Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up for grabs!

Ive won 2 studio photoshoot. Yet, I dont think Im gonna make an appointment.

One, Ive won a total of $850 worth of shoot, and makeover at Kelvin Chong. Which sounds impressive, and if I book by end of this month, Im gonna get an extra $100 rebate to print a photo. Sounds tempting, buttttt, Im pretty sure we wont get a copy of the photos. Plus, to print a 6x4 would at least cost me around $50. Cekik darah ok!

Second, Ive won a $300 worth of shoot, no makeover though. A different studio alltogether. I received this last week. And I asked the girl who called me whether I can get the copies of the pictures taken that day, but she said that would be against the policy, and something about copyright.


Although Im happy to have won, but not being able to actually claim the price is frustrating. I soooo wanted a photoshoot with hubby, studio pun studio lah since we never had the chance to do a wedding photoshoot. Tak sempat.

So anywayy, the prizes are transferrable. So I can just give to anyone who wants it. So anyone??? Anyone in perth laa tapi hehe

And oh, Ive got a 1 week free gym at the all womens' gym, Curves. Sape nak??? (Im wayy too lazy to go haha)

Note: Ive won all this because I went to the Women's Expo with Rofi last month. We entered every contest in the expo. Who would have thought I won something kan? Hehe

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