Monday, September 26, 2011

38 Weeks

Counting the days.

Anxiously waiting for the BIG day to come.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A sneak peek

We did a 3D and 4D scan last weekend. Yeay! I was so excited and happy that I'd be able to see the baby. Macam selalu terbayang2 baby dalam perut, tapi tak boleh nak imagine how he looks like. So after pujuk2 Syed untuk buat scan ni, and mmg rezeki dapat pulak good offer dekat pregnancy expo a few weeks ago, so Syed pun bagi lah green light.

The scan was a success! Baby memang cooperate, siap senyum-senyum lagi. Mummy is sooo happy sayang! Siap dapat tengok baby isap jari lah, yawn lah. Lengkap lah semua. Dapat DVD, so I get to watch it over and over again :D

Ada jugak yang cakap, dah tak surprise la dah tengok muka baby. Even Syed said so too. But I don't care! Dalam perut lain, kat luar nanti lain pulak kan? Hehe

So here's the pictures!

My mom said he looks like me!

This one was captured right after he yawned. And then dia macam senyum sikit. So jadi lah macam ni hehe So cute! Takpe lah puji anak sendiri kan ;)

Alamak, Im so high just by posting this! Baby, mummy cant wait for you to come out! Boleh kiss kiss and gomol gomol as much as I want! Hope you will become a good boy, jadi anak yang soleh, and a good muslim ye. Insyallah.

34 weeks

As of today, I am 34 weeks pregnant. I can feel the baby has grown a lot for the past month, and can really feel the kicks and the movements. Baby has been so active, and I can see my belly moving side by side, most of the time. Sometimes it is painful, when the baby decided to stretch his legs or whatever. Syed is always happy to touch my belly and feel the baby moves, which soothes me a lot!

I woke up this morning realizing that I have another 6 weeks +- before the baby arrives. Suddenly I panicked, not because of the birthing, but I dont think I have prepared all of his things just yet. The room is a mess, because it used to be my sewing work room, so everything is hazardous at the moment. And our room (we decided to move to the guest room because it is next to the baby's room) is still in a mess, need to move our things in there ASAP!

I haven't prewash the baby's clothes yet. The weather has been quite gloomy, and it rained day and night, everyday. And I still have a few more diapers that I haven't prewash yet. I prefer to sun dry the clothes instead of using the dryer, so I guess I'd have to wait for next week to do it. There are a few other small things that we haven't bought. Im hoping we could get it all done by week 36, because there's always the possibility the baby comes early, right?

Parents, Hajar and Iman will be here on the 7th October, and Im due on the 12th. Lets hope the baby doesn't come out later that he's supposed too!

And oh yeah, its going to be a BOY! :D