Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I surprised him last night

Last night, I surprised hubby with a candlelight dinner. At home.

The apartment was dark, and I lighted with candles. Lots of them. All over the place. Hehe Even the bedroom ;)

Hubby was surprised when he got home from work, just how I wanted him to be. Rumah gelap je. Ajak terus pegi dinner table, and I asked him to sit and do nothing else.

I made mashed potatoes with cheese sauce (nak buat mcm kat chillis, still tak jadi sedap mcm tu!), Blackpepper T-Bone steak, served with sparkling grape, and for dessert, oreo cheesecake (finally ada reason nak buat), and strawberries! Sempoi saja, presentation je kasi gempak sikit haha.

The table was set up with 2 candles in the middle, and ohh I love this part, the glasses! I finally get to use my crystal champagne glasses! yeayyy!

And in the background, some classic love songs playing. :D Kasi romantic sikitttt haha

Dinner was good. Ambience was good. And we had a great, full of love night! ;)

No pictures was taken during the dinner. But here's one, before he came home. Gambar tu action je ye. Saje nak amik gambar je ;p

And here's us today in the train. We did nothing fancy. Normal and typical Saturday outing, keluar jalan-jalan.


Idrina said...

Hi Sarah
OMG....ure super sweet.
Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby.
Take care

ieja said...

omg Sarah you guys are like the most romantic cutest couple I've ever knew!

thats so sweeet.

If it was me, I'd just buy chips and ok lets hang out on the couch shall we? LOL =)

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

congraatttzzzzz on ur anvsry :D !!! huiyooo, steakk 2~~ ble la ajr buat blackpepper sauce yg shedaaappp :D!! smoga cinta berkekalan, hingga ke akhirat kelak, aminnn :D

Sarah said...

thanks everyone! thanks for the wishes hehe.

alaa biase2 je laa... ambience je kasi lebih sket :p

ieja, boleh jugak nk mkn chips n lepak kat couch. sambil tgk movie ;)