping in the car hehe

Ok enough of pictures. Im actually trying to upload pics here, and i got excited! hehe

p/s im off to training with marcus evans tomorrow =)

Friday, February 8, 2008

I hope its gonna shine!

I did write about the whole interview thingy. Went to the first interview on Tuesday, and guess what? They call again on Wednesday afternoon saying that im up for the second interview.
"When?" i asked. "Its 4pm today".
"TODAY?!" i practically screamed, and yes it was on that day at 4pm with the GM. I nearly freaked out and lost my appetite (but sekejap je since umi cooked nasi ayam hehe).
Called bf immediately asking him to come over and teman me for the interview. And he sweetly said yes and came over for lunch as well.

So back to the whole interview thingy, Im praying that i got the job. The guy who interviewed me said that i'd be able to know the result this coming monday. He asked me when i'll be available and i told him "Im available now and ready to start work as soon as possible". =D Sgt eager kan? But what the heck.
The job's not much but i want it sooo badly. I hope i got it. He told me there will be training on Tuesday IF i get the job. Errr Mr Max, is that a hint? I said quitely of course. But seriously, BF told me it will be great if i got the job. Of course it will be!
I seriously cannot wait to join EAlya hehe

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

on the last note

oh yeah i forgot.

I got an email for the marcus evans' interview 3 hours after i sent my resume on Wednesday. cepat kan mereka kerja? saya suka!



Went for an interview today with Marcus Evans. Not bad really (to me that is) yet i managed to tell the interviewer im fussy. *The criteria that I have*
What the fishhhh???
I meant to tell him im a detailed person, not fussy! And he wrote it down. And guess what? I told him not to write that down, but write "detailed" instead. Bahhh!
Will i receive a call from him to say that ive got the job? Not counting on it since what has been said and done is soooooo definately eerrr "dumb"?. I hope he thinks its funny instead. *crossing fingers*

So the day went by with a movie, minum petang and dinner. It was fun. Bf's last day in Kl, and im praying that he'll come again very2 soon. Went home around midnight. I had a great laugh with both sisters later at the dinner table talking about nothing in particular... and suddenly i remembered i have a task, a reseach assignment that i need to do for marcus. haih, belum keje dh ada keje. ahh well, sleep can wait.

till then. *yawn*