Friday, December 26, 2008

esok hari apa?

I should stop writing funny(?) and embarassing stories about hubby.


Dia malu!!!

And because I just knew Ayah reads my blog(OMG!), and saya tak nak lah malukan hubby kat ayah mertua die kannn? Hehe

I told hubby tadi that I wrote about the Italian speaking incident, and die siap tutup muka dgn bantal sebab malu sangat. Ceh, macam lah orang ade depan dia pun.

Ok, tulis lagi. I should stop now.



botolbiru said...

kak sarah.

i already bought the perfume.
but aaaa
so is BOXING DAY!!!
if i have anything on mind, i'll inform u.yeay duit hazirah pon boleh la.if it is cheaper than malaysia boleh lah.

ok then, u can consider it as a gift.sweet x?haha but i will prepare a new list. just for u to shop on behalf of me. u can be personal shopper for malaysian in needs of cheaper stuff.

u just charge some service charge u can get some side incomes.haahahaha.

p/s: i link u in my blog. okay?

ieja said...

sarah, best gila dapat shopping time boxing day!
Jealous please? =)

have funnnnnnnnnnnn

twisted-dolly said...

hazirah: haha can charge while shopping for other people? yeayyy! link? orait. linking u too.

ieja: aik? i tot ur in NZ? bleh jeeee shopping hehe ke dh balik? oh sale gile lah. tp ramai gileee org k!