Saturday, July 11, 2009

Excited to get ready and dress up!

Encik Syed's company is having its yearly Winter Ball, which is tonight. And we are going! :D

Seronok bila tau ada dinner. Dah lama tak berpakaian fancy2 dan bersiap dan bermakeup hihi.

Its a ball, so I think you can imagine how and what its gonna be like. And there's ballroom dancing as well! Errrr nervous nih. Hubby has been telling me that we need to learn how to ballroom dance since a month ago, and up until now, we know nothing.

Last night when hubby was trying on his suit and which shirt and tie to go with, he started parading. With shoes as well, mind you. And I was doing a tiny bit of sewing, and he mentioned again we still dont know how to dance. Dia cakap, "Nanti orang semua tengah menari, kite tengok je. Nanti orang cakap ape pulak." Cehhh. Gedik betul.

Then he started dancing. Tapi bukan ballroom dance ok, he was imitating this pakcik we saw once dekat Forrest Chase, menari old school style. Imagine him all suited up with shiny black shoes, menari at one spot, badan kedepan 15 darjah, punggung gelek-gelek kecil dan tertonggek-tonggek (add 15 darjah kebelakang pulak). Sabar je lah saya!!! Mintak-mintak die tak menari macam tu malam ni!

Ok, we're going out kejap. I suddenly changed my mind on what kind of scarf I want to wear tonight, and I hope I wont be wearing all black, sampai ke tudung. Demo sikit yesterday, and saya nampak macam orang tgh mourn. Scarryyyyy.


s u r a y a said...

cool!!! just dance the 2 steps laa...takyah la sampai pusing2 tu..hehehe..BESTNYAA pegi dancingg!!

Sarah said...

heh. tgk laa cane haha

Aisyah Pahmi said...

how'd it go? baju ape macam?

afifa said...

sarrrr upload la pics!!!