Tuesday, March 17, 2009

finders, keepers.

Last Sunday, ok this is seriously last Sunday, not last, last Sunday.
We woke up, and hubby decided to go to the Sunday market. 2 Sunday market, at diff locations. It was 7.30am so I said OK.
I woke up, took a shower, made bfast, and it was already 8.30am. Kejutkan hubby, makan, kemas2, siap2 and it was nearly 10 when we left the house. So that means bye-bye to the first Sunday market.
FYI, Sunday markets opens from 6am until 11am.
So we went to the nearest, Belmont.
And this is how Sunday market looks like.

Some junks, with hidden treasures. You have to really2 dig through the stuff

Owh there's also some vintage clothes I saw. But I didnt buy any sebab tak retiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Hubby angkat the table. Berat k!

I bought this for $4!!! Marble pulak tu. Sukeeeeeee

And this for $8. Hehe

While we were shopping, hubby's friend smsed him telling him there's a big garage sale. So we went. I didnt take any photos inside the garage sale. Its a charity sale. More or less like the Sunday market, only you have to pay to go in.

I went nuts again, when I saw some crystals, chinas and collectibles that they were selling. And cheap too if I might add!

The stuff that I got for the day! Dont you love the crystal glasses? Oh yang bulat gemuk tu, that's not mine. Hubby's ashtray. Cett.

I love the plates! The gold trimmings are gorgeous! Royal Doultan made in England, not like the new ones they're selling that's made in China!!! Grrrrr.

Anyhow, bought the pair for $2! :D Hubby said, "Buy. Murah tu." Heh asal murah je suruh beli. And I did not buy them because they're cheap ok. That's the second reason hehe :p

Except for the other two I bought, was because it cost $1 each, lps tu dapat half price hehe

So there. The stuff are washed and cleaned, and are displayed on the dinner table, and one on the marble table. Got no place to keep them. *sigh*

I wish we're renting a house instead, so I can buy a big display cupboard to put all my treasures hehe

Oh how I love going to this kindda garage sale. Old, yet very rare. I dont know if they have any value though. I hope they do :p

There's one in KL that I know of. My dad usually goes there to find more treasures and Im always too happy to tag along. Its at Amcorp mall, and it's on Sundays as well from 10am-4pm. Happy hunting!


adam nokman said...

asl gmbr cntk sgt ni?
dh bli camera bru eh?

twisted-dolly said...

huh? cantik sangat? are u for real? camera biasa je lah. yg syed br beli aritu. Cantik sbb org yg amik gamba tu hebat kot??? :p

adam nokman said...

yeah. you are soo right.