Wednesday, January 7, 2009

another one down

Here I am, at 4.30 in the morning, wide awake.

I went to bed around after 10, out of boredom, not because I was tired or sleepy.
And hubby is too busy doing i-have-no-idea-what, and not a single word exchanged since dinner. No worries, there's no ketegangan or anything, its just its that time where one of us just want silence. So there. Off to bed.

Woke up around 1 ish due to nyamuk banyak gile nak mampus. Yes nyamuk! Lupe tak Isya' lg, so after prayer, Im no longer sleepy.

Read Mel's post. So it got me thinking. Suraya's wedding.


She smsed me earlier today around 8pm telling me about her wedding prep and what not, and the fact that she misses me(Aawwww! I miss u too!) and was hoping a great wedding present from me. Haha! Siut je awk yeeeee!


I was glad I went to her engagement, a few weeks before we left to Perth. I "nearly" couldnt make it because I was supposed to be in Terengganu the week she got engaged, but I know there's a huge possibility that I couldnt make it to her wedding. So its important for me to be at her engagement. Pujuk-memujuk hubby session took place, and I made it. Lega.

From all 8 eight of us, I was closest to Baya and of course, Suraya. Not to say Im not close to the others, but these two cracked-head girls are the ones that will make me lonely when they're not around.

Suraya had a looooooongggggg journey before she found her right guy, Afif. I remember all of them haha! I was the one whom she'd tell me right away when she met someone, or being "friends" that has a huge possibility. And that was Afif. I remember the guy before Afif, and the one before that. A long relationship that I told her (nicely, and logically) that she'd be better off with someone better. Then she found another guy, which I honestly doesnt like that much, and at first impression, he's the rebound guy. The guy look so much alike from the guy before that, I told Aiza "Its the rebound guy." Aiza agreed.

It was a short relationship with the rebound guy, for obvious reasons.

And another shorter phase when she found this guy. Or actually, that guy found her. I teased her a lot when she mentioned this "friend", from helping her to do her assignment, to e-mails and teman beli baju. Haha macam zaman2 sekolah je. But I liked what I heard from her stories. And then I met him. I think it was Aiza and me who had met with Afif first before anyone. It was a short meeting, and he seemed like a nice guy. When Suraya left with Afif, I was nodding approvingly with Aiza and grinning ear to ear. We love him. We knew he was the right guy for her. He looked the most decent, and was totally nice and polite. And when Ive gotten to know him better later on, I told Suraya to grab him! :p

So there. And they're getting married another 2 more weeks.

Suraya sayang, CONGRATULATIONS! Kite harap awak bahagia, and dapat anak banyak-banyak. First baby, kena geng! Haha!

With Suraya and Afif during my nikah

On her engagement

With the rest of the girls, and Baya not in the picture. Tu laa sape suruh demam :p

On the last picture above, we DID NOT plan to wear according to colors. Bila sampai, somehow "ehh awk match ngn die" comments started to rise between each other. Sehati sejiwa betul haha

Anyways, I miss you girls!

p/s Baya! We have to take more pictures together babe. Gile susah nk cari ok!


iezu said...

sy tgk awak pki tudung ala2 batik tu, suddenly reminded of a selendang i bought for you in jakarta. udah ku bagi nggak padamu?

twisted-dolly said...

ye udah leee encik din. hehe i think ive worn it once...

Melissa Mazlan said...

aah korg ni..first baby mst geng=)

twisted-dolly said...