Friday, May 1, 2009

while watching Carrie

Finally its Friday. Im sooo tired.

Ive been busy. No internet, left home early and came back home later than hubby every single day since Tuesday.

So yeah. I have a job now.

Dont clap your hands and jump and go "Hurraaayy Sarah!" too soon. Because Im a babysitter now. Yeap. Not a fancy job. Just a babysitter. To a 6 years old and a 4 years old. Gosh. Speaking of instant kids eh?

This is nothing permanent. But I needed something to entertain myself, kill time and have some money in my pocket.

I have to travel 30 minutes taking a train and then a bus, and then walk to their house. And I have to be there before 8.30am because the kids has school at 8.40am. So I left my house at 7.45am every day, and amazingly I didnt doze off at all in the train nor the bus. Not even once. Maybe a yawn once in a while, but that's just it. If you know me, Im not a morning person. Not even a 10am person. Im a 11am. So yeah.

Im suprised myself. I didnt even take a nap or a 1-2 hours sleep while Im on duty. Ok fine, maybe the first day.

The kids are killing me. They never ever go tired. They want to watch TV, with me. So I couldnt escape at all. I couldnt even go to the bathroom without the little girl screaming my name and looking for me.

Its hard. But Im trying so hard to deal with it. I should be great with kids, right?

All said. Wish me luck for the next I dont know how many more weeks to come.


s u r a y a said...

hehe good money rite?? takperlaa bole exercise kejar2 budak..nanti can fit into ur old jeans ;p

hadi said...

kawan2 hadi sokmo tanya, sarah tak kerja?

sekarang dah boleh jawab ngan bangga. hehe.

twisted-dolly said...

Su: Actually, not so good. I could get better if betul2 ikut aussie nye rate. but ah well. Its still ok. and yeah, im hoping i could get some exercise! :)

Hadi: Ohhh selama ni maluuu laa yeeeE????

hadi said...

lawan bangga tak semestinya malu.
tak excited maybe?