Wednesday, May 20, 2009

an update on what Ive been up to

I have no idea what to bloggggg!!!

Ive been busy doing research on places to visit when my family comes, planning the itinerary, looking for cars to rent, making budget, and lets not forget, all the cleaning in the world before they arrive! haha

Dad just texted me saying they've received their ETA. And Hakeem's flight had to be changed to 7th June because he has exams before that. So he'll be here for 10 days instead of 23 days. And I had to reschedule a road trip plan to the last weekend they're here so that Hakeem can join us. And I also had to change our original plan to rent a Tarago to 2 cars instead because 9 people can't fit into a Tarago. And here's not like Malaysia where you can squeeze in or have your berat adik on your lap for the entire journey.

And my aunt and 2 uncles is here, 1 for work and 2 on holiday. And most probably meeting them for dinner tonight, and maybe a coffee and dessert at our place later.

So busy lah. No time. No time.

Oh yeah, Im not a babysitter anymore. I lasted for only 2 weeks! haha
Got some problems, so I quit! :p

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s u r a y a said...

alorrrr...kalo takde cerita nak cerita, cerita la pasal trip pun jadilaaaaa

saya penganggur yg boring ;p

oh ya im goin to melbourne end of this yr for my bro's i dtg jap jerrrr,,,