Sunday, August 2, 2009


Would you like to own a Coach handbag, purse, wristlet and accessories, you name it, without the expensive price tag?


And now I CAN!

My cousin lives in United States, and Ive been enquiring her about some stuff that I could get cheaper there compared to here in Australia. We get to talking about other stuff, and apparently I found out that she's been selling some Coach handbags in Ebay for quite some time, but to US residents only! Bohoooo! So I told her, why not sell it to us here in Malaysia? Kan kan kan? So here I am, trying to advertise a bag that she has with her right now, and if you like this idea, and the price she's offering, let me know! Coz she's gonna get moreeeee! For us!

So here it is:

Coach Reversible Stripe/Grafiti Beach Tote #F13553

100% Authentic and Brand New!
*cheaper price because bought at an outlet and off-season*


Gorgeous stain resistant fabric with leather trim.
Reversible Multi Stripe colors and Coach Signature Grafiti.

Bought at the store with box, but without the dustbag.

15" L x 6" W x 12.5" H

RM750 (with shipping from US to Malaysia)

Gorgeous isnt it? It is suitable as a diaper bag too because its very roomy!

Interested? Leave a comment!



saye wifey edan said...

omg!! sara sangat chantek k bag nih..mcm nak kene kumpul duit dulu baru boleh beli..huhuh

adam nokman said...

so now ur selling handbags? bohoo.

Sarah said...

kann! kite pun suka! hehe tapi ada yg lagi suka so nk kirim yg lain ;)
ada some more coming soon. kumpul duit na, boleh beli utk raya hehehe

Sarah said...

adam: no laa im just advertising it laaa. im getting one (or two) myself hahaha

farra said...

sy nak juge!!bole kene check kewangan dulu..hehe

adam nokman said...

haha. tak cukup lagi ke handbags?

Sarah said...

adam, FYI i only have two ok! that's like sgt lah sikit. dengki lah adam ni

Adam said...

haha, ni je ke stock yang ade? bila cousin tu nak bukak blog?

TopazHouse said...

visit my blog..

Adam,tlg promote kt your mom ok..