Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the road to nowhere

Yesterday was the first day of work for hubby, after 2 weeks of holiday since xmas.

It looks like back to school (the way I see it), since hubby beria nk dinner awal, and tido awal on Sunday night. But ended up golek2 atas katil for hours! Haha kesian dia.

During the 2 weeks holiday, we went nowhere exciting. Huge disappointed to me since I was looking forward for that holiday, and he DID asked me to look for places to go a few months back. Before summer really starts. So when the holidays did came, summer came as well. Right on spot! It was soooo hot we could barely breathe 5 minutes after we left our apartment. Hubby describes it like "puasa day", even after minum air pun still rasa macam puasa.

The only days we went out was, Xmas day to Kings Park (but I forgot the camera, stupid me so we only used our phones' camera but it sucked), Friday on Boxing day (shopping!), then the week after that on Tuesday we borrowed Abg Shahid's car coz konon2nya nak pegi jalan2 laa... But we woke up late. Eversince the holiday we slept the earliest at 2am, the latest after Subuh watching TV. Haiiihh. So we went out at 12pm and all we went was to Morley which took us about 20-30mins drive and we went to the Mall. The mall ok. No sightseeing or going to interesting places, take pictures and what not. Instead we took a nice tour to the whole mall and had lunch there, and we left. Straight back home. Sedih betul kan? Haha It was so hot the only thing we wanted was cold drinks and aircond. So mall lah ape lagi? :p

Hajar went sandboarding even on the hot weather a few days back and it looked hell of a fun! Jelous ok! So sedih hubby lost his "fun"ness right after we got married. We didnt even go to watch a movie anymore!

And oh, on one fine Sunday (at night), we did went out, after a HUGE drama if I might add, to the Movies by Burswood, mcm Starlight cinema kat Mont Kiara tu laa and watched The Dutchess. I love it! Except the fact we had to WALK back home 4.2km (yes, I google earthed it!) at 11pm because we missed the last bus. Hahaha padan muka!

So the rest of the days, we sit around at home. Watching TV with cold drinks, and with full blast of the aircond. Kalau ajak keluar jalan-jalan, hubby punya alasan, "Tanak laa. Panas sangat laa." Ermm ok???

So there kids! That's how an old married couple (with no kids!) spent their holiday wisely. ;)


Anonymous said...

ceh old married couple. OLD lah sgt. say hi to syed and let him know i rely on his good ears untuk coldplay concert.

sorry sar, i tak trust u instead. heehee. ;p

twisted-dolly said...

hehe takpe i understand. I pun tak trust myself for the concert haha Syed wants to go, but he didnt even bother to check ticket ada lagi ke tak. fine tak?