Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Around 1pm (Malaysia time) today, my uncle Syed Omar Alsagoff passed away. Sembahyang jenazah will be performed after Asar today at Masjid Setiawangsa.

My heartfelt condolence to Aunty Dah and family. They are great people. I wish i could be there for Aunty Dah. I hope Nedj and Kak Nadia are doing well, coping with the news from far.

Am super bummed. I dont know how to deal with death very well.



Iezu said...

Innalillah hiwainna lillahirajiun.

Syed Omar Alsagoff as in bapa Naguib from US tu ke? Meninggal sbb ape ye?

sarah pahmi said...

yeap. bone cancer.