Monday, June 1, 2009

My rice cooker's gone.


Tak tahu nak cakap ape dah.

But thank you so much to Fatimah, Aisyah and Sofiah for the gift. Im so sorry it's gone now. It has been very good to us, and fed us for the last 7 months.

Update: I dont know what happened. While I was cooking, suddenly there's some foul smell and too many smoke than usual. I let the rice cook, and when I took out the rice, and I saw the bottom's melted a lil bit from the inside. So I cheecked the bottom to see if there's anything wrong, since the smoke came from there.

Then I saw the big hole. So there you go.
My dad said there might be some circuit shot in the wiring or some sort.


Im not buying a new one from here, coz it's kindda different. So I've asked Hakeem to buy one in Malaysia, and bring it here this Sunday. I hope he remembers, and know which type to buy.

Anyone kind enough to help him and me out? ehehe


Anonymous said...

macam mane boleh jadi mcm tu tu?

farra said...

iskk..sob sob..xde dh kenangan kte utk wedd awk..huhu

s u r a y a said...

wahhh..sarah, awak terlalu kerap masak agaknye :P hikss..its sure this way u'll remember ur very first rice cooker forever kannn..

look dahsyat...hope nothing else was spoilt! tc

Penance said...

hah sama soalan ngan adam. macam mana jadi mcm tu???

hadi said...

ganah teh.

iezu said...

mcm melted je bottom tu...ape jadi?