Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some people

I was watching Judge Judy.

And there's this one stupid guy, suing his ex-wife for $100 a day for 45 days of babysitting his own children! And they have 6 children together. 4 of them are under his ex-wife's care. And he pays $200 a month for child support. That's $50 a week. And $1.78 a day for each child.

He gives $50 a week for 4 children, and he's expecting his ex-wife to pay him $100 a day to babysit the kids, so that the wife can go to work???

Naturally, Judge Judy was soo mad at this guy. She asked him if he's mad, and has mental history. And doesnt want to see his face ever again. And of course, the sue was discharged.

Has the world gone mad???

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