Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to two

She came down to Perth for 3 days from the 7th until 10th. Just a short trip since she has exams a week after that.

The only (decent) picture that we took together. Others were just candid.

I miss her.

It was nice to have everyone crammed in our house (except Hadi though), despite the limited space, and all we do is stare at each other's face. Imagine all ten of us in a one bedroom apartment, with one toilet! With all the screaming, kids jumping up and down and running here and there, and everyone talking all at the same time. Everyday. Insane, yet blissful.

Family left for Malaysia today. Flight was delayed. We were at the airport at 4am, and it was delayed until 11.50am. And then again at 12.35pm, and finally on they were on the plane at 1pm. skjghsegayhutkjhagf!!!

We decided to stay at the airport. Lets just say the airport's shops made money today, thanks to us.

I had to leave early to return the rental cars at 12pm. It was sad to leave them instead of them leaving me. Im gonna miss them so much.

Now the house is empty and quiet again. "Back to normal", Ayah said when he called to say that they've landed safe and sound.

Sunyi. Cant wait to go back home for Raya.

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