Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my husband in the morning

Hubby woke up early today. Now he's back to sleep because he's going to work in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

And now Im awake.

I asked him what time did he actually get up, and he said 1.30am.
I thought it was 2-3am!
Sometimes I dont get guys with football matches.
I'd rather have my beauty sleep.

Its a good thing we had an early night last night. I was too tired from a long day yesterday, and he wanted to wake up early to watch the match. So we tucked in around 9-9.30pm. Awal kannnnn???

I noticed he made his own coffee this morning. How glad I am that I bought the coffee plunger last weekend. Now he can make his own coffee before off to work without waking me up! :D

We used to have Nescafe, so its quite easy for him to make himself since it doesnt need any straining. I dont like Nescafe, so I persuaded him to buy coffee instead. Hehe. Little did I know that its much more complicated for him to make by himself! So every morning, he'd make his own coffee (after some lessons by me), and left a BIG mess!

Note: I can never trust him making anything in the kitchen!

Before he went to sleep again, I told him I'll make breakfast. Sengih dia lebaaaaarrrrrrr!
Not that I never make him any in weekdays, just very-very RARE hehe. I used to, back in the early days.

Sekarang tak dapat laa :p


hadi said...

ish teruk. breakfast punca kasih sayang weh!

azim.zainudin said...

biasa la tuh.

twisted-dolly said...

hadi: punca? punca? aaarrrggghhhh! dinner laa punca :p

azim: cis. hari ni die buat lg!