Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where is the light?

We have some sort of down-lights or something like that in our living room.
There's 3 bulbs in a row that lights up the whole living room. Something like from Ikea, I dont know.

Did I tell you we have a very, very high ceiling in our apartment?
So changing light bulbs would be difficult for us. We need extra big/long/higher ladders. Normal ladders that people have at home is not enough.

The point is, last month, one bulb went off. We told the property agent to change it. But they never came.

So a few minutes ago, another bulb went off.

Great. Now our apartment is kinda dark. Romantic.

Ohh, did I tell you the light bulb in our bedroom went off as well, just about the same time with the first bulb in the living room?

I think I need to give some serious talk with hubby. Its either he call the agent again and ask him to get someone to fix the lights, OR Im gonna tell him to buy a ladder. SO I CAN CHANGE THEM MYSELF! (Geram nyeeeee!)

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