Thursday, March 26, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

I know Im late.

But, Confession of a Shopaholic The Movie was great!!!

Its nothing compared to the book though, but thumbs up!

We laughed, (and i cried, a lil bit!), and laughed some more :D

Oh, I went with a girl btw. With Kak Sarie. Not with hubby. Finally! I dont think hubby would be too keen to watch a chick flick anymore with me. Boo hoo.
No worries. I have a movie partner now haha

Ive just finished the last book, Shopaholic and baby a few days ago.
Very-very good book.
I love her writing, Sophie Kinsella. Very witty and funny. And touching and sad as well. Great combination. (Hubby geleng-geleng kepala while I was reading the book. Kejap-kejap gelak, kejap-kejap lap air mata hoho pastu gelak-gelak balik.)

Now I have to find a new book to read!

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