Friday, April 3, 2009

how to get fat. slowly

Im freaking wide awake at 1.30am.

The coffee finally starts to kick in. I havent had coffee in months. Real black coffee. And I just had a real, black coffee after dinner. I had to stop drinking coffee since Ive been having real bad migraines last year, and ever since I stop drinking coffee, I didnt have migraines anymore. I hope I wont get one tomorrow.

Ive learnt that caffeine and cheese gives you headache. Both I love so much. I chose coffee because I can always have latte hehe (I dont know why but latte doesnt give me headache. Ok they still do, but not that bad). But I would never let cheese go. Giving up cheese is wayyy too much for me.

I bought some instant mac and cheese and carbonara in packets yesterday. Hubby saw them just now, and he sighed. He said, "They're not my kindda food" with a very sad tone. Too bad. Everytime he comes home from work, he'd rummages the kitchen to find something to eat/munch. If I dont make any kuih for tea, that is.

With all the cheese, Im gaining weight. My max weight used to be 50kg tops. I found a weight scale in Harvey Norman last week, so I literally weight myself at the store, and guess what? Im 55kg! No wonder I cant fit into my jeans anymore! Currently I can only fit into only 1 pair, which is actually a stretchable denim, so go figure. I wonder if I can ask hubby for a new pair, just to fit my new, and BIGer thighs. Ive checked my BMI, and obviously Im in my normal weight, considering my height. But what I dont get is that, all the fat goes to my thigh. Seriously, cant you go somewhere else???

Today I was so determined to tone down my thighs, I decided to do some exercise (which is salsa dancing exercise or something like that). I put the CD into the DVD player, and it says invalid. Damn. I dont think the CD I bought in Msia was a fake. So benci lah begini. So I decided to eat some chocolates and watch TV instead.

Aaahhh, doesnt it feels wonderful? Sinfully wonderful :D

p/s My tummy's grumbling for some midnight snacks. Should I???

p/s/s Chocolate makes you fat. And it goes right to your thighs. Ohh, right!


afifa said...

im reading this while eating nasi lemak sar

twisted-dolly said...

Good. Eat 2 bungkus while you're at it ;)

Zurin said...

Oitt.. Comes with being married la for some reason beb. I pon tengah desperately trying to lose weight in time for convo ni. How la?!?

twisted-dolly said...

Zurin: You do more "exercise", it makes you more fat. hoho ;)
Since it comes with being married. *sigh*
Diet laa kot??? I wish I can do that!

Penance said...

hahaha. sarah2. i read something the other day about gaining fat after marriage. it happens to guys lah! n u didn't get to be mum yet!

quit eating sweets!

p/s: i won something else today :)

Anonymous said...

serious shit ni gain weight?
oh, i'll try lah. xD

twisted-dolly said...

jack ke kephen ke jack???: I knoww! haha tapi i rasa contagious lah. Imagine if im a mum. And no, i cant stop eating sweets!

p/s what did u win this time???!!!!????

adam: try laa hehe tp awk kena minum weight gain kot

Mrs Li - Faeeza Yusoff said...

bia btl awk sbrt 2??? shud hv postd ur pic as wel tau.pruf ;p

Aisyah Pahmi said...

hahahaha kata dahh, habis la long. not even a mum yet :P
makan banyak takpe, sweat la jugak since kaklong punya weight and height dah normal. bagi fit xD
ee gila takleh bayang! :P

twisted-dolly said...

faeeza: tu laa i was shocked bila tgk im 55kg. haha gambar tak obvious pun. obvious kat perut n hips je hehehe

aisyah: damn u! fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

.:y a n a h a s h i m:. said...

sarah, duk oversea mmg cmtu kot, tmbah2 dh masuk autumn/winter ni..
p.s/kurangkan snacking!!! i know it's hard.. and even harder to say no to choc!! but atleast u try..

good luck

yana :)

twisted-dolly said...

ok yana. thanks!