Monday, November 17, 2008

waste of our time, and his money

We watched this movie last Saturday.

This is our first movie after two months here.

And we saw this.


Ape ke bengong???

Ive been asking hubby to watch a movie since the first week we got here. Back in Malaysia, that's our favourite thing to do. So last Saturday, we finally had our own sweet time to go to the cinema.

First impression of the cinema. Not bad. Cun jugak, macam GSC dekat OU. Very big. Selection of movies are disappointing though. We watched the list over and over again, and we could not decide as there are not one movie that we are familiar of. Plus semua movie, actors tak kenal. Few movies that we had in mind, Quantum of Solace, Madagascar 2, and The Dutchess (this is more to me-yg-gila-nk-tgk) although they may not show it anymore. To our dismay, none were listed. And Quantum of Solace release date is 18 Nov! Bengong. Kat Malaysia org dh tgk 2-3 kali dah!

So we iniminiminimo these two...

After we decided which movie to watch (Sexdrive), I suddenly saw the poster above. I dont know a single thing about this movie, but when I saw George Clooney and Brad Pitt's name, I said to hubby, "Ni ada George Cloony dgn Brad Pitt. Tah2 ni lg best." "Ok, selambe." So we queued right away, without any second thoughts. After we bought the tickets (more of Syed yg beli ehehe), we left the counter dgn muka yg terkejut gila. Why? Because the tickets costs us AUD32! MAHAL GILA!

To make it short, after we left the cinema, both of us were really bummed out. Why? The movie suck big time, and it was a total waste of money. Kecewa. What an experience.

Menyesal tak sudah we didnt watch the other two. Read the review just now, it should be better than what we watched instead.

p/s I am no good movie reviewer, so if you still want to watch the movie above, please do by all means. But if you hate it, I TOLD YOU SO!


Iezu said...

that bad ha? saya baru cam interested nk tgk..

quarantine tgk la klu ade showing kat sana..

sarah pahmi said...

yea, to me its that bad. Its funny though, but not THAT funny. Bodo brad pitt buat gaya lembut2 tu je.

Quarantine? Yea i saw the poster at ur blog. But takde pun kat sini. Nnt lah kumpul duit blk nk pi tgk movie ehehehe